Anett And Fredi

Status: In
Artist: Anett And Fredi
Song: You Need To Move On
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 120.00
Implied Chances: 1%
It is an honour to have Anett and Fredi back as I grew to ADORE their first entry 3 years ago. "You Need to Move On" is a brilliant follow-up and feels so organic, sublime and contemporary #EestiLaul
I really like the musical style of Anett X Fredi, their music is so groovy and so nice to listen. Anett has a great voice. This was a strong and confident performance of a great song! / Nina #EestiLaul2023
Wait Anett and Fredi… this is GORGEOUS😍 the studio version did nothing for me but what an amazing live vocal #EestiLaul2023
Ohh Anett's voice is pure silky BEAUTIFUL. Wow. #EestiLaul
Anett x Fredi were on top of the jury vote and made the superfinal in 2020 with 'Write About Me'. Could they repeat history with 'You Need To Move On'? A very strong and classy performance from the duo tonight #eestilaul #eestilaul2023
Anett and Fredi are good, it's nice but somehow I can't connect with it. #EestiLaul
#EestiLaul2023 this song is amazing Anett x Fredi never miss
Anett x Fredi 🤩🤩 I imagine the singer JoJo singing this song 🤤 So soulefull! #EestiLaul2023
you need to move on is SOOO FUCKING GOOD QUALIFY PLEASEE #EestiLaul2023
#10 Anett and Fredi - "You Need to Move On" -- I mean, let's be REAL -- if I was in a cafe drinking a latte or cappuccino reading a book, I would be SO INTO this -- but as a competitive entry for Eurovision it's just is NOT right (their previous song was better) #EestiLaul2023
i wouldn't mind an anett x fredi win. #eestilaul2023
Yep, Anett x Fredi came back for the win and they proved it. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2023
YOU NEED TO MOVE ON A smooth sophisticated song with a killer vocal BUT It's not gonna work in the Euro-verse I fear. It's a 'vibe' song. Sounds like album track 8 on a Sade album. And I love Sade. #EestiLaul2023
Anett x Fredi was also a very good performance but as with the previous songs I've mentioned, I'm not sure if I actually like the song itself that much #EestiLaul2023
Que vozarron tiene Anett 😍 #EestiLaul2023
Annet x Fredi isn't my thing in the slightest but it's a nice little three minutes #EestiLaul2023
You have no clue how badly I want Anett & Fredi to win #EestiLaul2023 Estonia
Muy buena actuacion de Anett x Fredi #EestiLaul2023
Anett & Fredi – "You Need To Move On" - elegancia que fala, Anett tem gogo , eu amo o instrumental dessa musica 👏🏻 #EestiLaul2023
I love the chill vibes of You Need To Move On #EestiLaul2023
You Need To Move On has ELEVATED for me. What a voice! #eestilaul
Anett x Fredi tienen peligro, a Estonia le gusta este tipo de canciones y lo han hecho muy bien #EestiLaul2023
Anett and Fredi are definitely the smoothest act of this semifinal #EestiLaul2023
Anett & Fredi's faves from Eesti Laul history are "(Can't Keep Calling) Misty" #eestilaul
Annett x Fredi cargandose uno de los favoritos del publico porque ganaran el jurado, es que ya lo estoy viendo jajajaja 😂😂 #EestiLaul2023
[ Estonia #EestiLaul] Sans vouloir vous desinformer, il semblerait que les enveloppes que tirent les presentateurs maintenant sont...les chansons favorites de jurys individuel ...? Si cela est vrai, cela sent bon pour Anett et Fredi. #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
Juries will definitely go for Anett Kulbin (and Fredi) like in 2016 and 2020 #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2023
Had anett x fredi pretty low in my top but her voice just made me move them 5 places up #EestiLaul2023
Annet and Fredi mentioning (Can't Keep Calling) Misty. Idk what they said but so true #EestiLaul2023
"you need to move on" on anett ja fredi saatmas mulle subliminal messageit eesti laulu vaatamise osas, aga ma ei kavatsegi neid kuulata #eestilaul
Anett x Fredi are doing well ! #EestiLaul2023 #EestiLaul
Anett and Fredi are sounding VERY WELL #eestilaul
Can we have a Eurovision Chill Jazz Competition because Annet X Fredi are good but I don't want them to ruin the slutdrop energy I demand from Eurovision #EestiLaul2023
anett SLAY #eestilaul2023
You Need to Move on - I don't mind this, but again is dated really. #EestiLaul2023
Annet x Fredi absolutely devoured that up #EestiLaul2023
You need to move on: excelencia #EestiLaul2023
Mina: palun.. Tooge Wilhelm tagasi.. Anett: you need to move on #eestilaul
[ Estonia #EestiLaul] On termine sur une ballade un peu jazz mais aux influences trip-hop, You Need To Move On. Anett et Fredi terminent cette serie dans la douceur... #Eurovision #Eurovision2023
lets go anett and fredi #eestilaul
Anett x Fredi - You Need to Move On (#EestiLaul2023)
Anett & Fredi z jazzowo soulowym utworem. Mega przyjemny. Ale do sluchania w tle gdy pijesz kawe na miescie. Liverpoolu tym nie podbija. #EestiLaul2023 Estonia #EestiLaul2023
ANETT #EestiLaul2023
AR ANETT JA FREDI #eestilaul
ANETT🫶🫶 #eestilaul2023
We've already come to the last song, song number 10: Anett x Fredi - You Need to Move On / Nina #EestiLaul2023
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