Frankie Bridge

Status: In
Started: Day 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 5.50
Implied Chances: 18%
Twitter: @FrankieBridge
Instagram: @frankiebridge
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Day 1 784 40 907 907
Day 2 80 4 90 499
Day 3 186 2 275 424
Day 4 62 4 54 140
Day 5 415 5 -361 -11
Day 6 76 1 -47 -118
Day 7 83 1 8 -133
Day 8 133 0 39 0
Day 9 848 3 8 18
#ImACeleb Frankies eating disorder might be why she's so upset about having to drink all those calories.
the hypocrisy of the tweets you see Frankie vulnerable and you're all sympathising with her but when Naughty's vulnerable you're all calling him all sorts of names ? make it make sense pls #ImACeleb @NaughtyBoyMusic
Damn people are so insensitive to other peoples emotions. Frankie pushed her limits people should be proud. #bepositive if you have nothing good to say don't say it. #ImACeleb
Don't think Frankie & some of the others would have lasted 5 minutes on one of earlier shows down under.... #ImACeleb
If @FrankieBridge reached her limit during this trial & genuinely feels that bad about not winning 11/11 stars maybe she might actually understand where @NaughtyBoyMusic was coming from wanting to leave after he failed that first time. Feeling like a let down #ImACeleb
Frankie is such a bloody drama Queen. Always wants to be the centre of attention #ImACeleb
Well done naughty. I think I might vote for Frankie. #ImACeleb
Oh damn Frankie #ImACeleb
What i wanna know is how come they go down to the trial in t shirts n don5 look cold? Heating. How come frankie comes back from the trial all clean? Warm showers. This year is SHIT im not watching anymore until they're back in the jungle #ImACeleb
Frankie annoys me #ImACeleb
Frankie doesn't understand the I'm a celeb assignment, has she never watched the show before? #ImACeleb
When can we start voting them out, Frankie needs to go first! She's so annoying #ImACeleb
Can we get Frankie and Naughty a hot water bottle and a cuppa plz #ImACeleb
frankie just existing #ImACeleb
both naughty boy and frankie smashed that trial #ImACeleb
Frankie looks like she's about to do a Gillian McKeith. I mean fainting obviously, not turn into a massive anti-vaxxer after all that smelling poo turned her brain to shit x #ImACeleb
The way Frankie had all the animal drinks and Naughty Boy had the more fruity ones seems kinda unfair ngl #ImACeleb
Me watching that #ImACeleb trial with Frankie & Naughty Boy.
My heart is feeling so much for frankie. Poor woman is shivering her ass off #ImACeleb #itv
Once again @NaughtyBoyMusic smashes it ,well done Frankie to #ImACeleb
Naughty Boy after Frankie passes on her last drink #ImACeleb
Frankie is actually doing so well and managing to hold a tune #ImACeleb
Loving how Frankie Bridge can hold a tune whilst doing the challenge on #imaceleb
Frankie bridge really can't sing can she?! Not even #ImACeleb
Frankie looks like she's going to freeze to death #ImACeleb
Frankie shivering during this trial is throwing out 30 Rock vibes #ImACeleb
Frankie for all the trials now then#ImACeleb
Frankie either drink that blended sheep's penis or regroup with The Saturdays Frankie: #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
We really do have to stop normalising what these women are doing to their faces. It's internalised misogyny #frankiebridge #ImACeleb
Credit to @FrankieBridge Here to have a phobia of vomit and doing a trial like this just wow #ImACeleb GO ON FRANKIE!!
I don't think Frankie will be getting a singing contract after this. #ImACelebrity
Frankie gets the worst drinks and more chucked over her ?? #ImACeleb
obviously frankie won't be able to sing her her best being freezing cold, shaking, covered in all that shit and unable to see the autocue for songs she doesn't know the words too #imaceleb
Anyone noticed that Frankie has disgusting things dropped on her, but Naughty Boy is literarily getting lemons and water (at most slime) #ImACeleb
Hello I would like to give Frankie a hug #ImACeleb
i feel for frankie i would react exactly the way she is if i was in her situation #imaceleb
Poor Frankie #ImACeleb
Nobody: Frankie: iM tHe BaD gUy #ImACeleb
Ant saying 'not the greatest vocal performance' to Frankie Bridge, THE SINGER #ImACeleb
poor frankies shivering oh my god. someone get this girl a jacket #imaceleb
I'd drink Frankie's cough up. Love Love #ImACeleb
Poor Frankie shivering like a leaf. #ImACeleb
Honestly my fave trial so far, loving this duo of Frankie and naughty boy more than I thought I would #ImACeleb
They really did Frankie dirty and exposed her career here #ImACeleb
Can I have more of a reaction?! Frankie is me #ImACeleb
What a banger! As they drop a bunch of sausages on Frankie's head #ImACeleb
Ant + Dec gonna push Frankie and Naughty boy off the stage and do Let's get ready to Rhumble? #ImACeleb
Frankie: Wayne's gonna be so happy about this. Wayne: #ImACeleb
Good luck Frankie #ImACeleb
Frankie pisses me off #ImACeleb
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