Stef Reid

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Andy Buchanan
Started: Week 1
Finished: Torvill & Dean Week
Twitter: @RunJumpStefReid
Instagram: @runjumpstefreid
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV A gorgeous Mack and Mabel inspired routine from Stef and Andy. The attention to detail in this routine is beautiful such breathtaking lifts and a very well executed routine. Well done Stef I loved it My Score 9.5
I give Stef and Andy 9.0 out of 10.0 This was incredible! As always, such a solid routine, Stef. I adored the choreography and your skating is excellent, apart from some of the tiny details now with solo skating and cleaner skating. Well done #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
Kye & Tippy are a great couple and performed superbly tonight. Again! Stef has been incredible along with the brilliant Andy. What a show #DancingOnIce
Stef & Andi This was awesome! And, it's was I've wanted Stef to do. A routine that flowed, and had character. A few eyeline issues at times and a lot of partner skating. But it had a Charleston feel to it which I loved, and the train step was brill Score: 9.0 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV After a great routine last week this week Stef and Andy are dancing the famous Mack and Mable routine. Good luck Stef.
#DancingOnIce. Kye & Tippy and Stef and Andy in the skate off. I love Stef but this wasn't her strongest week. Kye deserves to stay in the competition. But both skaters are fantastic!!!!!
#dancingonice I loved that from @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV . It was brilliant Mack & Mabel isn't a easy routine but Stef & Andy nailed it.
Stef is so beautiful and graceful, i absolutely love that routine. #dancingonice
I do admire @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV so much but didn't think that song choice was great, good skate though #DancingOnIce
Absolutely love stef and andy,shes incredible! #dancingonice
wish there was 6 free votes then i could of given my top 3 2 each but brendan 1 vote and kimberley and Reagan 2 votes each. think steph might be in skate off. everyone was so good. #dancingonice
#dancingonice they are all so good now. Stef is incredible.
Steph & Andy Mack & Mabel I feel she is so underrated and doesn't always get the scores she deserves. But they had a good stab at this and I genuinely got emotional as the music played. This is the best week for ages and #TorvillandDean week must stay! #dancingonice @dancingonice
#Stef absolutely smashed that performance!! There was so much in that & the train part was perfect & the beginning part was awesome too! I would have given her a 10! #DancingOnIce
Stef...9.5. beautiful routine, got the train bit right! loved it #dancingonice
Wow Stef 9.5 loved that #dancingonice
Nothing poor Kye does is ever enough. It's becoming a joke, I bet people are voting but someone is fiddling those votes I don't even care. Stef did an outstanding performance yet the poor woman is in the bottom 2? #dancingonice
It's week 8 on #DancingOnIce & it's @torvillanddean week. Wishing the best of luck to @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV @KimberlyKWyatt @Mark_Hanretty @TheVampsCon @AlexandraLukasz @BrendanCole @KyeWhyte @regangascoigne see you tonight at 18:30pm on @Itv
Loved that Mack & Mable performance from @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV on @dancingonice More fab costumes from @t_hewlett @VickyGillDesign & team #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. The 7th couple to leave DOI 2022 is @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV I'm so sad as she was a wonderful skater.She delivered so much promise to every routine every single week. What an inspiration and ray of sunshine Stef is You've had a wonderful competition
Hope Stef doesn't go, she's a winner #DOI #DancingOnIce
Well done Stef and Andy that was another great routine like last week and I'll give you a 9.5 like Ashley and Oti! :) Love #DancingOnIce
they're both so good but kye has been in the skate off so many times already and stef is amazing considering she's skating on a prosthetic leg that doesn't feel pressure or flex like a real foot does #dancingonice
I say again @RunJumpStefReid is fearless, there's noone in the world I would trust to lift me upside down over a blade and some ice I love how she performs with her face and whole body too @AndyBuchananTV @dancingonice #DOI
Well that's a shock but pleased Kye is staying . Feel for Stef though she's been amazing #dancingonice
Thanks judges, correct decision tonight. But Stef has been fantastic and I'm sad to see her go. #DancingOnIce
Every week I watch with admiration Stef. I am disabled but watching Stef every week gives me more hope for myself to try myself. She is an absolute dynamite. Love you Stef.... #dancingonice
Stef is so inspiring and she's improved so much #dancingonice #DOI
Kye has been in like 50 skate offs lol, but in my opinion he was much better than Stef tonight in that skate off. #DancingOnIce
I've a strong feeling Kye and Steph in bottom 2. I like steph though so I hope not #dancingonice
Doesn't seem fair that Kye can perfect a routine about 6 times and Stef goes on the first time she performs her skate off routine #dancingonice
Oh look what a surprise Kye got voted to stay. Can guarantee if it wasn't stef in the skate off kye wouldn't have been saved #DancingOnIce
Absolutely gutted for @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV my favourite of the season!! You have been amazing!!! #doi
Prediction for this week's skate-off: Kye & Tippy Stef & Andy With Kye & Tippy to go, given it would be their 4th time in the bottom 2 unfortunately The other 4 (Brendan, Kimberley, Regan & Connor) are absolutely incredible seriously #DancingOnIce
Prediction... Winner - Brendan/Kimberley Runner Up - Regan 3rd - Connor 4th - Stef 5th - Kyle #DancingOnIce
Stef & Andy Just amazing, yet again #DancingOnIce
Stef really is brilliant #DancingOnIce
Brilliant Stef #dancingonice
Another terrific skate by @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV #dancingonice
#DOI- c'mon Stef and Andy - you deserve to get through to the semi finals, your routine was stunning - you've always been under-marked by the judges
Stef is absolutely brilliant #dancingonice
#dancingonice Stef and Andy's routine was pretty solid, I do think Stef is a wildcard to be a finalist.
Stef was good tonight. But i did perfer the one last week better unfortunately. #dancingonice
Stef is just amazing!! #DancingOnIce
A beautiful Micheal Bolton routine from Stef and Andy #DancingOnIce
Stef is getting better and better every single week she is such a inspiration #DancingOnIce @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV
I think that Stef is amazing #DancingOnIce
Seriously, rate Stef v Kimberley & I'll say Stef wins it all the time. #DancingOnIce
Stef is amazing but Kye's skate edged it #DancingOnIce
Gutted for Stef. She has been incredible #dancingonice
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