Adam Woodyatt

Status: In
Started: Day 5
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 40.00
Implied Chances: 3%
Twitter: @AdamWoodyatt
Instagram: @adamwoodyatt
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Day 5 792 7 569 569
Day 6 85 2 111 340
Day 7 126 0 99 260
Day 8 259 3 95 102
Day 9 25 1 45 80
Eh boring! Wanted Ian Beale or David to do a trial! #ImACeleb
Adam is pretending to be shocked but really this is the easiest pay check he's ever made #ImACeleb
It's ridiculous now why they get @NaughtyBoyMusic doing the trials now. At the start was because he was moaning about them but he's smashing the trials now so what is the point the public voting him to do it? We want Adam and Simon doing a few #ImACeleb
would love to see simon and adam do a trial, vote isn't open in ireland :( #ImACeleb
Adam: You need to look after Frankie. Naughty's face genuinely seemed to be like ''b-but everyone's meant to look after me?'' #ImACeleb
Oh I'm so sorry Adam #ImACeleb
Adam listening to David's story about James Bond #ImACeleb
Adam, you're in the way of me staring at David!!! #ImACeleb
'Unseen' footage of Adam Woodyatt & Steve McFadden doing this BushTucker Trial in @BBCEastEnders. #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
I would love to see @AdamWoodyatt win #ImACelebrity he is my favourite x
Top lad @AdamWoodyatt saying to Naughty Boy to look after Frankie #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity #NaughtyBoy
Adam trying to sneak in contraband from the hotel #ImACeleb
Just used all my votes to vote for @AdamWoodyatt making @realshanerichie proud I'm sure !! @imacelebrity #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
Lets all vote for other celebs to outnumber all those that want to continue bullying Naughty Boy. Matty and Adam or Steve would be fun and will get to see how they cope in the trial. #Imaceleb
can we vote adam and simon for the trial pls #imaceleb
Lol, I voted for Adam or Simon for the next trial #ImACeleb
Voting for Adam and Simon because I wanna see them do a trial together #ImACeleb
Vote for Adam + Simon (aka #McBeale) for gargoyle trial Reckon they'd smash it and be funny together #ImACeleb
Spoiler : Naughty Boy will be voted for Fridays trial McBeal ( Adam + Steve) + David + Frankie make final 4 David Ginola voted King of comedy Frankie wins #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
Simon, Adam and Matty could be a hillarious trio #ImACeleb
Danny and @adamthomas21 literally sound the same .. I keep thinking it's Adam #ImACeleb
The way Simon and Adam aren't taking Naughty Boy's drama is hilarious #ImACelebrity
Aww this so sweet x @AdamWoodyatt #ImACeleb x
#ImACeleb Latest Winner Betting David Ginola - 15/8 Simon Gregson - 3/1 Frankie Bridge - 9/2 Danny Miller - 11/2 Snoochie Shy - 9/1 Adam Woodyatt - 20/1 Naughty Boy - 20/1 Matty Lee - 25/1 Louise Minchin - 28/1 Please Gamble Responsibly
I take it the celebs are allowed to get showered/cleaned up after trials? Simon and Adam covered in gunk then clean in camp? How does that work? #ImACeleb #onadelay
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