Status: Eliminated
Artist: Boamadu
Song: Mitte Kauaks
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
Boamadu could win #EestiLaul, yes? That song and that show is just so good. #Eurovision #EestiLaul
Mitte kauaks has great energy and staging! Love the hair spinning haha #EestiLaul2022
Boamadu has life and energy and a singer in a nice warm jacket. Please ensure it progresses #EestiLaul
Estonia eesti laul 2022 - semi 2 (my top) 1. golden shores 2. mitte kauaks 3. what to make of this 4. sandra 5. kui vaid 6. hope 7. meeletu 8. plaksuta 9. waterfall 10. champion = my qualifier prediction waterfall could qualify instead of plaksuta idk #eestilaul
Mitte Kauaks is working really nicely live for me. Especially those backing vocals. Mmmm. #EestiLaul
Boamadu we're way better than I expected. Could qualify #eestilaul
My #EestiLaul2022 hopes for finals: Jyrise Maian Black Velvet Pur Mudd & Shira Stefan Semi 2 is way harder than semi 1. I would want Jaagup and Boamadu to make it as well
My beloved Boamadu next #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
Lo buenos que son Boamadu! #EestiLaul2022
Boamadu me encantaaaaa, ese guitarreo mamma miaaaaaaa Love #eestilaul
Boamadu, Jaagup Tuisk, Maian, Anna Sahlene and Black Velvet please qualify somehow x #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
I'm enjoying Boamadu a lot #eestilaul
Por cierto, mi top 5 de hoy pre-directos es: 1. Stefan 2. Minimal Wind 3. Maian 4. Pur Mudd 5. Boamadu #EestiLaul
Estonia Semifinal 2 Estonia Top before live! Champion Meeletu What to make of this 4- Waterfall 5- Golden shores 6- Hope 7- Kui vaid 8- Sandra 9- Mitte kauaks 10- Plaksuta #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 #ESC2022
Oh yes, this is going very well. I might have to check out Boamadu's discography. #EestiLaul.
I'd like Boamadu and the rest is whatever you want to order #EestiLaul2022
Boamadu's problem is being in the same show as Black Velvet aka King Sven Lohmus who the jury and televote will favour more because he's their Eurovision song maker #Eestilaul #Eestilaul2022
#EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Que pasen Stefan, Evelin, Boamadu y Anna
So, vor dem #Melfest meine #eestilaul-Prognose: Mix-Qualifikanten: Jaagup Stefan Anna Televote-Qualifikanten: Boamadu Black Velvet
1. Kui vaid 2. Hope 3. Golden Shores 4. Meeletu 5. Mitte kauaks 6. Plaksuta 7. Sandra 8. Waterfall 9. Champion 10. What to Make of This #EestiLaul2022 #eestilaul
Boamadu llega con su tema Mitte kauaks al #Eestilaul2022 Que os ha pafrecido?
Boamadu llega con su tema Mitte kauaks al #Eestilaul2022 Que os ha pafrecido?
Right so here are my 5 qualifiers: 1. Anna Sahlene 2. Jaagup Tuisk 3. Stefan 4. Jyrise 5. Boamadu #EestiLaul
Boamadu demonstrating their four wheel drive I see #EestiLaul
#eestilaul Boamadu rokib, hiti hoiatus!
"huvitav pikalt boamadu pildile pusima jaeaeb?" "-mitte kauaks." #eestilaul
boamadu eurovisioonile ja ta toob see aasta meile voidu! #EestiLaul2022
[ Estonia DF2] Ah, le chanteur principal de Boamadu est vetu d'un tapis premier prix effet pelage de bichon maltais... Ce n'est pas l'award style de la soiree #eestilaul2022 | @err_ee
Boamaduuuuu #eestilaul
Boamadu winners #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Pues ni tan mal Boamadu #EestiLaul
Boamadu are delivering, I am not counting them out. #eestilaul
Oye, pues Boamadu nos estan mal. Los que mas me han gustado hasta ahora #EestiLaul
A mi la cancion de Boamadu se me pego de la forma mas tonta asi que espero que esten en la final #eestilaul
A Boamadu los veo pasando a la final #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Me ha encantado Boamadu los primeros que se merecen ser finalistas!!! Uoo es que que actuacion #eestilaul
Boamadu turned the rock up to 11 tonight! They delivered!!! #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
Boamadu se ha marcado el mejor directo hasta ahora #EestiLaul
Boamadu's lead singer's head was on a weighted pivot. His legs moved totally independently from it. The Estonian Michael Flatley is a rocker! #EestiLaul
Que directazo de Boamadu! #EestiLaul
My qualifiers Pur Mudd & Shira Minimal Wind ft Elisabeth Tiffany Jaagup Tuisk Boamadu Maian (wishful thinking) #eestilaul
Literal que de esta pre solo me gustan Jyrise, Boamadu, Stefan y Jaagup... Y Jyrise se me ha caido lo mas puto grande. #eestilaul
So I predict the qualifiers will be the obvious names Evelin Samuel, Anna Sahlene, Stefan and Jaagup Tuisk and hopefully Boamadu as the 5th #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Mis clasificados: Stefan Pur mudd, Shira Boamadu Maian Jaagup tuisk #EestiLaul
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