Black Velvet

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Black Velvet
Song: Sandra
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Final
Song Number Ten: Black Velvet - "Sandra" Despite popular belief, this song is not actually about the stunning Sandra Nurmsalu... Black Velvet are giving us a fun show closer tonight with a slice of dad rock. Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Estonia /D
Okay my favourites: Jaagup, Minimal Wind or Sahlene for the sake of good old days (in which case Black Velvet as well). But Stefan will win #eestilaul.
A fantastic way to close the show with Black Velvet and 'Sandra'! This group is a nostalgic favourite for many Estonians and the performance lifted quite since the semi-finals #eestilaul #eestilaul2022
Estonia and just like that, we're onto our final song of the night. Song 10 is "Sandra" by the band Black Velvet. My fun fact? Black Velvet had the 1997 "Song of the year" in Estonia, titled "17". Bam - you're welcome. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Black Velvet Sorry this just isn't for me. Best of luck though. #EestiLaul #Eurovision
#EestiLaul2022 Estonia #ESC2022 Sandra [Black Velvet] Another catchy entry. Big plus for singing in Estonian. Just makes me want to dance.
always funny when a song title is just a random name like who tf Sandra bro #EestiLaul2022
I kind of lose interest in Sandra, but then that catchy chorus kicks in! #EestiLaul2022
Ott, Stigl, Stefan, Anna y Black Velvet Cualquiera de eso cinco seria un representante fantastico para #Estonia. #EestiLaul #EestiLaul #EuroTEN @TENtv
Sandra - great tune, but... #EestiLaul
I love Sandra it has such an 1989 vibe to it Love Love #eestilaul2022
Viene Alina Pash genial porque la de Black Velvet es la peor de esta final del #EestiLaul2022
I love this simple dance of Sandra #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Black Velvet - 'Sandra' - Sven Lohmus is the King of Estonian music, having written many nf entries, along with the 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2017 Eurovision songs. Will his band continue that success & take him to the contest in his own right?
Mi top 10 para el #EuroTEN #EestiLaul2022 1. Stefan 2. Stig Raesta 3. Black Velvet 4. Andrei & Grete 5. Anna Sahlene 6. Ott Lepland 7. Minimal Wind & Elisabeth 8. Jaagup Tuisk 9. Elina Nechayeva 10. Elysa
Eighties throwback but Sandra is lively ! #EestiLaul2022
My favorites this year Stefan Black Velvet Anna Sahlene #eestilaul2022
Mi Top #EestiLaul2022 1 Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany 2 Andrei Zevakin ft. Grete Pala 3 Stefan 4 Stig Raesta 5 Jaagup Tuisk 6 Ott Lepand 7 Elysa 8 Anna Sahlene 9 Elina Nechayeva 10 Black Velvet
Mi Top #EestiLaul2022 1 Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany 2 Andrei Zevakin ft. Grete Pala 3 Stefan 4 Stig Raesta 5 Jaagup Tuisk 6 Ott Lepand 7 Elysa 8 Anna Sahlene 9 Elina Nechayeva 10 Black Velvet #EuroTEN
Estonia FINAL Estonia Top before live! Estonia Champion Estonia Remedy Kui vaid 4- Fire 5- What to make of this 6- Hope 7- Mis nuud saab 8- Aovalguses 9- Sandra 10- Interstellar #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 #EuroTen
My top 10 #EestiLaul 1. Interstellar 10/10 2. Kui Vaid 9,5/10 3. Hope 9,5/10 4. Sandra 9/10 5. What to make of this 9/10 6. Mis nuud saab 8/10 7. Aovalguses 7/10 8. Remedy 6/10 9. Champion 6/10 10. Fire 5/10
#EestiLaul2022 Estonia #ESC2022 My favourites: Mis nuud saab Fire Interstellar What To Make Of This Hope Champion Sandra
Ranking all finalist performances: 1) Stefan 2) Anna Sahlene 3) Jaagup Tuisk 4) Minimal Wind feat. Elisabeth Tiffany 5) Elina Nechayeva 6) Stig Raesta 7) Elysa 8) Andrei & Grete 9) Ott Lepland 10) Black Velvet #EestiLaul2022
Dobra, Black Velvet na do widzenia jako rozgrzewka przed Alina, easy odpadniecie #EestiLaul2022 #ESC2022 #Eurovision2022
Estonia Now we welcome tonight's participants! They will perform in this order: 1. Elina Nechayeva 2. Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia 3. Jaagup Tuisk 4. Elysa 5. Ott Lepland 6. Stig Raesta 7. Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany 8. Stefan 9. Anna Sahlene 10. Black Velvet #EestiLaul2022
TOP 10 Eesti Laul Estonia 2022: Stefan Anna Sahlene Jaagup Tuisk 4Stig Raesta 5Elysa 6Elina Nechayeva 7Ott Lepland 8Andrei Zevakin ft Grete Paia 9Minimal Wind Black Velvet #EestiLaul2022 #Estonia
Pues mi TOP 5 de #EestiLaul2022 #EuroTEN se queda asi: 1. Stig Raesta: Interestellar 2. Stefan: Hope 3. Anna Sahlene: Champion 4. Jaapug Tuisk: Kui Vaid 5. Black Velvet: Sandra
Mi top 10 del #EestiLaul: 1) Hope 2) Interstellar 3) Champion 4) Fire 5) Remedy 6) Aovalguses 7) What to Make of This 8) Sandra 9) Mis Nuud Saab 10) Kui Vaid #EestiLaul2022 #EuroTEN
Black Velvet are crowd pleasers and maybe "Sandra" is better than I thought? Still cheesy af #EestiLaul2022
Y como ultima cancion Sandra de Black Velvet, no esta mal como relleno para la gala, se hace entretenida, pero se siente algo cutre asi que mejor que no gane #EestiLaul #EuroTEN
Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Performances done! I expect STEFAN and Anna Sahlene to comfortably make the Super-Final. But who will join them? Ott Lepland the obvious contender you would think. Don't rule out Minimal Wind or Black Velvet as outside surprises.
sandra, need mehed ei ole sinu jaoks oiged. soovitan teha laehenemiskeelu #eestilaul
Okei, laulu video polnud suurem asi aga Black Velveti "Sandra" on lihtsalt ulihea lugu ja minu uks lemmikutest taenavu. #eestilaul2022
Esta cancion me gusta, si lo digo: Sandraaaa #EuroTEN #EestiLaul2022
Chiudono la finale i Black Velvet #EestiLaul2022
Estonia Quick - name a famous Sandra! I've managed to think of two connected to Eurovision - 10 internet points if you can name them #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022
SANDRAAAAA SANDRAAAAA Yep that's definitely going to be in my head for the rest of the week. Estonia #EestiLaul #EestiLaul2022 Estonia
Estonia Resultados de la encuesta del #EestiLaul2022: 1 Stefan - 30,1% 2 Elysa - 20,5% 3 Elina Nechayeva - 15,7% 4 Jaagup Tuisk - 13,3% 5 Anna Sahlene - 6% 6 Andrei Zevakin ft. Grete Paia - 4,8% 6 Stig Raesta - 4,8% 7 Ott Lepland - 3,6% 8 Black Velvet - 1,2% #Eurovision
No voy olvidar que se metieran Black Velvet en la final y Maian no #EuroTEN #EestiLaul
Estonia: Most of our performances have been in black & white or muted tones. Ukraine: Nope. #Vidbir2022 #EestiLaul
Pues Black Velvet yo es que les veo mas opciones de lo que la gente se piensa... No creo que gane pero colarse en una Super final? #eestilaul2022
Pues mi ranking del #EestiLaul seria algo asi 1. Stefan 2. Jaagup Tuisk 3. Minimal Wind 4. Andrei & Grete 5. Ott Lepland 6. Sahlene 7. Elina Nechayeva 8. Black Velvet 9. Stig Raesta 10. Elysa
#EuroTen #EestiLaul2022 @AbelArana Estos son los Arvingarna estonios, salvando las distancias. Sandraaaaaa, Eeeeeloooooise.
Black velvet went to postage tape very quick #EestiLaul
Y la ultima cancion de la final la interpreta el grupo Black Velvet, con la cancion : Sandra #EestiLaul2022
Sandra #EestiLaul2022 #EuroTEN
black velvet piinlik saata.... mingid keskeas mehed riides nagu tiinekad ja veel hullem... pea laulja riides nagu kristjain joekalda #eestilaul
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