Patrick Dorgan

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Patrick Dorgan
Song: Vinden Suser Ind
Started: Final
Finished: Final
They might not have the best selection musically-wise. But #DMGP is such a top-production and I appreciate the Live Music so damn much. The songs quality is so raised by the orchestra. Although this Vinden suser ind doesn't have much to do tonight
Patrick Dorgan starts off the competition tonight with 'Vinden suser ind', it's a nice ballad with nice delivery Love ~ Kyriakos #dmgp2022
i absolutely adore vinden suser ind Love #dmgp
Bit of a yawn but a convincing performance nonetheless. Vinden suser ind sounds nice. Love that lighting and stage effects #dmgp2022
I really enjoy Patrick Dorgan's song It's really beautiful #DMGP2022
01. Patrick Dorgan sings this really well and it has some sort of suggestive quality to it, an unusual ballad. A pleasant opener. #dmgp2022
Interesting song to open the final I do actually quite like this plus Patrick is #dmgp2022
Vinden suser ind is lovely #dmgp2022 #dmgp22
Incredible voice from Patrick Dorgan there, damn (but no, thanks) #dmgp2022
Denmark Our first song tonight is Vinden Suser Ind by Patrick Dorgan. Patrick is a big star in Denmark, but this is the first song he has sung in Danish! #DMGP2022 #DMGP
#dmgp2022 #dmgp I don't know what Patrick Dorgan said but it sounded so beautifully sad
Patrick is my 3rd ! I like his song ! #DMGP2022
- Patrick Dorgan er ogsa god pa dansk, men synes det bliver lidt for simpelt og kedeligt... #drgrandprix #escdk #sang1
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision Our first artist for the night is Patrick Dorgan. Five of tonight's songs are in Danish and here's the first one. It's called "Vinden suser ind" - the wind is blowing in.
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