Status: Eliminated
Artist: Raum
Song: Fake Love
Started: Semi-Final
Finished: Final
Raum also is the German word for WINNER (THIS WAS AMAZING) #ltvsupernova
All of the rock entries serving so much tonight! Nicklas Sonne, Raum and of course OLLIE all brought flawless performances with already great songs #DMGP #supernova2023 #EestiLaul2023
Omg I loved Fake Love!! 😍 Also I like the drummer #Supernova2023
I know he's not going to win but I would love for Fake Love to go to ESC It just bops #supernova2023
Raum - Fake love builds great, such a vibe 😍 #supernova2023 #eurovision2023
god i love Fake Love. if we're going to be doing this whole mid-2000's revival at eurovision then i want Raum there #supernova
if raum doesn't win i hope he keeps trying, i can totally see him at esc in the future #supernova2023
RAUM, good job πŸ‘ #ltvsupernova
RAUM did a great job this evening - vocally on point, nailed the energy #LTVSupernova
Fake love was fun #supernova2023
Aiziet, Latvijas MGK! Sutam Raum uz Eiroviziju, come on. πŸ˜€ #ltvsupernova
Fake Love would be an epic choice #supernova2023
Solid entry from Raum once again. But feel it hard not to compare to Plans last year and feel like it had more of an impact than Fake Love. Decent performance nonetheless #Supernova2023 #Supernova
RAUM❀️, lai izdodas! #LTVSupernova
Apsmejos par sevi,izlasot LTV_16+ Youtube tiesraides komentaru,kur kads no jaunuliem rakstija par RAUM "bungu tanti". Jo esmu tik aizvesturiska,ka zinu,ka ta ir Nelli Bubujanca no vienas senas Okartes akademijas sezonas.πŸ™ˆ Nelli ir as good as ever.πŸ”₯ #LapsaMamuts #ltvsupernova
Darba balle Raum bija okay πŸ˜„ #ltvsupernova
abs nice nav bussin, raum norm pesnja ngl #supernova2023
Y en el #Supernova Raum con su Fake Love mantiene el tipo como posible ganador. Una buena actitud, con mucha energia, y una buena actuacion apostando al rojo. Puede estar cerca, veremos.
#ltvsupernova un galvenais lai Raum netiek Top3 πŸ˜‚
Raum - mtv kids choice music award #ltvsupernova
He is the best, un es nerunaju par Raum. #ltvsupernova
Pues lo de Raum esta bastante bien, con un problema en un vecino: lo de Ollie en Estonia, es algo mejor. #Supernova2023 #Eurovision
Raum dziesma ir briniskiga, bet pusfinala skaneja labak, bundziniece un cetrkantainais disks ari forsi πŸ™ŒπŸ» #ltvsupernova
Man patik RAUM dziesma, nav garlaiciga, un pluss bundziniece πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯#ltvsupernova
ngl, raums mazliet atsit tadu karinas racko romanu badboy vaibu πŸ˜‚ #ltvsupernova
raum a lil too low for my liking #supernova
raum vel joprojam mans favorits πŸ₯Ή #ltvsupernova #supernova
Cik saprotu, tad RAUM #ltvsupernova prieksnesuma fake ir ne tikai LOVE, bet ari ritma grupas (bungu) performance.
#ltvsupernova un tagad es iesu uz virtuvi sataisit maizites, jo Raum nevines tavaita ! πŸ˜‚
#supernova #ltvsupernova Nu taja RAUM kaut kas piesaista. Nezinu, kas tas par cali πŸ˜…
Raum pleaseeee #SUPERNOVA
#ltvsupernova uraaa ! RAUM NETIKA TOP 3
RAUM it's a yes from me #ltvsupernova
Raum my beloved πŸ˜” #ltvsupernova
Mana mate par raum β€œvai vina milaka dala pirms prieksnesuma ir uzpipet kasiti” #ltvsupernova
okay bet raum vajadzeja but augstak #ltvsupernova
patiesi nesaprotu kas latviesiem nepatika Raum prieksnesuma man likas stabili top3, bet 6. jau ir skumji #ltvsupernova
Raum mati be like. #ltvsupernova
Raums uzvares... In his dreams #ltvsupernova
Raum ir tads Neighborhood, Green day un Panic at the disco trejdanca auglis. Toties manas viramates favorits 😁 #ltvsupernova
RAUM - vnk forss, I REALLY LIKE IT!! #ltvsupernova
Mes nevaram sutit Raum, kamer vins turpina to lidzibu ar MGK. Es negribu redzet visus tos komentarus no Eiropas. #ltvsupernova
Tbh raum dziesma butu nenormali laba ja vins vnk metala vinu dziedatu ar to cukstu dalu #ltvsupernova
Man nepatik ka Raum dzied. With that being said - dziesma isteniba ir bangeris #ltvsupernova
Tiklidz izdzirdu Raum, gribas izslegt TV. Nespeju izturet vina personibu, kur nu vel muziku. #ltvsupernova
#ltvsupernova Raum>>>>>
Huliganiskais stils? RAUM. #ltvsupernova
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