Status: Eliminated
Artist: ADGY
Song: Too Good For Your Love
Started: National Selection
Finished: National Selection
#LateLate #Eurosong #Ireland #Eurovision Song 2: ADGY - Too Good For Your Love Your's truly @thengp12 loves a banger so this is being greatly enjoyed! TURN IT UP! Very slick. This type of song lends itself to an arena setting like Liverpool not a studio! Thoughts?!
Although there could be improvements and much better camera angles, I really enjoyed Adgy's performance!! The Irish was a good addition too #LateLateShow
too good for your love an absolute bop please win 💙🙏 #eurosong2023
I still think ADGY has the best song with the most potential to qualify. It wasn't particularly polished tonight, but you can fix it Ireland. #Eurosong
Yaaaaas Adgy. He better win. #eurosong2023 #eurosong
"adgy you have a beautiful speaking voice, apart from your singing" when i tell you i am SOBBING #eurosong2023
To Good For Your Love niby takie klubowe i taneczne, a Adgy zaspiewal to jakos bez zycia. #Eurosong2023 Ireland
Hoping Adgy takes the win ☘️ #Eurosong2023
Adgy is easily my favourite, PLEASE BE GOOD! #Eurosong
My favourite song Too good for your love 😍 #eurosong
yeah adgy's not winning tonight #eurosong2023
My staging concept for Adgy is better and it gives him the opportunity to "do less" so he can focus on the vocal. #Eurosong #Eurovision
Vocally I'd like some improvement but I really enjoyed the Irish in ADGY's song! #LateLateShow #Eurosong
Tell you what - “Too Good for Your Love” is a good song that could be a banger in the right performers arms #Eurosong2023
At least ADGY can win a RTE Radio contract rather than Eurovision #eurosong2023
🕯manifesting adgy winning tonight 🕯 #eurosong2023
marty = best performer so far — negging adgy over his speaking voice being the peak so far. good job it's the Eurovision speech contest #eurosong
Damn Adgy is really not serving as hard as I wish he was :/ Still my winner tho #Eurosong2023
Come on ADGY 🤞🏻#Eurosong
Adgy please be good #Eurosong2023
Adgy for the win #latelateshow #eurosong2023
BIG fan of ADGY's accent #Eurosong
Ok I'm still gonna vote for Adgy, at least there's good things to work with #eurosong2023
Edgy Adgy! backing track is better than the song #Eurosong2023 #Ireland #Eurovision2023
I feel so sorry for Adgy. For some reason that I can't comprehend, no one is recognizing his potential #eurosong2023
#Adgy has so much potential but that stage is too small and basic. He could go big in Liverpool! It's just hard on a basic stage like that #Eurosong #LateLateShow #TheLateLateShow
too Good for your love aint it live, stan studio version, I thought he can sing 😭 #eurosong
Okay Andrew aka Adgy 1. He's way more good-looking than I thought. Very telegenic 2. We need more "lazy choreo" this choreo is too high energy it losing the "cool" 3. Vocaal could be better, but it isn't bad/unsavable. #Eurovision #Eurosong
Adgy's song is good in studio version, but that was so bland live ahhh🥲 #eurosong2023
adgy time yeess 💚 #eurosong2023
2. Adgy - Too Good For Your Love. The live vocals just aren't good at all I'm afraid. Honestly I don't get how this is a fan favourite, it doesn't really go anywhere interesting. I'd really struggle to see it qualify. ⭐️⭐️ #latelateshow #eurosong
Good staging impact here from Adgy, vocal is exposed and had a timing issue. But the potential is there! ~ Dale #Eurosong
Adgy now!!🤩 #Eurosong
ADGY HAS IRISH IN THERE? Stop the count we have a winner #eurosong
ADGY killed it. Loved the Irish part 🔥 #eurosong2023 Ireland @adgymusic
ADGY Ireland ❤️ #eurosong2023 #TheLateLateShow
Adgy's song may be good but it still didn't connect with me... #eurosong
Song 2: “Too Good For Your Love” Not for my ears it wasn't. Truly awful! #eurosong2023 #Eurovision2023 @RTELateLateShow
Catchy tune but pitchy #ADGY #eurosong #Donegal
It was awkward as far as first performances go but I kinda live. ADGY for the win still #Eurosong2023
"You have a beautiful speaking voice" is Marty hitting on ADGY? #Eurosong2023
ADGY nickname story is so cuteee noooo 😔 pity Noah couldn't make it in the audience #eurosong2023
ok well if y'all don't want Adgy, maybe you'll like this next song more 😊 #eurosong2023
Lots of kind feedback for Adgy #Eurosong2023
adgy gave absolutely nothing but idc he has to win #eurosong2023
Esta mujer ha cantando muy bien pero me he movido poco, lo siento prefiero el bop de Adgy #Eurosong2023
Adgy was one of my favorites, so dissapointing 😢 #eurosong2023
ADGY esta sirviendo vocals 👏👏 #Eurosong
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