Stef Reid

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Andy Buchanan
Started: Week 1
Finished: Torvill & Dean Week
Twitter: @RunJumpStefReid
Instagram: @runjumpstefreid
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV A gorgeous Mack and Mabel inspired routine from Stef and Andy. The attention to detail in this routine is beautiful such breathtaking lifts and a very well executed routine. Well done Stef I loved it My Score 9.5
I give Stef and Andy 9.0 out of 10.0 This was incredible! As always, such a solid routine, Stef. I adored the choreography and your skating is excellent, apart from some of the tiny details now with solo skating and cleaner skating. Well done #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
Well done Stef and Andy that was another great routine like last week and I'll give you a 9.5 like Ashley and Oti! :) Love #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice I loved that from @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV . It was brilliant Mack & Mabel isn't a easy routine but Stef & Andy nailed it.
Stef & Andi This was awesome! And, it's was I've wanted Stef to do. A routine that flowed, and had character. A few eyeline issues at times and a lot of partner skating. But it had a Charleston feel to it which I loved, and the train step was brill Score: 9.0 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV After a great routine last week this week Stef and Andy are dancing the famous Mack and Mable routine. Good luck Stef.
Stef is so beautiful and graceful, i absolutely love that routine. #dancingonice
I do admire @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV so much but didn't think that song choice was great, good skate though #DancingOnIce
Absolutely love stef and andy,shes incredible! #dancingonice
Every week I watch with admiration Stef. I am disabled but watching Stef every week gives me more hope for myself to try myself. She is an absolute dynamite. Love you Stef.... #dancingonice
#dancingonice they are all so good now. Stef is incredible.
I'm liking Stef a lot... Never disappointed with her skate, and a very beautiful person inside and out.... nothing to dislike here!! #DancingOnIce
Steph & Andy Mack & Mabel I feel she is so underrated and doesn't always get the scores she deserves. But they had a good stab at this and I genuinely got emotional as the music played. This is the best week for ages and #TorvillandDean week must stay! #dancingonice @dancingonice
#Stef absolutely smashed that performance!! There was so much in that & the train part was perfect & the beginning part was awesome too! I would have given her a 10! #DancingOnIce
Well done Stef a great dancer #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. The 7th couple to leave DOI 2022 is @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV I'm so sad as she was a wonderful skater.She delivered so much promise to every routine every single week. What an inspiration and ray of sunshine Stef is You've had a wonderful competition
Stef...9.5. beautiful routine, got the train bit right! loved it #dancingonice
#DOI- c'mon Stef and Andy - you deserve to get through to the semi finals, your routine was stunning - you've always been under-marked by the judges
Loved that Mack & Mable performance from @RunJumpStefReid & @AndyBuchananTV on @dancingonice More fab costumes from @t_hewlett @VickyGillDesign & team #DancingOnIce
Hope Stef doesn't go, she's a winner #DOI #DancingOnIce
I say again @RunJumpStefReid is fearless, there's noone in the world I would trust to lift me upside down over a blade and some ice I love how she performs with her face and whole body too @AndyBuchananTV @dancingonice #DOI
Oh no! Gutted I loved Stef and Andy's routines #DancingOnIce
Thanks judges, correct decision tonight. But Stef has been fantastic and I'm sad to see her go. #DancingOnIce
Wow Stef 9.5 loved that #dancingonice
Stef is so inspiring and she's improved so much #dancingonice #DOI
Absolutely gutted for @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV my favourite of the season!! You have been amazing!!! #doi
Stef well done #dancingonice
She did the train, well done Steph. #DancingOnIce
Stef & Andy Just amazing, yet again #DancingOnIce
Stef really is brilliant #DancingOnIce
Brilliant Stef #dancingonice
Another terrific skate by @RunJumpStefReid and @AndyBuchananTV #dancingonice
Stef is absolutely brilliant #dancingonice
#dancingonice Stef and Andy's routine was pretty solid, I do think Stef is a wildcard to be a finalist.
Stef was good tonight. But i did perfer the one last week better unfortunately. #dancingonice
Stef is just amazing!! #DancingOnIce
A beautiful Micheal Bolton routine from Stef and Andy #DancingOnIce
Stef is getting better and better every single week she is such a inspiration #DancingOnIce @RunJumpStefReid @AndyBuchananTV
I think that Stef is amazing #DancingOnIce
Gutted for Stef. She has been incredible #dancingonice
Aww not Steph she was really good. #DancingOnIce
Oh Stef I have loved her and Andy SO much #DancingOnIce
Results really annoyed me tonight. Both are really brilliant but Stef and Andy were SO MUCH better in the Skate Off. Judges are just picking favourites rather than basing the results off of the skating , ridiculous !!! #DancingOnIce #DOI #stefandandy #torvilanddean
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