Louise Minchin

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 16
Twitter: @louiseminchin
Instagram: @louiseminchin
Oh no Louise has gone home. I wasn't expecting that all. I thought Louise would make it to the end. I'm so pleased that Louise got some airtime in the end. I wish she got the chance to do some more trials. What a lovely woman incredible personality. She'll be missed #ImACeleb
Had a feeling it might of been @louiseminchin Anyway you did absolutely incredible Louise! So proud of you!!!! Well done Love #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
Louise is just BRILLIANT, what a beautiful soul Love #ImACeleb
I liked Louise, she just enjoyed herself and had fun in the camp and was genuinely nice #ImACeleb
louise is a lovely kind person love her Love #imaceleb
Louise is so wholesome and so unproblematic. Just a genuine, lovely person #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Omg not Louise I genuinely loved her. I had her as a dark horse for final 3 she went from.being invisible to being incredible to watch #ImACeleb
Louise seems nice but we've not see her do much to think oh she might win. But seems a caring lady #ImACeleb
Louise was fun but boy am I glad @mattydiver is still in my heart dropped when he was in the bottom 2 then !! #ImACeleb
Aww lovely louise she was a great camp mate well done 17 days #ImACeleb
I know David will probs win this year but the only celebs left I care about are Louise and Simon #ImACeleb
Such a lovely person I loved Louise plz #ImACeleb
Louise is outta here! She's been a very nice woman and great campmate #ImaCeleb
noooooo louise such a lovely lovely woman Love #ImACeleb
Het Louise? A nice person sling good things #ImACeleb
I'm loving the #ImACeleb , @louiseminchin - growing old disgracefully!! . Brilliant to see so much fun and general nonsense. Especially with the news of todays muppets. !! #ImACeleb #louiseminchin #gotheminch #greattv
Louise sounds so happy about her experience and getting to take part in the trials, I'm so happy for her honestly, I'm glad she got to stay for the Karaoke before she had to go #ImACeleb
Love Louise but so pleased Marty's staying #ImACeleb
Is it all people on crack voting for this #ImACeleb all the best ones are getting voted off. She was class Louise like.
Aww loved Louise :( glad Matty is staying! #ImACeleb
Aww I love @louiseminchin she's so lovely. #ImACeleb
Louise is so basic. Dancing Queen is your favourite song of all time? Its not even the best abba song #ImACeleb
david and danny's relationship, and frankie and louise's friendship are my two faves in the castle this year. they're all so cute #ImACeleb
Ah not Louise!!! Oi! All the women are leaving too early! Glad Danny is safe though. Love #TeamDanny #ImACeleb
Louise best bits were thankfully short. #ImACeleb
Well I am stunned #ImACeleb @louiseminchin you were fabulous Love Love Love Love
Can't believe this result I was sure Louise would be in the final 4 - seems like all the women are being voted out. she's been fantastic #ImACelebrity
OH NO!! Not @LouiseMinchin! I'm really going to miss her in #ImACeleb! She's been such an amazing teammate, and has been a really good motherly figure, to everyone in the camp! @antanddec @itv @imacelebrity @Gwrych_Castle #ImACelebrity
Can't believe @louiseminchin has been voted out. I had her as winner @imacelebrity #ImACeleb
Yes!! King!! @DannyBMiller , but also... aww no! Louise is going home, she was great. #ImACeleb #DannyMiller
Louise has done so amazing looking after everyone in camp and conquered her fears. So proud of her. Can go away with your head held high @louiseminchin @imacelebrity #ImACeleb
woooww yall voted louise out over m*tty wooww #ImACeleb
#ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb I'm so happy for David and Danny doing so well in what looked like a tricky trial. So good to see the celebs in the pub together, and Adam and David finally getting their letters. It's Louise to leave next. Oh well
I liked Louise, she's lovely! #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb Louise is SO lovely and unproblematic. Such a queen
I actually really liked Louise. She seems so sweet #ImACeleb
Louise Minchin, such a lovely person. Shame she couldn't have stayed longer (1 woman left ) but she's been great. #ImACeleb
Wish I was louise when daveeeeed just cuddled her Love #ImACeleb
Who did Louise tell to go and win it? #ImACeleb
Louise, I love you, but please don't do the gender thing! #ImACeleb
Did Louise just say to Frankie you'll win it??? #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb. I loved Louise what a ray of sunshine. I loved how she played mother figure in the camp. She took part in fair share of tasks on the show. I feel sad that she only done one trial and it's a shame she couldn't do more. Well done Louise you did really well on the show
#ImACeleb Surprised Louise is out! She's been fun!
louise saying go win it to frankie #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Louise or David to win #ImACeleb
Louise, I don't understand. I really thought she'd be in the final. Wow. #imaceleb
She's been a ray of positivity and joy for the Campmates since day 1, but Louise's Castle story has finally reached its end #ImACeleb
Nooo not Louise I thought she might win #ImACeleb
Awwwww Louise was fabulous #ImACeleb
Louise was a great camp mate #ImACeleb
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