Pur Mudd And Shira

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Pur Mudd & Shira
Song: Golden Shores
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
I'm loving the interesting staging for Golden Shores. Wish the live was stronger, but it's a pretty cool presentation #EestiLaul2022
golden shores is my clear favourite of this semi but i feel like their voices don't go that well together live :( #eestilaul
Golden Shores is such a banger. Their voices really blend nicely together. #eestilaul
A very chill performance of 'Golden Shores' from Pur Mudd & Shira. Feeling very laid back, but plenty of nice camera work #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
I enjoyed golden shores. Not a bad song #eestilaul
que buena golden shores #eestilaul
golden shores is no under water or out in space but still great #eestilaul
Golden Shores is my guilty pleasure, great studio song. Not sure about this live version #eestilaul
Me declaro fan de Golden Shores #EestiLaul
Golden Shores... nice song but vocally ... sorry no #eestilaul #Eurovision #ESC2022
Golden shores definitely was my fave performance of both semis so far #eestilaul
Menos mal que los de Golden Shores han estado bien porque sino me pegaba un tiro #EestiLaul
Golden Shores looks great visually but I dunno, it feels too laidback and chilled compared to the studio? A pity as I like it a lot #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
Golden shores' chances are low but we will still manifest a shock qualifier #EestiLaul
Pur Mudd & Shira "Golden Shores" -- musically it's good enough to get to the final, but their vocals have always been underwhelming to me -- I wish the camera shots were more fluid and less static #EestiLaul2022
Golden shores? Rather a golden shower than watch that again #eestilaul
Golden Shores isn't bad but I wish there was something more going on during the chorus. They almost look bored of singing #EestiLaul
Golden Shores podria ser perfectamente una actuacion del Melodifestivalen. Lo digo muy alto #EestiLaul2022
El temazo que es Golden Shores y lo mal que lo esta haciendo Shira. Virgen santisima. #EestiLaul2022
Me ha encantado la puesta en escena, la realizacion y la iluminacion de Golden Shores #EestiLaul
Pur Mudd & Shira cantan Golden Shores. #EestiLaul2022
[ Estonia DF2] Musicalement, vous connaissez mon avis : "Golden Shores" vaut largement mieux que la plupart des titres de cette selection. Ce qu'il manque, c'est du mouvement, que cette sceno raconte un peu plus une histoire et donne un supplement d'ame au morceau #eestilaul202
El temazo que es Golden Shores y el directo tan chusco que han tenido #EestiLaul
Pur Mudd & Shira cantan Golden Shores. #EestiLaul2022
golden shores next! #eestilaul
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