Wild Youth

Status: Winner
Artist: Wild Youth
Song: We Are One
Started: National Selection
Finished: National Selection
Delighted congratulations @bandwildyouth #WildYouth winning #Eurosong2023 @RTELateLateShow #LateLate ! Such a good show and well done to @RyanTubridyShow @martylyricfm also 👏
i would've been happy with either of them winning so congrats and good luck to wild youth Ireland #eurosong
Well done to all such a close result just a new jumpsuit now something more subtle and smart - maybe a suit like Johnny Logan and that's it we have won 🏆 LOL 😂 @RTELateLateShow #LateLateShow #WildYouth
I knew Wild Youth will win after Lewis Capaldi supported them on insta stories. It's a nice song, congrats!!😁 Ireland #eurosong2023
wild youth are just so good💚 my winners + them live is even better! they deserve this<3 @bandwildyouth #Eurosong2023
#eurosong2023 #LateLateShow Wild youth were head and shoulders above the rest. Shoes how the best song can win when the voting is fair, unlike the actual #Eurovision2023 😂
5. Wild Youth - We Are One. Sorry but this has totally won me over. Didn't see this coming. They have got to win - FINALLY a song / performance with loads of potential for Liverpool!! Fits amazingly with the theme this year a 'united by music.' ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #latelateshow #eurosong
Fair play to Wild Youth couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of lads in fairness. Best of luck! #Eurovision2023 #eurosong #LateLateShow
#LateLate #Eurosong #Ireland #Eurovision As Wild Youth do their winners reprise, I have been @thengp12 and I have thoroughly enjoyed taking you all with me! First time live blogging here at the account! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Night!
Wild Youth are going to have to up their game to qualify for the final. Good intro but flat ending. I wish them the best and hope they get the support they need #LateLateShow #Eurovision2023 # #Eurosong
Wild Youth - I'm really enjoying this one as well and can definitely see it doing well on Eurovision, it'd definitely get through the semis if it won tonight, and I can see that happening. The vocals are on point and overall it's a great song! Love it. It'll do well #eurosong2023
Okay the we are one song is cute but it doesn't feel unique it feels like a combination of three songs I've already heard before (Kiss me by Dermot Kennedy, We are Young by Fun and another idk) #eurosong2023
Woah!! Wild Youth have smashed it!!! An anthemic song that just worked! Great energy!! 😍 #eurosong2023
✅ Wild Youth to win @7.0 ✅ Wild Youth to win @4.0 Great wins, very tense ending! #LateLateShow #Eurovision2023
all the non Irish ppl are so pressed on here like baes that type of music is no.1 most popular type genre n beat here that's why everyone voted it and wild youth are a big band here already whom we adore #eurosong2023
Lead singer of Wild Youth is looking alot like the lead singer of Maneskin, winners of ESC 2021, possible omen perhaps? Well done Wild Youth!!! #Eurosong2023
Wild Youth is winning And probably the best shot at doing well He knows how to perform and work the camera's! Very important for esc as well #eurosong2023 #LateLateShow
Everyone take notes and spend some credit pls to vote for wild youth 🫶🫶 #eurosong2023 text “Song 5” to 53125 pls for clear skin and good luck 🫶🫶 @bandwildyouth
Wild Youth - Solid and can tell it's not the guys' first showing in this kind of environment. Backing vocals very 'that sounds good to me'. Song distinctly average and would fail to qualify. #eurosong2023 #Eurovision
Best of luck to Wild Youth in the Eurovision. It's a good song! Bring on Liverpool in May #LateLateShow #eurosong2023
#LateLateShow Wild Youth have this in the bag,definite winner,might even win the whole thing,imagine the big stadium singing this,magic 🔥🔥
Ladies & gents...are #WildYouth on the way to #Liverpool? I deffo think that we have just heard our winners...very catchy tune #LateLateShow #Eurovision2023
We are one wins? Ooh a shock winner 😂 #eurosong2023
And there's the winner right there Wild Youth it's got it all, and not bad on the eye either, old woman observation 🤫sure what do I know 😜🤣🤣 #LateLateShow
🚨 @bandwildyouth to represent Ireland in #Eurovision 2023 🚨 Following the #Eurosong @RTELateLateShow special, Wild Youth have been selected to represent Ireland in May over in Liverpool with their song 'We Are One' ☘️ Best of luck to them Ireland #WildYouth #LateLateShow
#LateLate #Eurosong #Ireland #Eurovision Wild Youth - We Are One Very U2 meats Scandinavia here! Full production in the track and performed very competently! Appreciate a performer who loves sparkle! Are Wild Youth going across the Irish See to Liverpool?
Big chorus, catchy on the first listen. Eurovision cliche but the sentiment is nice and it'll fill a stadium no bother. Wild Youth the ones to beat, no doubt about it. #LateLateShow
Ah well the Wild Youth lads seem nice at least. The song is fine. Will probs pop with some good staging and a few tweaks. #eurosong
Wild Youth are perfect! Great song, great energy. Defo deserve it. #LateLateShow
ah i am delighted for wild youth, their music is great.. hope they do well #latelateshow
Wild Youth for the win for #LateLateShow #eurosong2023 but those lads from Longford have a bright future and a great attitude
Song 5 it's only right even though I liked Song 6. Wild Youth gives Ireland a chance of actually qualifying for the main event where we want to be in England #LateLateShow #Eurovision2023 #eurosong2023
Ireland are winning #Eurovision2023 Great performance but Wild Youth tonight at #Eurosong and cant wait to see them on stage in may.
The lead singer of wild youth is beautiful 🤩 #eurosong23 #latelate #LateLateShow
YEEEEES! "Wild Youth" WON #Eurosong! From all the options Ireland had on the table this is clearly the best choice!
btw wild youth have performed in the biggest stages and concert venues in ireland they know how to perform perfectly unlike others who have never performed live they've supported the worlds biggest artist rn on tour n others! just saying 😉 #Eurosong2023
I love the song We Are One!! It's fun ✨ #Eurosong
Still thinking Wild Youth is going to win. Not what I want but we all know Ireland and how they like to mess things up at #eurosong2023 . Just doesn't scream Semi Qualifier.
btw wild youth have performed in the biggest stages and concert venues in ireland they know how to perform perfectly unlike others who have never performed live they've supported the worlds biggest artist rn on tour n others! just saying 😉 #Eurosong2023
I can understand if Wild Youth win actually so I'll be happy with either or #Eurosong2023
Wild Youth's experience definitely works to their benefit. Decent tune that gives you a boost, though does feel like the Melfest standard #Eurosong #LateLateShow
So wild youth it is! None of these 6 songs were #eurovison winners but #5 was the best by far #LateLateShow
LMAOOOOOO i totally knew wild youth are winning this since they performed, it's gonna be a cute 14th place in semi! #eurosong2023
I like it but it is VERY generic. I think Wild Youth could win this but Connoly is still my fave #Eurosong #LateLateShow
Woohoo we have a winner...#WildYouth are off to #Liverpool and #Eurovision2023 #LateLateShow #EurovisionSongContest
Pre-show Wild Youth were one of my faves and their live performance was good, so im satisfied with them going to Liverpool for Ireland #Eurosong #Eurovision2023
Yeyy Wild Youth going to Liverpool!! 🥳 I love them and I like the song let's gooo #Eurosong2023
"We Are One" is a nice song but doesn't sound cool in 2023, Ireland will NQ yet again unless they barely get enough points to qualify but still end up bottom 5 in grand final #Eurosong #LateLateShow
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