Leila Jane

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Leila Jane
Song: Wild
Started: National Selection
Finished: National Selection
Leila wasn't bad. The potential is there. "Wild" is that streaming-friendly track that honestly I'd be fine with her delivering it more the vibe of what she was giving in the music video: cool and minimal. #eurosong2023 #Eurovision2023
So, we've got our first performer waiting in the wings. It's Leila Jane, and she's bringing her folksy style to her female empowerment pop banger “Wild”. This one's done well in fan polls. #Eurosong
"Wild" has the same energy as "That's Rich" did for me last year - there's some good bones to build on if that goes through to make that an appropriately big performance -B #eurosong2023
Leila Jane has strong vocals, really enjoyed this one ✨🥰 #Eurosong
1. Leila Jane - Wild. She is a talented singer and I love the sound of her vocal. I'm not sure the song is impactful enough to garner many votes tonight. It's a no from me, but I'd love to see her back next year with something better. ⭐️⭐️ #latelateshow #eurosong
What a performance by Leila Jane!! She's got some amazing busking videos on YouTube as well ❤️ Leila #eurosong2023 #eurovision #latelateshow
#LateLate #Eurosong #Ireland #Eurovision Song 1: Leila Jane - Wild Interesting vocal technique displayed here. nice and boppy. I personally don't think I would survive in the wild, so she's made of sterner stuff than I am. Did you enjoy that?
#LateLateShow #Eurovision #Eurosong #Ireland i want #LeilaJane to win but in fairness, they must all be so nervous right now so hope they all do as well in their performance tonight as they wished to do. :-)
I hope Leila Jane comes back in future years. Wild is a legit catchy track, and she should be proud. #LateLateShow
SAVED THE BEST FOR FIRST!! Queen Leila is up! #Eurosong Ireland
Leila Jane is my favourite so I hope she's good #eurosong2023
Best of luck to leila Jane on eurosong tonight, put letterkenny on the map #eurosong2023
Wild Tooth was really good. Professional, seasoned, and they sounded like you expected them to sound. #eurosong2023
Ireland #Eurovision #EuroSong2023 Song 1: Leila Jane Song - 7/10 Vocal - 4/10 Staging - 3/10 Outfit - 4/10 Total - 18/40 This song could be great! I wish she wasn't dancing and could focus on her singing.
Leila Jane opens the show with 'Wild'. Some shaky moments, simple staging but hey it's a fun song and she has a cracking mullet. #Eurosong
Ruth Ann Cunningham says Leila's hook is really good and it gave her Sia vibes. Irish jury comparing act to a much more successful act who's only marginally similar! Drink! 🍻 #Eurosong
The song feels empty without any backing vocals, but I wouldn't have gone for dancers given the subject matter of this song. Maybe Leila should give more space to deliver a powerful vocal next time. #Eurosong
Edward (John?) wants to see more passion in her eyes? Lads, we love Leila Jane because she will blank you no matter what emotion she is experiencing #eurosong2023
Wild seems lovely. Sweet staging. #Eurosong
[ Ireland #Eurosong - F] Celine du panel pense que Leila a ete genial bien qu'elle soit un petit peu nerveuse. #Eurovision | #ESC2023 | #LateLate
Song 1: A great entry needs to grab you in the first 10 seconds, Wild needs peaks and valleys, not stuck vocally in the same place #Eurosong
Wild Thing for the win in #eurosong2023 Ireland #TheLateLateShow
#latelateshow If we're looking for originality the only song is 'Wild' from Leila Jane (it sounds better on Youtube)
Wild has the potential to be inoffensive and cute. #Eurosong2023
Very hard to be the first one out and I think nerves but fair play and well done #LeilaJane #eurosong #Donegal
leila girl u were my winner why must u disappoint me like this #eurosong
Leila Jane deserved so much more. Wild is such a good song #Eurosong
Leila is so good, it's kinda like Billie Eilish #Eurosong
So, fun fact. I once hosted an online gameshow for employees of Meridian Peanut Butter. Lockdown times were wild, eh. #Eurosong
I think Wild was pretty good, she was nervous but I think if she gets to Eurovision the confidence will come #eurosong2023
I've said it before Wild Young To Win and Represent Us In Eurovision Ireland #eurosong2023
I actually don't hate wild but I feel like it would be maps all over again if it goes to esc #eurosong2023
First time hearing wild in full, not a bad song but could tell she was quite nervous. But it's a decent song, just not for eurovision #eurosong
aw ♥♥♥ #LeilaJane @leilajane WILD #LateLate #LateLateShow #Eurosong #Eurovsion
#EuroSong That wasn't really wild... but she tried her best.
Leila Jane was great, I think Wild is the right song #Eurosong2023
Wild has a catchy chorus but that's all it's got going for it. #latelate #eurosong
I feel like Leila Jane should be given a chance, she's clearly as nervous as all hell - the song is great #eurosong2023
Love the voice and the song needs more stage presence though.... #latelateshow #Eurovision2023 #wild #song1
More in captivity than wild but a nice song #eurosong
Leila Jane first omg let's go🤩🤩 #eurosong2023
leila jane omg pls be good #eurosong2023
Poor Leila, she was not worse than PiL #Eurosong
I really like Wild, but I feel like she's holding back (nerves maybe?). A nice start to the night regardless #Eurosong2023
Leila Jane is looking PRETTY GREAT RIGHT ABOUT NOW #eurosong2023
The only way poor Leila is getting to Liverpool is on the ferry, God love her #eurosong2023
Didn't mind wild - it's pleasant, not blowing me away tho #eurosong2023
Wild is a great song 🎶 #eurosong2023
Song 2: Wild is better, the energy needs to match the song and the performance and vocals aren't doing it for me. #Eurosong #eurovision
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