Status: In
Artist: Inger
Song: Awaiting You
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: ---
INGER has a Loic Nottet sound stylistically - reminiscent of some of his upbeat songs! love their charisma & stage presence! one of my favs for #EestiLaul2023 this year. maybe not lyrically stimulating, but instrumentally bubbly and uplifting !! πŸ‘β­πŸ’•
Awaiting You is adorable, awesome styling and fun staging. I love Inger!! #EestiLaul2023
Inger's best #eestilaul effort IMHO. Also, may I say that they always do such a good job in Estonia giving every performance its own look and feel. Job well done. #eestilaul2023 #eurovision
I was surprised when I heard Inger's song this year, since it's very different than her previous Eesti Laul entries. But I actually like "Awaiting You" better than Inger's previous songs. Nice upbeat dance song, and the staging is simple but stylish. / Nina #EestiLaul2023
What a fantastic way to kick off tonight's semi-final! INGER really brought the energy to the stage and I loved the fantastic use of staging, sets, colours and camera angles to create a memorable performance ~Laura #eestilaul #eestilaul2023
I LOVE INGER SO MUCHHHHH πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ they are just so cool and awaiting you is a banger! #eestilaul2023
inger is so great live omg this is already better than all of the first semi-final 1!! 🀩 #eestilaul
Inger radiates so much cuddly puppy energy, I just want to adopt her. Also, how did that chair disappear so quickly? Love her. #EestiLaul2023
I love Inger's voice. Also, he's SLAYING live, it sounds like the recording lol #eestilaul
Good stage presence from Inger. Fun #EestiLaul2023
Inger nailed it, you could see how she enjoyed herself! "Awaiting You" is a lovely bop #EestiLaul
β€œAwaiting You” is Inger's best attempt at #eestilaul so far. Would be happy to have him in the final.
Probably Inger's best entry in #eestilaul. Adorable performance
Inger keeps evolving. This is really nice, probably the best I've heard from #EestiLaul2023 so far.
I really like Inger. Awaiting you is such a fun song. Gives me Germany 2020 vibes #EestiLaul2023
Classic Inger sound and a good vibes only opener for this show! I wish Inger to represent Estonia in Eurovision one day. But not this year. #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
Inger is doing great ! She's clearly enjoying herself on stage ! #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2023
Awaiting You is pretty good 😊 #EestiLaul2023
Estonias Ben Dolic, called Inger. I love his song, one of my absolute favorites #EestiLaul2023
Our first competing song tonight is INGER's 'Awaiting You'! Having competed previously with 'Coming Home' and 'Only Dream', could it be third time lucky for INGER? #eestilaul #eestilaul2023
Funky Inger - not a bad start #eestilaul
I think this might be my favourite song Inger's sent to Eesti Laul, really enjoying this #EestiLaul2023
i really like awaiting you it's such a bop πŸ’™ #eestilaul
that was vv cute, i hope inger qualifies!! #eestilaul2023
Muy bien Inger πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ Ha transmitido super buen rollo y encima se ha hecho los 100 metros lisos en la plataforma giratoria #EestiLaul
Really hope Inger makes it, I love Awaiting You and he really deserves it! #EestiLaul
Inger having a kickass fit for tonight actually #eestilaul
Inger 😍 #EestiLaul2023
Inger is telling about her tattoos and the meanings of them. Really gorgeous tattoos they are! / Nina #EestiLaul2023
This is definitely Inger's best entry so far #EestiLaul2023 #EestiLaul
Less games, more performances. I'll allow it this time because Inger is cute. #EestiLaul2023
i love inger but the performance kinda let me down #eestilaul
So in love with everything Inger does #EestiLaul2023
inger πŸ’“πŸ’“ #eestilaul2023
Honestly β€œAwaiting You” is zinger's best attempt for #EestiLaul thus far
Inger's song was really good! Good performance as well #EestiLaul2023
Inger has evolved from adorbs acoustic cinnamon roll and has entered his POP era and I am here for it. #EestiLaul2023
Really liked Inger's track Awaiting You until @tony_fitz figured out is sounds uncannily like this
INGER is adorbs. #EestiLaul2023
Serious question: is the gender fluidness of Inger part of the concept and identity? Or can I just not figure out if boy or girl? (not that it matters ; I absolutely love the genderless voice and appearance as it should be the music that counts) #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
Great job Inger! Estonia 🫢🏽 #EestiLaul2023
Inger did great #EestiLaul2023
awaiting you was so great ahhh he really made that small stage work, slay #eestilaul
Inger was adorbs indeed, but the song doesn't really stay with me #EestiLaul2023
INGER! I am so glad to see Inger every time they show up in #EestiLaul2023
Inger! 😍 #EestiLaul2023
inger if you're reading this i am free on thursday night. if you would like to hang out i am free on thursday night when i am free to hang out. i am free to hang out on thursday night so if you want to hang out on thursday night i am free. #EestiLaul
Inger with the oversized suit, repping all transmascs <3 #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
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