Sally Dynevor

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Matt Evers
Started: Week 1
Finished: Props Week
Twitter: @sallydynevor
Instagram: @sallydynevor
I give Sally and Matt 6.0 out of 10.0. This is probably going to be the most *fun* performance of the night. It gave me a good laugh and made me smile, even though there was next to no skating (but some great dancing!) Well done, Sal Love #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
It was a good effort from Sally and Matt it's a 6.5 from me but at least you're still smiling Sally well done anyway and all the best with the results later. It was good to see Antony on the ice again after four years he was great back then :) X Love #DancingOnIce
so, so gutted to see sally go. it's been such a pleasure watching her outside of her #corrie role, she's brought such a beautiful energy to the show and is such an incredible soul, i hope she's immensely proud of herself. she's an absolute ICON #dancingonice
aww well done Sally you were brilliant and you are improving and enjoying yourself each week so lovely to see anthony as well #DancingOnIce
Good effort from Sally and Matt it's a 6.5 from but at least you're still smiling Sally and it was good to have Antony back on the ice he was great in 2018 with his partner Brandee :) Love #DancingOnIce
Loving #dancingonice @dancingonice @Schofe @hollywills @torvillanddean @AshleyBanjo @sallydynevor @mattevers well done on the jumps & solo skating! Can you just adopt me right now please? So lovey cuddling the little ones at the end id love it if you were my mum!
#DancingOnIce. So @sallydynevor and @TheMattEvers are the 5th couple to leave DOI 2022. It was the correct time for her to go. Sally should be so proud of herself though. She is such a ray of sunshine and always put her best foot forward every single week. Well done Sally .
Who'd have thought it? A chair that can ice dance. And it had a prop too, called Sally. So clever Antony was brilliant, fabulous on ice still #DancingOnIce #DOI
#dancingonice I just adore @sallydynevor - that smile could light up the United Kingdom national grid! And @TheMattEvers you're a doll, you take such great care of her! That performance brought tears
well done @sallydynevor you were phenomenal #DancingonIce
Well done Sally & @TheMattEvers on that performance on @dancingonice What happened to the solo skate we saw on social media earlier this week? Loved the hair like that Sally, should definitely keep it. Score - 25,5/40 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3: @sallydynevor & @TheMattEvers After being in the skate off last weekend; this week Sally will be skating with a chair with a special appearance from Antony Cotton. Good luck Sally!!!
Well done Sally Nice routine! #dancingonice
Cameo from Anthony Cotton gives the score of 25.5 for Sally & Matt was there improvement? She can definitely act the performance and looks like she is enjoying herself. Will the votes fall in her favour? #dancingonice
Well done Sally you've had a good inning !!#dancingonice
sally had so much fun Love 10/10 #DancingOnIce
no sally looks so good and that was the most confident i've seen her skate yet everyone vote for her pleeeease #dancingonice
Story was brill but Sally where was the skating was hoping for more. #DOI
Well done to Sally for giving it a good go! All people moaning if you want to watch established skaters watch the Olympics #dancingonice
#Sally had good use of the prop but I would have preferred to have seen more skating! Was nice having #AntonyCotton back on the ice though! #DancingOnIce
I love Sally so much she is such a lovely lady #DancingOnIce
Sally is such a great actress and loved the hair! If only she could just do more actual skating #DancingOnIce
Holly: 'You always tell a story so beautifully' WELL ERM SALLY IS AN ACTRESS LOL #DancingOnIce
sally should be SO proud of herself. she did so well to get as far as she did + seeing her confidence grow week on week has been very special. it won't be the same without her! #dancingonice
The fact that I've scored 6 of tonight's couples a 9.0 or above tonight just shows how much the standard is rising and how much everyone is improving. If Sally leaves tonight then I honestly don't know who'll go home next week. Everyone is so good. #DancingOnIce
That's the best Sally has been carried so she's getting better. #DancingOnIce
Everyone vote for Sally tonight, She is the only one left who is not a natural skater and trying her best, the competition is boring when it is just trained dancers and good skaters #votesally #dancingonice
#dancingonice I hope @dancingonice @itv let Sally close the show for once, I think this could be her breakthrough performance! Skating on her own
#dancingonice let's hope Corrie fans don't keep Sally in. Enough is enough now. Week 7 and still no skating alone. The chair was amazing though.
Awww I love sally bless her #dancingonice
in love with sally and matt's friendship #DancingOnIce
Sally's hair looks cute lol #DancingOnIce
You can see how much Sally enjoyed herself. Her joy is infectious #dancingonice
Sally @sallydynevor I feel the other people on ice took the attention away from sally. Good performance but I feel it was distracting. But sally was great #DancingOnIce
I am excited for Sally's performance tonight! She is definitely getting better #DancingOnIce
Bless her! That's the best Sally has skated #DancingOnIce
If it on the skate of Sally should stay, it was beautiful to watch. #dancingonice
C'mon Oti, Sally skated way more than that! just kidding that was amazing! #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3: Sally & Matt: A good routine from Sally and Matt however again I feel like she was assisted again way too much. The chair was moving way more then she was. Some good lifts but Sally wasn't really doing a lot of skating. My Score 4.5
Well we all guessed what Sally's prop would be - The Chair and to be fair it worked well . I mean it glided along the ice nicely ...The chair I mean not Sally as she spent most of her time on it or being glued to Matt ! #DancingOnIce
Sally is lovely but moves with grace of a skating sofa! #dancingonice
WELL DONE Sally. You did 2 steps and went back on the chair. #dancingonice
Even Sally knows her time is up. Good effort though. #DancingonIce
Doesn't @sallydynevor just seem like the sweetest human? #DancingOnIce #Corrie
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