Mike Tindall

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 21
Twitter: @miketindall13
Instagram: @mike_tindall12
I love Mike, he's funny, helpful, caring, and can bring home the stars, I bet all the royals are very proud of him. Well done Mike 😎🌞 #ImACeleb
I think people wanted #MikeTindall to leave aa he was one of the strongest in there and probably should be in the final/Winner #ImACelebrity @miketindall13 you done everyone proud well done
Wowsers. Mike went?! Please god don't let him win this thing #ImACeleb
Oh @miketindall13 and his delighted little lush face eating two nachos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #ImACelebrity
I love Mike such a genuine good bloke #ImACeleb
Haha.. One ⭐#TeamChrisMoyles. Nice one #Mike 👏🏻👏🏻🤣.. #ImACeleb
Really wanted @miketindall13 to win #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere so he could say to King Charles “you might be THE King but I'm the King of the Jungle” 🤣🤣
The good thing about Mike coming 4th is that we weren't robbed of a Mike and Zara reunion. So cute 🥺🥺 #ImACeleb
Well done ITV for feeding literally everybody the information that Zara wasn't going out there and then sneaking her in. Pleased for Man like Mike! #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb Loved Mike laughing all through that! He had a great time!!
Really love Mike!! I find him so funny #ImACelebrity #miketowin
Mike you legend😆🤣🤣👏 #ImACeleb
Mike is such a lovely bloke, really wanted him to win #ImACelebrity
Mike's jungle adventure now ends after surviving 22 days in the camp! He completed numerous trials, including the one and only Celebrity Cyclone, but his time is now over 🤩 #ImACeleb
I love Mike's sense of humor 😂 🎥 ITV #ImACelebrity
I love @MikeTindall - him or anyone but Torycock to win #ImACelebrity
My fave moment of the series so far… seeing the lovely Zara greet Mike! #ImACelebrity
I actually love Mike he seems like such a genuine guy #ImaCeleb
YES!!! Bye Mike. My favourite 3 are in the final. Woo hoo. #ImACeleb
I just yelled and woke this one up… ..I hope your happy with yourself Britain. How on earth did World Cup winning Mike lose to a grubby MP??! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere #ImACelebrity #Imaceleb2022
I have a feeling Mike is absolutely going to smash the Cyclone as a former Rugby player 😂😍 #ImACeleb #CelebrityCyclone
Mike to win 👍 #ImACelebrity
Well done mike 🤣#ImACeleb
Two things that have made me happy on tv tonight; @AlisonHammond's joyful dancing on #icanseeyourvoice and Mike Tindall's outfit on #ImACelebrity. For very different reasons.
why is mike so effortlessly funny 😭 #ImACeleb
Mike, you can flip his top as many times as you like, you ain't fucking winning. You are gone tonight 👋 #ImACeleb
I love Mike I don't want him to go please keep him in 😭❤️ #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb Awww Mike gives the best ever hugs! I want one of them!!
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