Simon Gregson

Status: In
Started: Day 5
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 7.60
Implied Chances: 13%
Twitter: @simongregson123
Instagram: @fat_dracula
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Day 5 593 10 670 670
Day 6 68 1 76 373
Day 7 116 1 193 313
Day 8 164 5 101 123
Day 9 80 3 65 120
Charging Simon with Salt and Peppery #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
simon: in many ways im a hero #ImACeleb
Simon as soon as he smuggled in the salt: #ImACeleb
Not only did Simon smuggle in some salt and pepper in a toothpaste tube, but he also swallowed a condom filled with 1kg of oregano. They'll eat like kings tomorrow, but not before he tears his gooch whilst birthing the fucker. #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
I won't lie, I'm impressed with Simon. Both with his cooking and his smuggling of salt & pepper #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere
Charging Simon! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Yessss Simon smuggling in that seasoning he's my winner #ImACeleb
Naughty boy when he realises Simon was allowed to keep his salt and pepper but his spices were taken away #ImACeleb
Simon when David keeps going on about the sage #ImACeleb
Simon being the latest person to smuggle something into the castle: #ImACeleb
Why was Simon cooking? I missed that bit #ImACeleb
Oops, I meant Simon #Imaceleb
#ImACeleb Simon Gregson is a down to Earth bloke
simon you naughty boy #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb David Ginola outing Simon for smuggling in the salt!!
Simon admitting to smuggling in sage after already using it... Naughty Boy needs to take notes #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Simon smuggled in salt and pepper in a toothpaste tube. True criminal #ImACeleb
Ah Simon haven't you learned from Naughty don't admit you brought in contraband #ImACeleb
simon after sneaking in salt and pepper #imaceleb
Simon cracks me up without even trying man #ImACeleb
Simon #ImACeleb
Simon the wall has ears You fool #ImACeleb
Simon contraband via a toothpaste tube salt and pepper #ImACeleb
He snuggled in salt and pepper !! Bad Simon bad bad Simon #ImACeleb
Me after Simon smuggled in seasoning #ImACeleb
Why are you admitting this Simon #ImACeleb
Why did David ginola mention anything about flavourings got Simon in trouble #ImACeleb
Simon you naughty #imaceleb
Simon not even been subtle about the contraband #ImACeleb
Simon cooking the meal tonight #ImACeleb
Ohh dear Simon #ImACeleb
Simon you idiot. #ImACeleb
We don't see enough of Simon he's so funny and precious #ImACeleb
Simon sprinkling the goods where did he hide it #imaceleb
Simon: "it's nice to have a sausage" #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
When you win all them stars only to get your food taken away because Simon put salt in it #ImACeleb
Have voted for Matty and Simon. Would be nice to see someone else do the trails. It's starting to get boring keep seeing naughty boy doing them. Let's give someone else a chance ay. #ImACeleb
can we vote adam and simon for the trial pls #imaceleb
Lol, I voted for Adam or Simon for the next trial #ImACeleb
Voting for Adam and Simon because I wanna see them do a trial together #ImACeleb
I voted for Simon for the trial because I want to see him do a trial #imaceleb
Vote for Adam + Simon (aka #McBeale) for gargoyle trial Reckon they'd smash it and be funny together #ImACeleb
Simon & Matty for trial pls #ImACeleb
Seriously though we need to see other people doing the trials, some campmates need more screentime. We need David and Matty doing some trials, Simon and Adam would be great too #ImACeleb
Is Snoochie actually wearing luxury earrings? Between that & Simon's coat the Castle looks like a total fucking piss take normally compared to the Jungle version #ImACeleb
simon naughty boy sneaking in seasoning #ImACeleb
Oh no... Simon smuggled in some salt and pepper #ImACeleb
The way Simon and Adam aren't taking Naughty Boy's drama is hilarious #ImACelebrity
#ImACeleb Latest Winner Betting David Ginola - 15/8 Simon Gregson - 3/1 Frankie Bridge - 9/2 Danny Miller - 11/2 Snoochie Shy - 9/1 Adam Woodyatt - 20/1 Naughty Boy - 20/1 Matty Lee - 25/1 Louise Minchin - 28/1 Please Gamble Responsibly
I want Simon to win he deserves it lovely down to earth kind smart genuine chap and he's hilarious I'm also a big Corrie fan #Corrie #ImACelebrity
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