Snoochie Shy

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Implied Chances: 4%
Twitter: @snoochieshy
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Day 1 573 15 0 0
Day 2 880 16 400 200
Day 3 514 17 216 205
Day 4 68 0 45 220
Day 5 142 1 12 91
Day 6 122 2 8 22
Day 7 24 0 24 15
Day 8 88 0 137 56
Day 9 32 0 54 72
Snoochie laughing at Naughty Boy was just hilarious #ImACeleb @antanddec
Stop voting Naughty, its not funny anymore. Give people who are funny a chance or those who haven't had alot of air time. (Snoochie, Matty, Danny, Louise). YAY ITS MATTY #ImACeleb
Snoochie every time Naughty Boy is picked for the trial again. #ImACeleb
Snoochie bursting out laughing whenever naughty boy is up for trial #ImACeleb
What's snoochie done to her face #ImACeleb
Once again have fallen down the @imacelebrity rabbit hole. An always entertaining delight in TV form. Personalities to love & hate, but no doubt rooting for the utterly charming @snoochieshy to go all the way. Can't wait for more.. #ImACeleb
Lol Snoochie doesnt even have a wikipedia page #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Louise and Snoochie being so protective over Frankie #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb guess #Snoochie would of been a better choice.
You could hang your clothes on snoochies earrings #ImACeleb
Everyone bitching that Naughty has it easier than Frankie. Didn't hear the same when Danny and Snoochie did the eating trial?? #ImACeleb
Snoochie reminds me of Lauren when she talks. #ImACeleb
Love @snoochieshy! So genuine #imacelebrity
How big are Snoochies earrings wow! #ImACeleb
Those hoops Snoochie's wearing have got to be illegal surely! Health and safety?! #Imaceleb
Vote Naughty Boy for this. He won't have a chance. He's absolutely useless. And vote Danny or Snoochie too because they'll get pissed off with him and it'll be peak comedy. #ImACeleb
TV FEATURES | Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ! 2021 | Interview with Snoochie Shy (Radio 1Xtra DJ) #ImACeleb
TV FEATURES | Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ! 2021 | Interview with Snoochie Shy (Radio 1Xtra DJ) #ImACeleb
For for snoochie #imaceleb
Voting Snoochie and Matty for this trial want to see more of both of them #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
I didn't think they were allowed jewellery, have you seen Snoochie's earrings?! #ImACeleb
Snoochie at being told she's on poo patrol #ImACeleb
Snoochie's already fancy earrings as long as their not expensive or of sentimental value really? How's anyone supposed to know exactly? She could of totally just lied after all right? #ImACeleb
Snoochie has decorated her ears for Christmas they're impressive #ImACeleb
Either Snoochies head is shrinking or her earrings are growing #ImACeleb
Is Snoochie actually wearing luxury earrings? Between that & Simon's coat the Castle looks like a total fucking piss take normally compared to the Jungle version #ImACeleb
Wtf are those earrings Snoochie, did you sneak them back in....#ImACeleb
"Poo patrol" Snoochie is actually quite funny #ImACeleb
Does snoochie have like 5 pairs of massive hoops? I'm so confused #ImACeleb
Time for the always wildly entertaining @imacelebrity hosted by @antanddec. An interesting group of campmates this series - most are great, some are annoying, but the utterly charming @snoochieshy is easily standing out as my favorite of the bunch.... #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb louise minchin matty lee snoochie shy richard madeley arlene phillips naughty boy kadeena cox david ginola frankie bridge danny miller ant dec
#ImACeleb Latest Winner Betting David Ginola - 15/8 Simon Gregson - 3/1 Frankie Bridge - 9/2 Danny Miller - 11/2 Snoochie Shy - 9/1 Adam Woodyatt - 20/1 Naughty Boy - 20/1 Matty Lee - 25/1 Louise Minchin - 28/1 Please Gamble Responsibly
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