Nico Suave And Team Liebe

Status: In
Artist: Nico Suave And Team Liebe
Song: Hallo Welt
Started: Final
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 7.00
Implied Chances: 14%
hallo welt winning would have been so funny tho aakdkaks i think we already have too much up our asses so this was for the best me thinks #Germany12Points
now our wonderful NDR favorite winning song Hallo Welt #Germany12Points
#6 Nico Suave & Team Liebe - 'Hallo Welt' Nico, 43, is an established hip hop/rap artist who released his debut single in 2001 and reached the Germany top #20 in 2015. Team Love (NKSN, Buket & EMY) are independent artists who all sing mostly in German. WUNDERBAR! #Germany12Points
I like "Hallo Welt" That one I can approve of when it wins #Germany12Points
If "Hallo Welt" wins I really hope we will get 0 points again #Germany12Points
Germany you only have one choice, vote for Hallo Welt Love Love Love I as a brit love it so much it's so accessible to foreigners and will guarantee you at least 25th place! #Germany12Points
currently wishing i still had my german number to help prevent hallo welt from winning #Germany12Points
real talk though, if it's a 50/50 split, Hallo Welt needs to have absolutely stormed the televote to have won (with the top three all flopping), which is a comfort to us all #germany12points
yeah i know hallo welt is gonna win but noooo i can't watch this in eurovision #Germany12Points
Mit "Hallo Welt (ich seh dich)" von Nico Suave & Team-Liebe hat Potential mehr als 0 Punkte zu bekommen. Bisher meiner Meinung nach nicht das schlechteste. #Germany12Points
If anything I feel like "Hallo Welt" perfectly represents the German music industry #Germany12Points
I'm sleeping cause Hallo Welt is probably winning bye #Germany12Points
Their harmonies are very good no doubt although "Hallo Welt" is yet to grow on me #Germany12Points
if Hallo Welt wins that will be my 13th reason #Germany12Points
right, who did we agree was being sacrificed now Hallo Welt isn't winning? #Germany12Points
the amount of songwriters for hallo welt in germany we say "viele koeche verderben den brei" and i think that's beautiful #germany12points
Win bisschen Frieden is what the new version of Hallo Welt thinks it is #Germany12points
I not just hate Hallo Welt it's absolutely not okay they got to change their lyrics while the online voting was already on #Germany12Points
hallo welt wie geht's dir? warum so down? warum gibst du negativen vibes nur so viel raum? YA VAN ELLOS Love Love Love Love #germany12points
so we're just gonna pretend that hallo welt wont win #Germany12Points
#germany12points Q bonita Hallo welt Love
Hallo Welt flopping lmao you love to see it #Germany12Points
If "Hallo Welt" wins our NF is rigged #Germany12Points
#Germany12Points 06 Nico Suave & Team Liebe - Hallo Welt Oder ist der letzte Beitrag geeignet fur das Finale in Turin? Was denkt ihr? #Eurovision #ESC2022 #Germany
Ahora completan las actuaciones de los concursantes Nico Suave junto a Team Liebe, quienes concursan con su "Hallo Welt", la unica cancion en aleman del proceso #Eurovision #Germany12Points #TheSoundOfBeauty #esc2022
Ahm, nein. Einfach: Nein! Nico Suave & Team Liebe mit "Hallo Welt" #Eurovision #Germany12Points
Germany Our last song of the night is the German-language song in a German national final since 2018. Nico Suave has been performing since he was 16. Tonight he is performing with Team Liebe (NKSN, Buket Keskin and EMY). They will sing "Hallo Welt" (Hello World). #Germany12Points
Nico Suave Hallo Welt Welt Hallo #Germany12Points
oomfs said hallo welt is d-mol of the germany and i think they're right, but still d-mol is better #Germany12Points
Germany Ultima actuacion de la noche! Nico Suave & Team Liebe interpretan Hallo Welt #Germany12Points
There is absolutely nothing else that will even compete to be my last place if Hallo Welt wins. Using the current situation to their "advantage" tonight is unbelievably insensitive #Germany12Points
No it's not obvious "Hallo Welt" is NDRs favorite... #Germany12points
Germany Ultima actuacion de la noche! Nico Suave & Team Liebe interpretan Hallo Welt #Germany12Points
Hallo Welt, bitte gib dem Freund von Xavier Naidoo keine Chance! #Germany12Points
very confused at the first two 12 points but it's not hallo welt so not complaining #germany12points
Most of the guests have Nico and Team Liebe as their favorite. #Germany12Points
if hallo welt wins can we make them disqualify bc of the far right guy #Germany12Points
hallo welt is a cute song but it would get 0 points in eurovision i'm afraid #germany12points
Y aqui mi top 2 Hallo Welt!!! Super bonita la cancion y el conjunto de voces #Germany12Points
Merging the 90s with peace ? 'Hallo Welt' might have struck a cord with a German TV audience who have been donating for Ukraine this evening #Germany12Points
#germany12points Heaven... im in falling heavennn.... Ah no, its hallo welt
Lieber "Hallo Welt" im Original #Germany12Points
germany choose hallo welt if you want 0 televote points again! #germany12points
People were saying that Hallo Welt sounded like early Black Eyed Peas well what does this sound like then #Germany12Points
Wenn Hallo Welt gewonnen hat, dann hilwe #Germany12Points
hallo welt wie gehts dir? schlecht. #Germany12Points
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