Arlene Phillips

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 12
Twitter: @arlenephillips
Instagram: @arlenephillips
A lot of twitters wants @teamginola to win #ImACeleb the popular choice. Strong connection between the Castle's favourite @arlenephillips and @NaughtyBoyMusic she has backed Naughty Boy to win. It'll be a interesting show down to the final two. I suspect David will win.
Arlene & Naughty Boy's friendship was so wholesome. I hope Naughty Boy wins it for her. #ImACeleb
You dumbasses could've just saved this series by voting out naughty boy. Nope you vote for Arlene instead. Every episode with naughty boy is making it less and less enjoyable. It would make this series 10x better him not being in there #ImACeleb
I did not expect legend Arlene to be our first to go. WOW. #ImACeleb She definitely faded into the background though.
Having reevaluated my predictions a lot the last couple of days as certain people got more air time I did wonder about Snoochie or Arlene and thought Arlene may go first. She had some funny moments. #ImACeleb
You know what, I know the elderly women are usually the underdogs, but this year I really don't think Arlene deserved to be first out. She was genuinely kind and somewhat entertaining. Who on earth is voting for naughty boy? #ImACeleb
Acc quite happy. Arlene wanted to go home and see her family, For a lady of her age she has done amazing! #ImACeleb
YES @arlenephillips Totally backing @NaughtyBoyMusic for the win #ImACeleb
I am so proud of @arlenephillips for being in the castle at 78 years of age!! You were amazing in there and showed your true colours! Well done Arlene we'll miss you loads !#ImACeleb Love
I am so proud of @arlenephillips for being in the castle at 78 years of age!! You were amazing in there and showed your true colours! Well done Arlene we'll miss you loads !#ImACeleb Love
I am so proud of @arlenephillips for being in the castle at 78 years of age!! You were amazing in there and showed your true colours! Well done Arlene we'll miss you loads !#ImACeleb Love
Not surprised at that result. Arlene Philips was a decent name for the show, but I don't think she's proven to be as good as you'd hope in there. #ImACeleb
Aww, bless @arlenephillips Love She's so lovely. Shame she was voted out first. #ImACeleb
Have to say @arlenephillips is a delightful Lady .... and did so so well ! A powerhouse in London Theatre in the field of Dance and Choreography ... and at 78 years young a real Star ! Be proud Love #ImACeleb
Arlene being the oldest camp mate is brilliant. Well done Arlene for sticking it out and taking part in everything #ImACeleb
Sorry Arlene no chance his winning #ImACeleb
Arlene wants Naughty boy to win. Maybe there's a reason people voted her out. #ImACeleb
Aww I liked Arlene she's lovely #ImACeleb
dunno who i want to win this year i like them all apart from naughty boy and arlene #imaceleb
OMG @NaughtyBoyMusic is still in the castle!! Love Love watching him so much. It's a shame about Arlene going though you could see she was such a good friend to him #imaceleb
OMG people already saying NB staying is just a fix that the public supposably want him out. Well clearly NOT given it's literally down to that exact same public he's still there. They just had their chance yet & they chose to save him over Arlene #ImACeleb
Bless her, Arlene looks so happy to be going home #ImACeleb
Awww! I love how @arlenephillips always has a smile on her face, even as she left the interview just then! #ImACeleb
#ImACeleb heart says Arlene will go tonight, but I want Naughty Boy out today!!! he's doing my nut in now. He's so hard to read and I've found myself saying Wo Wo Wo woo too much in the past fortnight
Oh I'm glad Arlene gone. She looks terrible and too old to be in there hopefully get the TLC she deserves bless her. #ImACeleb
Arlene wants Naughty boy to win #ImACeleb
arlene saying she wants naughty boy to win is the exact reason why she's left tonight #ImACeleb
In all honesty Arlene is the only one who's really accepted naughty boy and made him feel welcome #ImACeleb
I think right decision with Arlene being evicted.. she needs to go home for her comforts. Seems a nice lady but I feel she hasn't done much tho. #ImACeleb
HA! Naughty Boy ain't winning this Arlene #ImACeleb
..... i thought it was a unanimous vote that we wanted naughty boy out the camp first??? I love Arlene. @imacelebrity #ImACeleb #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere
I'm actually devastated for Arlene, I love her but also am delighted she gets to go be comfy again #ImACeleb
It's such a shame as I feel like we could of got to know Arlene a lot more in the castle. She didn't do enough trials yet the things she did do she took on with great determination. She opened up a lot as well which was lovely #ImACeleb
So Arlene wants Naughty Boy to win that just says it all. #ImACeleb
Naughty boy to win? #arlene #ImACeleb
Arlene wants naughty boy to win really #ImACeleb
I think Arlene will leave, she's not hated and seems lovely but does anyone love her enough to save her? #ImACeleb
Ant and dec: who would you like to win? Arlene: naughty boy Ant and Dec: #ImACeleb
why was i getting emotional at arlene wowwing the fire and confetti lmao #ImACeleb
When Arlene says she wants Naughty Boy to win #ImACeleb
What an amazing woman Arlene is, 68 in the castle... well done #ImACeleb
I feel so sad but happy for Arlene at the same time Love #ImACeleb
arlene and naughty had such a sweet friendship #ImACeleb
Well it's goodbye @arlenephillips You've been amazing!! #ImACeleb
arlene watching them say naughty boy is her best friend in the camp #ImACeleb
Arlene going straight for the champagne has made it clear she's a woman after my heart x #ImACeleb
Aww Arlene, I'm kinda happy though I think she was ready to go #ImACeleb
thank god arlenes gone #ImACeleb
I'm sure Arlene is delighted about being told she's the oldest ever #ImACeleb contestant..!
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