Status: Winner
Artist: REDDI
Song: The Show
Started: Final
Finished: Final
The show is the most competitive option for Denmark in Eurovision. Such a strong tune, specially live!! That build-up from a delicate ballad to that punk-rock empowering hook is so good!! They gotta win!! #DMGP
omg the SHOW was amazing live???? winner vibes? like ACTUALLY winner vibes! #dmgp2022
Denmark Great to see so many positive reactions coming in for Reddi! Looks like it was a popular choice for Denmark! #DMGP #DMGP2022
Reddi winning DMGP wow, I did not expect that but I LOVE it #dmgp2022
I quite enjoyed REDDI's performance! I'd be happy if it won #DMGP2022
LETS GO THE SHOW!!!!!!!! This shall be the winner!! Freaking love this song. Gonna Vote for this. Vote for this Denmark! Denmark #Eurovision #DMGP
Reddi had the best staging if the night and rightfully won #dmgp2022
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision Very beautiful start for the show. The lyrics are probably very important part of this song and unfortunately I don't understand Danish. However, you really could feel the emotion on his vocals. And the sea of lights is always impressive!
OK, Reddi has won me over with her two-part empowerment song; mature sadness into rock uplift #dmgp2022
Reddi has one of the better songs tonight. I'd be okay if it wins. #DMGP Denmark
Enjoying The Show. They look like they're having a blast. Love when the energy sped up! #dmgp2022
Actually Reddi are pretty good, wouldn't mind if they ended up winning! #dmgp2022
VOTE REDDI #dmgp 777: divine guidance, getting rewards for for effort
"The show" is the only memorable song in #dmgp . Denmark please don't fuck this up
Okay, den her sang er faktisk virkelig awesome OG memorable. Finally! #DMGP2022 #ReDDi
This was my 2nd before the show but I think they are my winners now, honestly I don't see anything better here. #dmgp2022
Reddi should win #dmgp EVERYONE VOTE REDDIT PLEASE
Yes, now that Denmark is literally COVID-restrictions-free, it's great to see a packed Boxen. Wow. Feels like a million years ago when they had the show at CPH's Royal Arena only to decide on an empty show at the last minute... #dmgp2022
Now we are really REDDI!!! Good luck/Tillykke Denmark! #dmgp2022
Gosh i hope Reddi wins #dmgp
Denmark Denmark: Reddi wins Melodi Grand Prix 2022 #DRGrandPrix #dmgp #ESC2022 #TheSoundOfBeauty
As expected, this song just doesn't work live Don't care tho, I still love this studio version! And it just opens the door for Reddi to win it all! #dmgp2022
I feel so bad for not giving with The Show because it's the absolute pinnacle of songs I should like, but something just isn't there for me #DMGP2022
Nice staging but I don't get the hype for The Show. #DMGP2022
Reddi have won the Danish national final, 'Dansk Melodi Grand Prix' 2022, with their song 'The Show'. The band get the opportunity to go to Turin as Denmark's Eurovision 2022 representative! #dmgp2022
Reddi won and the rest of the world wasn't able to watch and celebrate along with them. Think about that. Think about that real hard, DR. #DMGP2022
The stream died but Reddi won!! Thank goodness!! #DMGP2022
BREAKING Denmark : Denmark have decided! The winner of #DMGP2022 & the Danish song for #ESC2022 is 'The Show' by Reddi Are you happy with the result? : Agnete Schlichtkrull #Eurovision
YOU HAVE 1 JOB DENMARK LET'S GET REDDI!!! This is awesome! #dmgp2022
I'm so nervous Reddi please win #dmgp
Denmark Song 7 is "The Show" by Reddi. This girl group were 2nd in the betting odds leading into tonight's show. Could they scoop the big prize? #DMGP #DMGP2022
We have a winner. Ohne Kobkurrenz. #dmgp2022 #theshow #reddi
The Show better win or I'll riot #dmgp2022
If anyone watched and loved Uncle, the Nick Helm sitcom, The Show sounds just like Last Place Hero. I am aware this is frightfully niche. #DMGP2022
Reddi makes my gay heart happy #dmgp
Reddi winning would be my 13th reason #DMGP2022
oh cool reddi won in denmark #dmgp2022
Denmark REDDI have won #DanskMelodiGrandPrix 2022 with the song "The Show"! They will represent Denmark at #Eurovision after receiving 37% of the vote. Check out our article for the full results from tonight's show. #Eurovision2022 #DMGP #DMGP22
My stream crashed right before the results were announced, but i'm really happy Reddi won!!!! :) #dmgp2022
OK but the chorus in The Show by Reddi sounds like "never enough" from The Greatest Showman #DMGP2022
Reddi is my new winner now I guess #DMGP2022
Reddi, this was a pretty decent song. I liked it! #DMGP
THE SHOW WON!!!!!!! YES! We sending the The Show to Italy! #Eurovision #DMGP
Yes denmark you did it reddi is representing drnmark at eurovision good choice #dmgp2022
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision We are live! Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning finally has audience. Opening the show are of course last year's winner Fyr og Flamme!
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