Fred Sirieix

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 17
Twitter: @fredsirieix1
Instagram: @fred_sirieix
A man of charisma and superior culinary skills - Fred's incredible Jungle experience has been *chef's kiss*! 🤩 #ImACeleb
Fred has completely blown his chance of winning by picking on the nations favourite camp mate🤣🤣 #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb #ITV I am just loving I'm a celebrity. I said I wouldn't watch but there is something addictive about this show @antanddec @imacelebrity they are all such a lovely bunch #Fred #Chef hilarious #RFBoost ❤️🌹
Fred, you were trying to impress the public and desperately tried to win, tell the truth. 😁 #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
Who do i want to win what loool now fred 😂 #ImACeleb
celebrated Fred getting voted out, like newcastle scored a last minute winner there lol #nufc #imaceleb
YESSS Bonjour Fred! Best decision well done public! 👏 #ImACeleb
Love Fred's enthusiasm and confidence to do these trials 👍 #ImACeleb
Fred just loves his food his whole life is based around it; so it has a lot of passion for it when it comes to cooking; eating and when he's not consuming it clearly changes his personality he will be the lovely person he is again when he's out hahaha #imaceleb
I celebrated Fred leaving I'm a celeb like I just won the champions league. #ImACeleb
Good luck to the hotel catering staff that will have to put up with Fred the next few days 😂 #ImACeleb
“make me cry” “Fred's better at you than cooking” love it😭☠️ #imaceleb
#ImACeleb unpopular opinion: Fred is amazing and funny af ngl
“we're buzzing” that was funny from fred icl #imaceleb
Na but remember when @Ginofantastico won I'm a celeb… I need another GGF road trip coz he's gonna roast Fred 😂 for placing better #ImACeleb
Aw I liked Fred, yeah he had his moments but liked when he was showing his funny side #imaceleb
I used to love Fred before #ImACeleb I am not feeling him now. Actually glad he's left :(
Arwww Fred proud of you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💕 #imaceleb
Fred just needs to f**k off, and then keep f**king off until he gets back, then f**k off again!!! I'd love to be as perfect as him… … 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #ImACeleb
Wishing Fred all the very best, he was a very good campmate! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity … .
You can tell the jungle was wearing Fred and he looks so relieved to be out. Hopefully he can eat lavish and cheer up. #ImACeleb
Fred may be the only person EVER in #ImACeleb to say the produce they give the are incredible 🤣 #ImACelebrity
Well done British public. Glad Fred is out. He changed so much from when he first went in. #imaceleb
Oh I hope Fred was joking there😂 with him having adhd might not of been the best thing to say #imaceleb
#ImACeleb They should all be glad, that Fred wants to cook, because they're not paying for it. It'd be expensive to eat in a restaurant he works in. They'd all pick up cooking ideas, they can use when they get home and impress their family and friends.
I love that Fred loved it, think lot of people gone of him I predicted top 4 at the beginning of the show #imaceleb
Gordon and Gino are going to have fun on their next adventure with Fred #ImACeleb
Awww freds wife is beautiful 😊😊 #ImACeleb
“Fred managed 18 days in camp and managed to go from being on of the favourites to win to the most disliked camp mates during that time” #ImACeleb
Ant and Dec: “Fred” Well done the British public 👏🏼 #ImACeleb
Fred thought cooking, controlling and doing multiple trials made him win #ImACelebrity 😁 he looks disappointed. 😁 I really like him, though. #ImACeleb
Fred. Win what 🤣 #ImACeleb
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