Fuld Effekt

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Fuld Effekt
Song: Rave Med De Harde Drenge
Started: Final
Finished: Final
Denmark God morgen! Ahead of #DMGP tonight, we have our top 8 rankings. Congratulations to @fuldeffekt for being our unanimous winner - we wish you all the best of luck! Whose list speaks to you the most - @laurovision's or @birdy87's?
So energic and great performance from Fuld Effekt. They are my fav and I hope they will win. Denmark Love #dmgp #dmgp2022
The Denmark #DMGP2022 is staged wonderfully. It has this cosy feel, while at the same time being 200% modern. Perhaps the live band adds to that as well. #FuldEffekt will win though, and will stand out in Turin. TOP 5 candidate (especially with-voters). #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision
Rave med de harde drenge will be my second place overall if it wins (also my mum loves it) sa Denmark please don't disappoint my mother #dmgp
Fuld Effekt were great idc what anyone says, it's fun, different and UPBEAT exactly what we need this year when i look at the entries we have so far #DMGP
OMG I was totally rooting for Fuld Effekt but I actually didn't expect them to have any chances lol. I'm happy to be wrong. #DMGP2022
Oh it's these two I liked most on first listen #dmgp2022 Good luck topping Fuld Effekt tho
Rave med de harde drenge is the best song in #DMGP!!! Please Denmark do your thing and let them win!! We desperately need some TECHNO in Eurovision!! Also, the Live Orchestra playing Techno live!?!? Not even Sanremo has done that!!!
Quick thread for tonight's shows Denmark : Danish press have said Fuld Effekt clearly the best rehearsal. Should be able to win in a 3 way superfinal Back Fuld Effekt @ 4 (Betway) #dmgp2022
I would love to see Fuld Effekt win, but Denmark gotta Denmark I guess #DMGP2022
Fuld Effekt is so fun !!!!! Great job ! #DMGP2022
Genuinely, without a hint of irony, hoping that Rave med de harde drenge somehow wins it tonight. The least Danish thing ever to enter #DMGP2022 #DMGP
IM LOVING FULD EFFEKT OMG so much energy and CERTAIN qualifiers #DMGP2022
Fuld effekt FTW Denmark, you've got 1 job! Thanks #DMGP #dmgp2022
Fuld effect for the win even just because of the energy #dmgp2022
Okay so it obviously has to be Fuld Effekt that Denmark sends to Turin - even if it doesn't win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix I'm definitely streaming it on Spotify #dmgp #dmgp2022 #Eurovision Denmark
Okay so it obviously has to be Fuld Effekt that Denmark sends to Turin - even if it doesn't win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix I'm adding this on Spotify #dmgp #dmgp2022 Denmark
"We needed to try what it would sound like so we just did it and it slapped" Denmark If they win #DMGP tonight, Fuld Effekt would sing Rave med de harde drenge in English at #Eurovision
I'm excited that the crowd are obvs having this as a fave, Fuld Effekt at Eurovision would just be everything #DMGP2022
Admit it, Fuld Effekt was fun, you all liked it #DMGP2022
My winners for tonight: #dmgp : Fuld Effekt Denmark #CestVousQuiDecidez : SOA France #SelectiaNationala : Alex Parker & Bastien Romania #PesmaZaEvroviziju : Zorja Serbia
Of course Denmark has done a Denmark, Fuld Effekt may not have been a winner but lordy it was going to do something more than any of the others #dmgp2022
if fuld effekt don't win i quit life #dmgp2022
Fuld Effekt are so damn fun the audience ate that #DMGP2022
I don't know how I feel about Fuld Effekt, like it's so much fun but it sounds quite repetitive #DMGP2022
Fuld Effekt for the win #DMGP
Would love to see fuld effekt on ESC ngl, this slaps #dmgp2022
Fuld Effekt are clearly the best choice pls Denmark #DMGP
Denmark #DMGP2022 #Eurovision Fourth song is called "Rave med de harde drenge" - rave with the tough boys. In the interview with @EuroTripPodcast Fuld Effekt said they will change the song to English in case they win tonight.
Fuld Effekt *need* to be good, I've become too attached to this song #dmgp2022
Fuld Effekt or Cof3ssions for Eurovision would be lovely. #DMGP2022
Make Denmark great again send Fuld Effekt #DMGP
Ok fuld effekt won #dmgp2022 #dmgp Denmark
Me and my mum LOVED Fuld Effekt #dmgp
Best deployment of a scissor lift in 2022 goes to...Fuld Effekt. #DMGP
Fuld Effekt won in denmark and they are fixing the results as we speak!! #DMGP2022
04. Fuld Effekt. I officially love this. Denmark, I love you but please break character and go for this. #dmgp2022
Conf3ssion and Fuld Effekt got the biggest applause BY FAR! So it's probably gonna be a two horse race between them #dmgp #Eurovision
Well after all the songs COME ON FULD EFFEKT !!! #DMGP2022
Fuld Effekt tiene que ir a Turin por favor #DMGP
WOW indeed!! Fuld Effekt in the house!!! #DMGP #dmgp2022
Fuld Effekt es todo lo que esta bien y mal jajajajaja #dmgp2022 #Eurovision
Fuld efekt a Turin por favor!!! Necesitamos un poquito de marcha para el cuerpo! visto el nivel, lo tienen facil #dmgp2022
Denmark That performance was wild Fuld Effekt would let Denmark show some musical originality in #Eurovision for the first time in years. Do the right thing #DMGP
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