Anne Hegerty

Status: Eliminated
Started: Day 1
Finished: Day 18
Twitter: @anne_hegerty
Endlessly proud of my beautiful friend @anne_hegerty and so glad everyone else has had the opportunity to see beyond the Governess to a wonderful, courageous, wickedly funny and kind human being. You knocked em dead Anne, and you should be totally buzzing x Speak soon #ImACeleb
I hope the ignorant people are watching and realising what her purpose was. She did fucking brilliantly in there and shes inspired more people than you idiots ever will. Very well done @anne_hegerty youre such an amazing woman and you should be incredibly proud x #ImACeleb
Ha brilliant.. well done #annehegerty you've been amazing. Real achievement to do a day there let alone 19 or how ever many it was. National treasure status is hers & well deserved #imaceleb
Really hope this episode focuses on Anne a little more because she is amazing and I hope even more that people keep voting for her, they don't know how outstanding, unique and inspiring she is #imaceleb
Praise the lord #ImACeleb anne she was great and a huge inspiration. But with her not being able to do so much it wouldnt be fair to kick out any of the others. Any one of them could still win
Its nice people have got to know the real Anne. Was expecting her to be tough, turns out shes soft and gentle and so caring. Glad you realise people are voting because your amazing, you need to believe, we certainly do #TeamAnne #Anne_Hegerty #ImACeleb
Anne was incredible! Shes been a joy to watch grow and progress throughout this! We love her #ImaCeleb
What an absolute delight seeing the real Anne Hegerty, rather than the frosty governess character she plays on the chase. She seems such a genuine, warm, fun and lovely person. #ImACeleb #TeamAnne
#ImACeleb Anne has been amazing in the Jungle. She overcame so much. She should be so proud of herself. Massive Well Done to you Anne . Lovely Lady.
Anne was such an amazing woman, she had a soft and warm, loving character underneath that cold and hard skin she covers herself in on the chase. What a legend, I'm glad she was one of the celebrities that had come this year. #imaceleb
Its nice people have got to know the real Anne. Was expecting her to be tough, turns out shes soft and gentle and so caring. Glad you realise people are voting because your amazing, you need to believe, we certainly do #TeamAnne #Anne_Hegerty #ImACeleb
Really would have loved Anne to win this, but she was so out of her comfort zone and was finding it hard. I think she has achieved so much and has done amazing things for Autism awareness #TeamAnne #ImACeleb
Im so glad Anne is realising her worth and that people are want to vote for her because the truth is we all love Anne and want to protect her at all costs #ImACeleb
Congrats @anne_hegerty, you were brilliant. Best of luck #ImACeleb
Im so happy for Anne but Im so emotional because shes leaving. That woman is amazing. Well done Anne #ImACeleb
THRIVE ANNE THRIVE. such a wonderful woman to go in there with her autism making it 10x more difficult for her and it must be so nice to finally leave and go to a lovely hotel. thrive queen. #imaceleb
How amazing has @anne_hegerty been into this years Australian jungle! especially with her own issues and dealing with everything shes just been brilliant!! She might be out but she is definitely a winner in most peoples eyes!! @imacelebrity #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity
actually crying at Anne actually looking like shes enjoying herself and at how happy she is :) the most precious woman in the world #imacelebrity
@anne_hegerty well done, you and your awarness for autism on the show has been massively inspiring. Every autistic person who watches @imacelebrity should see her as an idol. Well done. #ImACeleb #autismawarness
Well done @anne_hegerty an absolute inspiration, enjoy the luxury for a few days #ImACeleb
Im like super mega proud of @anne_hegerty her journey has been incredible god love her #ImACeleb
Anne Hegerty you are truly amazing.. you should be so proud of what you have done not only in the jungle but building awareness of ASD to the public. You are a winner to me #imaceleb #annehegerty #thegoverness #ASDawarenwss
Well done @anne_hegerty you did amazing, just amazing, and the rest of the group were so supportive .#ImACeleb
Awwwwww Gutted for you @TeamAnneHegerty @anne_hegerty Love Love you you done brilliantly Lady just brilliantly #Imacelebrity @imacelebrity #ImACeleb #Legend #Hero
As someone with Asperger Syndrome I'm so incredibly proud of Anne. The sensory overloads she would have faced are unbelievable, and seeing her grow more confident has been amazing! #ImACeleb
I'm glad Anne is going because I think it was her time and she wanted to but I've loved her this series and it's great to have brought more awareness to autism on such a big platform #imaceleb
Im glad Anne has gone - I love her to bits but being in that camp has been incredibly challenging for her and she wanted to go, very proud of her #ImACeleb
I'm happy that @anne_hegerty is happy she's leaving but I'm sad because I wantes her to win this. But well done Anne! We are all proud of you! Thank you for showing the struggles of @Autism in daily life. #ImACeleb
anne should be extremely proud of herself, especially due to her autism and aspergers, and she had made it into the second week. she has been fantastic! and i hope this gives her some confidence! #ImACeleb
THANKYOU Anne for being you! As a support worker/TA who works with the autistic spectrum and having a sibling... you are one incredible woman #imaceleb
For someone so knowledgeable @anne_hegerty is really good at listening to other people and whilst she answer questions and shares knowledge shes not a know it all I actually think shes super lovely about it! #ImACelebrity #imaceleb2018
seeing annes growth during the highlights is so emotional omg love her and so proud of how far shes come !!! #imaceleb
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