Status: Eliminated
Artist: Elysa
Song: Bad Philosophy
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
I really love Elysa, she was one of my favorites last year. I like "Bad Philosophy" too, it has some 80's vibes and that's always a good thing! Elysa's vocals are also strong and the staging is great, first song tonight with dancing. Liked this one a lot! / Nina #EestiLaul2023
My winner Elysa is coming. Good Luck Queen #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
good luck to elysa hope ur house doesn't burn down again <3 #eestilaul2023
Elysaaa 😍 Bad Philosophy That came over you came over me Clearly her best effort. I love thiiis #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
bad philosophy is such a quality pop song - another of my favs for #EestiLaul2023 - staging could be made less awkward with time. though it's a slower, sultry tempo you can still pack punch with the dance moves !! 🤌🏼💃🏻❤️‍🔥
I really don't mind that the synth sound is coming through in NFs again this year. And this song is a lot of fun. But it feels like Elysa and her backing singers aren't quite agreeing on key at the start. #EestiLaul2023
Come on Elysa please be good live please #EestiLaul2023
Hoping Elysa has learned how to hold a note within the last 12 months because her song is one of my faves 💀😂 #EestiLaul2023
Apparently I like every 80s inspired song this eurovision season, and that includes bad philosophy😍 #eestilaul
Bad Philosophy is really cool 😍 I liked it #EestiLaul2023
Pase lo que pase estoy super orgulloso de ella y lo ha hecho genial se lo ha currado muchisimo. Es la mejor. TE AMO ELYSA Estonia 🤧❣️ #EestiLaul2023
bad philosophy had potential to be a great song but at the moment it just doesn't go anywhere #EestiLaul2023
Elysa is performing after them. 🥰Hopefully she has worked on her stage presence🤞 #EestiLaul2023
Elysa no me ha gustado casi nada, supongo que si pasa es porque no haya mas buenas para pasar en esta semi 😅 y es una pena, es un temazo #EestiLaul2023
Elysa is my person! Her favourite song is Kuula 😍 #EestiLaul2023
Nice close up of Elysa's shoes and nothing else. Good work cameraman #EestiLaul2023
Bad Philosophy is pretty underwhelming live, her vocals are not the greatest. But Estonian seems to love her so she'll probably qualify #EestiLaul2023
Bad Philosophy is the exact kind of song I expected Elysa to follow up "Super Love" with #eestilaul
ELYSA's favourite is Kuula, I bet she was elated to compete in the same final as Ott Lepland last year #eestilaul
Loved the beginning of Elysa but then the song went nowhere sadly. Much potential got lost... Instrumental really good actually #EestiLaul2023 #eestilaul
Elysa's entry is so 80s and sooooo catchy....it's like she wrote this just for me. Send her to the Finals Estonia, this is not a request. #eestilaul #eestilaul2023 #eurovision
Elysa's performance is so much better than last year. She can qualify. #eestilaul #EestiLaul2023
Bad Philosophy is so catchy, I think it should be safely through tonight #EestiLaul2023
elysa winner #EestiLaul2023
Muy buenos esos bailes chumineros, Elysa #EestiLaul
Maravillosa Elysa 🤩 #eestilaul
i can't wait to see elysa i'm so excited to see her evolution #eestilaul
ELYSA AWWW 🤩🤧 #EestiLaul2023
Elysa's giving some nice 80s eurodance vibes. Still, it's tame. #EestiLaul2023
bad philosophy is such a bop 💜 #eestilaul
elysa's dancing is like that wii fit step game girl where is the energy #eestilaul2023
PORFAVOR QUE BUENA ELYSA, muchisimo mejor que su actuacion del ano pasado!!! #eestilaul
I think i have a new winner... sorry Venom, you've been dethroned by Bad Philosophy 😭😭 THAT CHOREO AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THE OUTFIT WAS SO CAMP PLEASE #EestiLaul2023
Getting to see Bad Philosophy live in a few weeks will be worth the ticket price increase #EestiLaul2023
elysa snapped i'd say she's a safe qualifier #EestiLaul2023
bad philosophy shouldn't qualify #EestiLaul2023
Pues mi fav de momento es Elysa #EestiLaul2023
"our love is like a bad philosophy" is stuck in my head now i know what you're doing elysa #eestilaul
Please Elysa, give more energy this time. #eestilaul #EestiLaul2023
elysa muy bien el directo y un poco menos moneca que el ano pasado, creo que pasara a priori #EestiLaul
wow elysa taste #EestiLaul2023
Bad Philosophy opens with a reminder of a Canadian song Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart. An 80's fave of mine. #EestiLaul2023
Elysa's vocals better than last time at least #EestiLaul2023
What is this staging? “Bad Philosophy” I wish they would have stuck with the MV for Elisa. This song is such perfect pop with odd lyrics that I want to inject it into my veins for nutrients. #eestilaul
LOVING the new look from Elysa! Very stylistic performance of "Bad Philosophy" #EestiLaul
Elysa fans will like that #EestiLaul2023
The choreography could have been stronger in places but that was a serve from ELYSA! #eestilaul #eestilaul2023
Bad Philosophy is good but nothing ground-breaking #EestiLaul2023
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