Richard Madeley

Status: Withdrew
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 5
Twitter: @richardm56
Simon, Adam or David are going to win. I would of added Richard into the mix but he's had to go. They are all fun, happy people. #ImACeleb
Sad to hear Richard has had to leave. His trial yesterday was brilliant and it would have been good to see him do some more. He definitely would have provided more comedy gold moments. Glad he's doing ok though #ImACeleb
Gutted that Richard Madeley is out I feel he had a good chance of winning & wish Naughty Boy had gone instead #ImACeleb
Genuinely gutted @richardm56 has left #ImACeleb loved his down to earth personality. Hope he is well & feeling better.
Richard Madeley singing Hotel California is the best thing ever Love #ImACeleb
I hope Richard Madeley is feeling better. #ImACeleb
Hope Richard is okay, he was my favourite campmate #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb I hope #richardmadeley isn't getting £200k for 4 days. Get some new people in there and quick. The program isn't the same since everyone decided to be nice... Should have got #katiehopkins in there.
Pity about @richardm56 He's been good in it, quite funny. #ImACeleb
Me not knowing who I want to win now Richard has gone #ImACeleb
Shame to see @richardm56 leave so early. He's a friendly bloke and a good chatter. Would of liked to have seen him go on more #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
Wow what a payday for Richard in the castle for 2 days & out! #ImACeleb
So gutted @richardm56 has left man. Really had him up there as the potential winner! #ImACeleb
I wanted Richard to win #ImACeleb
Apparently Richard Madeley is a big fan of the Beatles #ImACeleb
Richard Madeley likes Rock music - really, interesting #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #imaceleb2021
good bye richard i did actually like you #ImACeleb
get richard madeley on glee rn #ImACeleb
Alan Partridge - The best of the Beatles #richardmadeley #ImACeleb
Coming up soon. Richard fooks off early with his nice cheque. :D #ImACeleb
Loved how Richard picked up the flapjack piece off the floor and ate it as well #Imaceleb
Richard has a nice voice #ImACeleb
A rave with Richard would actually be so good #ImACeleb
LOL can you imagine Snoochie and Richard up in da club #imAceleb
Richard explaining the songs to Snoochie is like me explaining my love of Fleetwood Mac to people #ImACeleb
#richardmadeley omg I am so so so gutted he has left #ImACeleb broken he is brilliant I wish him well I hope he is ok x
Really disappointed @richardm56 has left #ImACeleb, the only decent person this year. Not interested in anyone else. Only continue to watch because Ian Beale and Steve McDonald are joining the rest!
If Richard Medley is gone does that mean were getting a new celeb along with Ian Beale and Steve McDonald? #ImACeleb ..... Omg Imagine if its Tony Hutchinson from Hollyoaks lol Holy soap Trinity
#ImACeleb give the clink a luxury makeover and let @richardm56 stay there in his own bubble as a castle lord!
#ImACeleb #imacelebrity gonna miss @richardm56 i really liked him, genuinely nice bloke.
#Richard has sucha lovely singing voice! #ImACeleb
Madeley has quite a nice voice #ImACeleb
Richard Madely has a very soothing voice #ImACeleb #richardmadeley #nowonderjudygothertitsout
I bet richard is glad to be out and away from NB #ImACeleb
#Madeley Gone #Hooray #Gregson arrives #ImACeleb
Richard calling himself a boomer is funnier than it should be #ImACeleb
richards voice proper decent you know,, he's growing on me this episode and now he's gone #ImACeleb
Why did Richard sound like this guy I'm grrreat #ImACeleb
#richardmadeley come across as a really nice bloke. #ImACeleb
No wonder Richard went home ill when he's picking up flapjack off the floor. #ImACeleb #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere
Wonder if Richard Madeley will still get paid? #ImACeleb
No wonder Richard's been taken to hospital, eating flapjack off the floor like a madman! #ImACeleb
I have a feeling its going to be so boring in there without Richard. I wanted him to win. #ImACeleb
I don't get why Richard couldn't just take a Covid test including anyone he's been around which I assume wouldn't have been that much ppl. Feels all over the top to me #ImACeleb
Richard is actually decent at singing #ImACeleb
Well gutted about Richard, he's actual been so funny #ImACeleb
Richard listing all he's favourite music. #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
Did Richard get his full fee I wonder #ImACelebrity
now near me out. richard kinda attractive #ImACeleb
I don't get why they're not getting a reverse in Richard's place, if we were like a week in I'd say fair enough but it's only been a few days #ImACeleb
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