Status: Eliminated
Artist: Juncker
Song: Kommet For At Blive
Started: Final
Finished: Final
I want good things for Juncker, but this song goes nowhere fast. Idk about its chances if it makes it to Turin. #dmgp2022
Kommet for at Blive is yet another non-competitive song that is yet so qualitative and timeless. Also such a grower. I like this more every time I listen to it #DMGP
Denmark Our final song is from Juncker and it's "Kommet For Al Bline" (Come to Stay). Juncker, which used to be a duo, had their musical breakthrough into the Danish music scene back in 2004! #DMGP #DMGP2022
Juncker's song is nice but that's it. #DMGP2022
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision Juncker is probably the most experienced artist from this year's DMGP and it shows. He performs his song well and I can totally see this playing on radio. Not sure about its chances at Eurovision though ..
Hvis du vil stemme pa 'Kommet for at blive' med Juncker skal du blot sms'e jeg har brug for hjaelp til dine naermeste. #drgrandprix #dmgp #dmgp2022
'Kommet for at blive' gjalder Juncker. Farvel, du! #dmgp #drgrandprix
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision Here comes the last song! Juncker will sing "Kommet for at blive" - come to stay.
08. Juncker used to be a duo but has been reduced with a dramatic 50% of its members. Not sure this song is my cup of tea, but it does have musical merit. #dmgp2022
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