Status: Eliminated
Artist: Franka
Song: Crazy
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Bring on the feel good, cheesy, crazy celebration that is #Eurovision
Wow, we're three minutes behind and we missed the crazy stuff so fair enough she did great! #eurovision
If I have to hear last year's goddamn winning song one more time I'm going to go crazy #eurovision #SBSEurovision
CROATIA I LOVE YOU #eurovision
2 from Croatia thanks! #Eurovision
Another 2 points, cheers Croatia xo #eurovision
The running joke about a crazy glue epidemic takes a while to get going... But stick with it. #Eurovision
Tis that time of year again folks #EUROVISION is on again Let the crazy begin and no whining about no votes for us, it's not exactly a boomer of a song that we have. Booze and chicken and prawn fajitas are go !
Croatia only gave us points because we helped kickstart modrics career in this country #eurovision
ok, It's #eurovision time. Let's go you crazy performers!
thx croatia #Eurovision
just so yall know, i dont consider myself croatian anymore. #Eurovision #ESC2018
#Eurovision score sheet update. Here are how my points are distributed. My five categories are song, language, outfits, stage show and crazy for 0-3 points each.
Let the cheesetastic crazy begin #EUROVISION
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