K Muni And ND

Status: Eliminated
Artist: K Muni And ND
Song: Down In The Rain
Started: National Selection
Finished: National Selection
Loving the relaxed, polished feel during the live of Down In The Rain, the live made me appreciate the track more. I loved K Muni & ND's vibrancy together on stage #Eurosong #LateLateShow
LOVEDDDDDDD DOWN IN THE RAIN SO MUCH!!!! please give @fthkmuni & @darealnd a vote tonight ❤️ one of the best performances tonight #LateLate #Eurosong
Do feel like if K Muni & ND would win it'll definitely grow on me and would be a great fresh entry for ireland to send. Curious what you're gonna select Ireland #eurosong
I absolutely ADORE K Muni & ND, I hope they do well tonight. Eurovision still needs to open up to rap as a genre & their performance tonight was so well done and thought out. Really proud of them whatever happens #Eurosong #LateLate
Support for down in the rain online has been phenomenal… .. since when 😂😂😂😂 #eurosong2023
#latelateshow Best of luck to Longford lads K Muni & ND who performed great tonight.
I adore K Muni & ND so much, proper buzzing they've got this opportunity #Eurosong #LateLate
Down in the rain is a nice song, I just don't see it at eurovision. But a great song, I'm sure it'll chart ☺️ #eurosong
Down in the Rain not bad, but again more odd Choreo, still don't think it would qualify, but there could definitely be some kind of potential there #Eurosong
Great energy from K Muni and ND here! Nice show closer. #Eurosong
Come on Down in the Rain! Go and fucking win!!! #eurosong2023
Is it bad that I want K Muni and ND win cause it would send The Fash absolutely boogaloo?? Catchy tune too tbf! #eurosong2023 #Eurovision2023
6. K Muni & ND - Down In The Rain. Not my cuppa tea. Not bad though, quite an ear worm.. not sure it's right for Eurovision though and there's practically 0 chance of it qualifying for the final if it's chosen (unlikely). ⭐️⭐️ #latelateshow #eurosong
"Down in the rain" was very good, very little extra production needed they're practically "match ready". Very polished and fresh. #LateLateShow
I like Down in the Rain and they're really fun performers - although there was no need to literally have dancers with umbrellas and raincoats, does anyone have a shred of creativity on this show #Eurosong2023
I actually think down in the rain might have a chance because this is good it's polished but it's harder to sound flat when rapping 😮 #eurosong2023
K Muni and ND are very charismatic performers. That was a really fun performance!! #LateLateShow #Eurosong2023
K Muni and ND are massive legends I love them #Eurosong2023
Oh I kinda like down in the rain. Not bad not bad #eurosong2023
K Muni + ND bringing good vibes 😁 #Eurosong #LateLateShow
Can I just say K Muni & ND finishing 3rd in Eurosong with a rap song is insane. Congrats lads you've done Longford so proud 👏 #Eurosong @fthkmuni @darealnd
K & ND seems so nice 😊 #eurosong2023
Yoo I love this! K Muni & ND are way better live than expected 🔥 #eurosong2023 #LateLateShow
I like no 6!!! "Down in the rain"!!!! I feel myself smiling 😃 #LateLateShow
Down in the Rain - not my sort of thing but one of the better vocals of the evening (the faintest praise ever). #eurosong2023
me celebrating later when K Muni & ND come Top 3 by default in #Eurosong
Despite what happens, K Muni and ND have done Longford and the Eurofandom proud 👍🏼 #eurosong
Genuinely Ireland K Muni & ND are your best shot at qualifying! I know so many locals who are dying to get a well performed song like this in Eurovision! #LateLateShow #eurosong2023
my winner is actually “down in the rain” #eurosong2023
Down in the Rain for the win 🏅 #eurosong2023 #latelateshow
Ireland vote for down in the rain or midnight summernight. Best two songs tonight #eurosong2023
Down in the Rain JURY WINNER INCOMING #eurosong2023
Down In The Rain is a beautiful summary of Longford. #Eurosong #latelateshow #latelate
Down in the rain is the best song in the selection, but #Eurovision has made it clear it isn't ready for music from black culture
K Muni and ND are so likeable, I'm really enjoying this #eurosong2023
Another reason to vote for K Muni and ND is that they have me wanting to learn more about Longford. I just want to see them hyping it up throughout the entire Eurovision seasion. #eurosong2023
Ryan is so right Ireland is winning… if they pick Down in the Rain x #eurosong
K Muni & ND - Also a pretty good song, personally it isn't my thing but I think they did quite well. It'd be good to have something different for Ireland this year and they do have really good energy as well. #eurosong2023
Okay Down In The Rain just clicked. Most polished and dynamic option of the six by far. #eurosong2023
Down in the Rain is a really good song but maybe not for Eurovision. #LateLateShow
#latelateshow Fair play to K Muni, at least their sound is reasonable, despite RTE
National jury giving 8 to down in the rain love them #eurosong
Down in the rain is catchy af tbh #LateLateShow
Down in the rain was actually good. #eurosong2023
#Eurosong2023 K Muni and ND. Good to see diversity in the Eurovision. A change. Don't think though it would go down well in Eurovision
Ahh i love down in the rain #Eurosong
Down In The Rain es un temazo tienen buena vibra y a mi si me gustan .Ojala hagan una buena version #eurosong2023
Down in the rain for the love of f*ck!! #eurosong2023
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