Kadeena Cox

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 13
Twitter: @kad_c
Instagram: @kad21
WHAT A DESERVED FULL HOUSE!!! Honestly my favourite trial so far, they both were cracking!! Also amazing to see @louiseminchin get more screen time - of course @kad_c is always a joy #ImACeleb
For goodness sake, how on earth was Kadenna @kad_c voted out. She was absolutely amazing. She deserved to win. So disappointed for her!! #ImACeleb
Good luck Louise and Kadeena for the trial. it's so nice to see Louise doing a trial at last I hope she smashes it. #ImACeleb @louiseminchin @kad_c
I have a few favourites to win, but how good would it be if @kad_c was crowned Queen of the Jungle. She's strong, honest and takes no shit! Love her. Love #ImACeleb
So even though poor Kadeena (although it really wasn't her fault) didn't win Adam his letter, it meant so much to him that he won hers... what a lovely and wonderful human being Adam Woodyatt is #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb 10/10 yeah, well done girls. Kadeena OUTSTANDING!! Louise, just brilliant ! Teamwork.
kadeena should have lasted alot longer than that she's funny, fantastic at the trials and a real inspiration to so many #ImACeleb
Well done @kad_c such an amazing survivor raising so much awareness for #MS and chronic conditions. What a legend #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb Furious over the vote! Kadeena should not have been voted out! She was so genuine and could do all trials she faced! Plus the stirrer should've been the one going... (naughty boy). I would like either David or Danny to win. I love them so much
I LOVE KADEENA #ImACeleb Whoever voted naughty boy I hope you're happy :/
kadeena is amazing wow #ImACeleb
Kadeena did amazing in the castle, a superstar #ImACeleb
Noooo I was rooting for @kad_c to win. You did Yorkshire and Leeds proud! #ImACeleb
People saying that trial would be easy for Kadeena because she's fast. She has MS and the cold will affect it, she also had her arm strapped up. That isn't no easy trial for her and even if it was, she did amazing no matter what! #ImACeleb
How could Kadeena have gone. I thought she would make it to the end. She is an inspiration to everyone like myself with a chronic condition. Yes not everyone with chronic conditions can crack on but proving that some people can do something like that is amazing. #ImACeleb
kadeena wanting louise to win imi adore them #ImACeleb
Noooooo! I would've had Kadeena as a contender to win this series! She's been amazing! #ImACeleb
ngl but whoever thinks it's funny to vote kadeena out and not nahghty big needs serious professional help #ImACeleb
Kadeena you were a star, and a worthy Olympic champion in #ImACeleb. I don't know how tough it was for you, but you came over as amazingly strong, resilient and in control!*!
#ImACeleb Wow some of these men need to step up and do the trial, Naughty Boy has had his fair share, now the rest of the blokes sit back and let Kadeena go..if u was her I'd refuse to do the trial and let them go hungry...
She showed exactly why she's a gold medal winner with her determination and focus, but it's now time for Kadeena to leave the Castle #ImACeleb @kad_c
Ahhh i love Kadeena, she's so lovely #ImACeleb
One word to say @kad_c - LEGEND! It's a strong year this year! Distraught that I'm A Celeb is already on its final stretch but loving every moment! #ImACeleb @imacelebrity
Nah I'm actually pissed, kadeena was so amazing, wasn't afraid to stand up for what she believed I , great at the trials and was actually fun. I do not understand AT ALL #ImACeleb
Noooooo! Not @kad_c She has been an absolute inspiration for all people living with MS #ImACeleb #awesome
Kadeena opening up about her eating disorder is so nice to hear, I'm going to miss her so much! Brilliant to see disability representation on TV! Love #imaceleb
10/10 Well done Louise and Kadeena so happy for Louise smashing her first trial. #ImACeleb @louiseminchin. Well done guys @kad_c
I'm so sad that Kadeena has gone home. What an inspiration she is. Conquering lots of trials opening up confidently on her MS. What a true inspiration she is. Well done Kadeena you were a great camp mate. You've made all us Brummies proud #ImACeleb @kad_c
The uplifting Kadeena before the human tooth ache NB? Whoever votes for him hope you feel fucking proud of yourself.... #ImACeleb
Honestly, Kadeena doing so well with the trail amazed me. Shes so inspiring #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
#ImACeleb @louiseminchin getting the endorsement from #kadeena hear hear Love Love Love team #minchin all the way, with @FrankieBridge close on her tail
My favourite partnership this season has to be Louise and Kadeena. That was so good ladies! #ImACeleb
Kadeena smashed that. She did amazing, so did Louise havi g all those critters on her. #ImACeleb
YES David will NOT allow a manipulator twist his words or gas light him! #ImACeleb Also Kadeena is a legend.
#ImACeleb I can't believe that Kadeena has been voted out. She's incredible, and totally didn't deserve to leave over some of the others that are left in there!
Awesome to see speed in a trial , Queen @kad_c #ImACeleb
Kadeena and Louise best friendship #ImACeleb
Kadeena and Louise appreciation tweet because their friendship is so pure #imaceleb #imacelebrity
Kadeena and Louise are just so lovely, I hope they do well #ImACeleb
NO, not Kadeena. She is my favourite after the gorgeous David. Oh la la. #ImACeleb
Kadeena and Louise appreciation tweet because their friendship is so pure #imaceleb #imacelebrity
Outstanding from Kadeena & Louise in that trial #ImACeleb #imacelebrity #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere
Wow what a Trial, Kadeena & Louise take 10 Stars back to Camp #ImACeleb
I love @kad_c. She's been fab. So sorry She's leaving so soon. #ImACeleb
Got a lot of respect for Kadeena for still trying the show, and doing absolutely amazing as well #ImACeleb
The public cannot be trusted with voting! Kadeena deserves better! #ImACeleb
Well I'm glad Kadeena at least got to ace the trial tonight first #ImACeleb
Louise and Kadeena's friendship though. #imaceleb Love
#ImACeleb Disgrace to vote Kadeena out. What a star and special woman. You were the winner for me!
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