Robin Juhkental

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Robin Juhkental
Song: Kurbuse Matused
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
I find "Kurbuse Matused" an interesting song, the melody is nice and actually very one of a kind. Staging is very similar than the song, interesting and memorable. And of course I have to mention Robin's great vocals, he clearly is a very talented singer. / Nina #EestiLaul2023
Give me time and give me strength Give me strength to carry on Give me bit of hope now Help me through the night thank you robin for this masterpiece #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
please tell me i'm not the only one who thinks robin juhkental is giving rafal brzozowski award winner... #eestilaul #eestilaul2023
If anyone is wondering yes “Kurbuse matused” is my favorite song at #EestiLaul this year. It's like such a weird mix of genres that I want to pick apart and the staging is the appropriate amount of hipster weirdness for me. Like just love this.
Robin's song is very nice but I'm not sure how competitive it is. Can imagine hearing it in a swanky bar #EestiLaul2023
as kurbuse matused's biggest fan i will be rooting for it to slay tonight #EestiLaul2023
kurbuse matused is SUCH a grower, why didnt i appreciate this earlier this is GORGEOUSSS #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
Now I need Robin Jubkental to choose (his own) Siren as his fav entry 😂 #eestilaul
I like the intro to Kurbuse matused so much, it makes me think I'm in an actually good jazz bar #eestilaul
Nothing to say about Robin Juhkental, just really not my cup of cappuccino. My updated ranking. 4/5 top went through in SF1, I'm feeling good about this so far. #eestilaul #EestiLaul2023
Btw, Kurbuse matused is nice #EestiLaul2023
Robin looks gorgeous #eestilaul
may I remind you about the best Robin Juhkental's creation #EestiLaul2023
Robin's song requires quite a many listenings to open up, but it is quite fascinating #EestiLaul2023
Con Kurbuse matused me pasa que la escucho y me gusta el instrumental, me parece que canta bien el tio, veo calidad. Pero, al mismo tiempo, se me hace bastante aburrida #EestiLaul
Robin Juhkental not naming "Siren" as his fave #EestiLaul entry has me shook #EestiLaul2023
I'm unironically enjoying Kurbuse Matused #eestilaul2023 #eestilaul
i really like kurbuse matused actually #eestilaul
Estonia : El quinto artista en actuar es Robin Juhkental que nos canta «Kurbuse matused» #EestiLaul2023
Mit Robin Juhkental (Malcolm Lincoln) begann 2010 endgultig meine Leidenschaft (Besessenheit) fur Estland, die trotz zwei Jahren Uku ungebrochen ist 🥰 Estonia #EestiLaul2023
robin maquina tkm #eestilaul
Robin ☻️ #EestiLaul2023
Now it's time for song number 5: Robin Juhkental - Kurbuse Matused / Nina #EestiLaul2023
Robin Juhkental vuelve al #EestiLaul2023 con Kurbuse matused #EuroLive
Time to visit the Green Room and have a chat with Robin. / Nina #EestiLaul2023
Robin jukhental voiks mu maha matta #eestilaul
kurbuse matused leiavad aset siis kui #eestilaul tiitrid tana kell 22.25 ekraanil jooksma hakkavad
Ich mag zwar den Song nicht, aber Robin wirkt sehr sympathisch und witzig. Und gut sieht er auch noch aus. Ware nicht traurig, ihn im Finale nochmal sehen zu durfen #EestiLaul2023
Robin is father #eestilaul2023
Robin really said screw those artistic compromises #EestiLaul2023
It was an an experience that happened to all of us, I'll give Robin that #EestiLaul2023
kurbuse matused oli taiega igav. finaali def mitte #eestilaul #EestiLaul2023
Is there a story behind Robin Jukenthal's song? It seems so highbrow artsy. #EestiLaul2023
I may not like Kurbuse matused but I will defend all the songs like this that make it onto high profile-like national finals. All kinds of songs have rights to be exhibited on a Eurovision stage, jazz songs are no different #eestilaul
Me: it's not about how they look but hi Robin #EestiLaul
Yaa pokmen bismillah untuk admin shitpost terdepan Estonia bapak Robin Juhkental di #EestiLaul kali ini. Semoga satu saat nanti saya bisa mengamalkan lagunya; dengan memakamkan (segala) kesedihan (saya).
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