Status: Winner
Artist: Stefan
Song: Hope
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Stefan's vocal is really shining and elevates what is a decent song. Somehow it's both really intense and also good fun. A winning combo? Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Estonia /D
Stefan AMAZING made me so proud Love he winning for sure #EestiLaul
#EestiLaul2022 Estonia #ESC2022 Hope [Stefan]. His voice has a Hosier-like quality to it. Good rhythm. Captivating sound. Great energy! I can almost see the tumbleweed rolling.
Stefan is having so much fun and he looks so comfortable performing the song! So proud of Hope!! It NEEDS to win #EestiLaul
Hope sounds even stronger time around. The country theme on stage and Stefan's presence does a nice job at elevating it. I can see it winning too #EestiLaul2022
I love the verses of STEFAN, but I'm much less a fan of the chorus. He will definitely win, but I still think the duo Andrei & Grete is more interesting for Eurovision #EestiLaul2022
Estonia Please Estonia vote for Stefan tonight ! His voice is amazing and the song is great Love Love Love #eurovision #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
"Hope" has got to win! Stefan absolutely enjoyed himself and the performance and camerawork really felt like a classic Western or even a Coen Brothers film, splendid stuff! #EestiLaul2022
Hope is so good Stefan is amazing!! Love the performance too! #eestilaul2022
Awhhh Stefan is soo happy and enthousiast! Great performance! Really hope he wins! #EestiLaul2022
Just seen Stefan's performance. He has to win come on he was great!!! #EestiLaul
more chances for stefan to win Love #eestilaul
I think Stefan has a good chance of winning tonight, his performance really is the whole package! #EestiLaul
Stefan is a great performer! I enjoyed it a lot and I hooooope he wins tonight!! #EestiLaul2022
A winning performance, well done Stefan #EestiLaul
Song Number Eight: Stefan - "Hope" For his third attempt at Eesti Laul, Stefan is bringing his guitar and some friendly cowboys along for his performance. The track has been compared to "Heroes" by Mans Zelmerlow. Is this tonights winner? Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Estoni
so Stefan seems to be the big fave lets see if he good, i liked his last song #EestiLaul2022
Stefan deserves to win such a good song #EestiLaul
STEFAN LETS GOOO Love That was fantastic #EestiLaul
love how everyone's cancelling themselves out, either with the song or staging.. maybe they also want stefan to win #eestilaul
Stefan Love Love Love Love #EuroTEN #eestilaul Winner!!!
Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 STEFAN - 'Hope' - After two previous attempts, our favourite Estonian-Armenian cowboy will be hoping it's third time lucky. Do you have hope that this country anthem can go all the way to Turin?
Stefan interacting with the audience is the winning vibe we love ! #EestiLaul
STEFAN brought a joyous burst of energy to his performance of 'Hope'! One of the standout performances tonight for sure #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
Wow. Menuda voz tiene Stefan. Winner vibes. #EuroTEN #EestiLaul
Estonia Live impeccable pour STEFAN. Je dois reconnaitre que la sceno valorise bien ce titre un peu osef (a mes yeux) qu'est "Hope", et on se laisse prendre dans ces visuels, et dans ce duel de cowboys... Bon, on va tenter de menager un suspens quand meme, hein ? #EestiLaul2022
Only caught the very part of Stefan's performance, the fact he's the favorite tells you the level of this #EestiLaul final. It seems he's winning after this sure, but to me Estonia is clearly staying in the semis with this
THE CHEERS? Stefan is winning iktr #eestilaul
Her vocal is gorgeous too! Hope they do well tonight! Consider me a fan! #eestilaul
No doubts Stefan is winning #EestiLaul
Surely Stefan will win in estonia, like does he even have competition? #EestiLaul2022
Our readers have selected Alina Pash to win #Vidbir2022 and Stefan to win #EestiLaul2022 tonight! Do you agree with our readers? #Eurovision
stefan coming top 3 and winning from there #eestilaul2022
Estonia Now we're off to see Stefan for song number 8. He's currently the bookies favourite to win tonight with his song "Hope". Tonight's "Yeehaw" entry, and my excuse to use the cowboy emoji #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Wow! Hope! Love #EestiLaul
STEFAN WINNER his voice please #eestilaul
I really hope Andrei & Grete will be in the Superfinal! To send STEFAN is to send a review to Eurovision. Andrei & Grete bring a real freshness that would be good for Eurovision! #EestiLaul2022
If not Stefan, I want Sahlene to win, although her song is pretty Melfestic #EestiLaul
stefan please win i am begging #eestilaul
help all these songs are so weak at this point stefan is a clear winner #eestilaul
Stefan is soo winning this. #eestilaul2022
Viva Almeria y el desierto de Tabernas. Bravo Stefan! #EestiLaul #eestilaul2022 #EuroTEN
What a performance!!!! Stefan for the win Estonia #EestiLaul
I managed to not thirst tweet about Stefan on the Wiwi account during that, where's my f**king medal? #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
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