Status: Eliminated
Artist: Janek
Song: House of Glass
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
House of glass ❀️ very beautiful song and my winner πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° #EestiLaul2023
That was a great performance Janek!! Love the song as wellπŸ₯° #EestiLaul2023
I love this song so fvcking much, better performance but Janek doesn't but emotion and it's impossible to have him as my winner if I don't feel anything in the live! #EestiLaul2023
Estonia Fun fact: me and Janek used to take part in an online fan contest together. Anyway, he's on the #EestiLaul2023 final stage singing "Heart of Glass" and I'm at home livetweeting.
Janek performs with excellent confidence "House of Glass" gets better with every listen #EestiLaul2023
#EestiLaul2023 Janek and this song are wonderful 😍
Estonia's most iconic backing vocalists helping Janek out there. #EestiLaul2023
For a by-the-numbers pop ballad that is really rather enjoyable. Janek has a bloody great vocal. Feels like the Nanas will go absolutely wild for that. #EestiLaul2023
Fingers crossed for a great performance tonight , I love House of glass #EestiLaul2023
Janek has those backing vocalists?! Katie Vilgats and Dagmar Oja are AMAZING! #EestiLaul2023
Lo guapo que es Janek y lo bien que canta 😍😍😍😍😍 #EestiLaul2023
Janek mi nino 😍πŸ₯² #EestiLaul2023
House of glass a boppppp y'all better show it some love later #EestiLaul2023
In love con Janek tambien, el tema emotivo que necesitamos tener en la final πŸ₯Ή #EestiLaul2023
I LOVE HOUSE OF GLASS SO MUCH πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2023
House of glass has grown on me. It's good, but Morland has produced better. #EestiLaul2023
[ Estonia #EestiLaul - Finale] Fun fact: House of Glass a ete co-ecrite par Morland qui a represente la Norvege a l'Eurovision 2015. #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #EestiLaul2023
Janek has such beautiful voice if only the song wasn't so late noughties Eurovision #EestiLaul2023
Hoy Janek ha estado muy bien πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #EestiLaul2023
03. Janek. This kid has potential, give him a year or two and he could be a real firework on that stage. A more than decent song as well. #EestiLaul2023
On the writing credits of Janek's song is Morland, who represented Norway in 2015. Also, Janek lives and works in the UK. We love a dual citizen king! #eestilaul2023
Janek can SING all right... he just needs a standout song πŸ₯² #EestiLaul2023
idk how to describe this better but janek is just shaped like a friend #eestilaul2023
Janek, House of glass. Tgis one is good! #EestiLaul2023 #Estonia #Eurovision
i feel like house of glass could be my fav song if it competes in Malta #EestiLaul2023
Song 3: Janek - 'House Of Glass"- he really belts this out and sounds great, some on screen graphics add character too #EestiLaul2023 Estonia
Bueno pues de las 3 hasta ahora me quedo con House of Glass pero me da β€œVoy a quedarme” vibes. #EestiLaul2023 #Eurovision
That was a good performance by Janek #EestiLaul2023
JANEK ❀️ #EestiLaul2023
Pues genial Janek. Esta claro por que es uno de los maximos favoritos a llevarse este #EestiLaul2023
I love House Of Glass so much πŸ₯Ί #EestiLaul
Janek. I love that song but it is very typical Eurovision. We need something different πŸ€” #EestiLaul2023
Estonia Turno para Janek que con 'House of Glass' intentara convencer a publico y jurado de que es la mejor opcion para competir en Liverpool el proximo mes de mayo #EestiLaul2023 ❀️
House of Glass is so catchy but it's giving cheese #EestiLaul2023
Janek with 'House of Glass' only snuck through to the final with a 100% televote final spot from the semi-final. He is putting on a strong vocal performance tonight, should garner a few votes! #Eestilaul2023
Janek's voice and energy is HITTING -- I just wonder if the Estonian public will think this is EXCITING enough? #EestiLaul2023
Elisa Kolk raakimas prugi kokku korjamisest nii, nagu Janek ei oleks just lasknud valla laval tonnide kaupa kile konfetti mis prugisse satub πŸ˜ƒ #EestiLaul2023
Was Janek's song revamped, I don't remember liking it so much before... #EestiLaul2023
Es que menuda voz que tiene Janek, es increible πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή #EestiLaul2023
Janek is so cute #EestiLaul2023
[ Estonia #EestiLaul - Finale] Tres bonne prestation de Janek qui a bien chante ce soir ! #Eurovision | #Eurovision2023 | #EestiLaul2023
There's only one House of Glass I care about. #EestiLaul2023
Janek was stiff on stage, but was sounding pretty good. I would've gone for that song some years back. #EestiLaul2023
Thank you Janek for finally waking super Saturday up #EestiLaul2023
Estonia #eestilaul #EestiLaul2023 Janek is a great singer and I really like the song itself. My issue lies with the lyrical content. I feel like I have heard the song before #Eurovision
Janek looks kinda cute but also kinda like a serial killer. #EestiLaul2023
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