Regan Gascoigne

Status: Winner
Professional: Karina Mantra
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @regangascoigne
Instagram: @regangascoigne
Wow wow wow yesss I'm so so happy and proud of you Regan!!! The journey you have been on is truly special! The transformation week on week and your improvements makes me so proud! Karina has been the most amazing coach too ahhhh I'm buzzing Love #DancingOnIce
WOW REGAN!! THAT WAS FANTASTIC!! He was perfectly in time with the pros throughout, his characterization was SPOT ON and his skating was really strong!! Plus I loved the same sex skating during the routine!! 10 FROM ME!! Love Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Regan and Karina to win. He's great, likeable, humble, talented, charismatic and they have a lovely partnership/friendship . Overall they are more all rounders than the other two partnerships even if the other two celebs have more advantage!
I honestly dont care who wins anymore. They're both amazing. I find @regangascoigne more humble and relatable as he shows emotion... but @BrendanCole is so strong and confident in all he does. So yeah, I'm okay with it either way! #DancingOnIce
Regan had a charm and grace that is lovely and he really *cares* as shown by the Barnum routine that I can't wait to see again. His bolero will surely be amazing. Really really really hope he wins! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce SO SO SO DESERVED, he's such a beautiful soul and an amazing performer. My winner from day one!! Congratulations @regangascoigne Love Love
Well done again Regan and Karina that was a great fun routine I enjoyed it earlier in the series and tonight I enjoyed it again! It's another 10 from me and good luck let's hope you might do the Bolero I think to me you're my winners :) Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 1 @regangascoigne & Karina D1: SHOWCASE: A fantastic showcase routine from Regan and Karina. The musicality and Choreography was sensational. That routine was full of energy loved the west end feel and some great lifts well done guys My Score: 10!!!!
Regan truly deserved this win with Karina. He's not only been a fast, dedicated learner...he's been genuine and so humble. I'm so happy for him. A joy to watch #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 2: @regangascoigne & Karina: Dance of the series: Another fantastic routine from Regan and Karina. It was brilliant the first time around and even better the second time around. Some great lifts and speed across the ice. I LOVED the character. Score: 10
Regan was not my first choice to win but i'm glad Brendan didn't win at least Regan seems like a nice humble guy also Him and Karina winning Bi Representation #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce wow both amazing Regan deserves to win the Brendan & Vanessa Bolero routine the best I've seen. Both winners
And the winner is....REGAN GASCOIGNE Congratulations and well done to both him and Karina, so well deserved. Such a talented and lovely young man. So happy for them. Go Regan, you did it. #DancingOnIce #dancingonice #regangascoigne
#DancingOnIce wow both amazing! Regan deserves to win then Brendan & Vanessa Bolero routine the best I've seen. Both winners
YAYYYY REGAN!!! My winner since the start, so so happy for him bless his heart Love #DancingOnIce
Okay, my second fave (after @TheVampsCon) has won so I'm happy... love to see real emotion and that near fall was also hilarious after the season we just had well done @regangascoigne #DancingOnIce
WOW!!!!! What an incredible Bolero from Regan and Karina absolutely breathtaking #DancingOnIce 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope Regan and Marina win #DancingOnIce tonight Love What a way to start the final by this incredible performance
I really hope Regan and Karina win #DancingOnIce tonight Love What a way to start the final by this incredible performance
BEAUTIFUL performance Regan!! Perfect interpretation of bolero!! He has all my votes!! REGAN TO WIN!! Love Love #DancingOnIce
Oooooh Brendan could give Regan a run for his money here, that bolero was STUNNING!! Love But Regan's was too and overall tonight he's been more polished. Plus Brendan had that stumble. So Regan is still my winner. But I'll honestly be happy eithet way. #DancingOnIce
Great opening performance by this year's finalists and all the professionals well done to you all and the very best of luck to Regan, Kimberly and Brendan :) Love #DancingOnIce
I give Regan and Karina 10.0 out of 10.0! I adored this routine - thank you! Just incredible. Not much more can be said. Wonderful! #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
Wowww what a fantastic 2nd performance by Regan and Karina PLEASE VOTE THEM TO WIN #DancingOnIce
Wow wow wow Regan was amazing, hope he wins @regangascoigne #DancingOnIce
What a wonderful #dancingonice final this is! I'm smiling, whilst sobbing. The performances are all so beautiful. Now its time for the result. I really want Regan to win, but Brenda's Bolero might have just taken him into the lead. #DancingOnIce
Wow that was good but I just can't warm to Brendan. Still want Regan to win #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce WOW!! That was incredible. Regan and Karina to win .
In the words of my mother in law, thank goodness for that! Regan 100% deserves it he has been incredible and could very easily become pro he's that good as was kimberley #DancingOnIce
Regan, a deserving winner and a fantastic and an equally amazing co-finalist in Brendan Cole. #DancingOnIce
YES REGAN!! I'VE WANTED THIS RESULT FROM THE EARLY WEEKS OF THE COMPETITION!! He's a special person, so kind and humble. And he SMASHED it tonight!! SO HAPPY!! Love Love #DancingOnIce
Yesss so happy Regan and Karina are in the top two! They get the chance to perform the famous Bolero dance too ahhh they deserve it so much Love Love Love Love PLEASE VOTE REGAN #DancingOnIce
Such a strong and amazing final 3 this year huge well done to Regan, Kimberly and Brendan it's been such a great final tonight and such a great series as well and a huge well done to @dancingonice too :) Love #DancingOnIce
Proper gutted for @Mark_Hanretty - I want Regan to win but Mark is such a beautiful kind soul and a fabulous choreographer #DancingOnIce
Massive huge well done to @regangascoigne and @KarinaMantras you both 1000000% deserved to win dancing on ice. Both of your skating was flawless Love Love #DancingOnIce #winner #Dancing
#DancingOnIce Two fabulous routines by Regan & Karina, they have been absolutely incredible & a joy to watch
Regan deserved it so much. He is probably the most grateful for the experience. Hope it brings him success! & first time winner, Karina! #DOI
What an original interpretation of Bolero by @BrendanCole and Vanessa. Utterly brilliant. Regan's skate was great too but was too much of an out and out copy for me. Fantastic evening of skating though by everyone. #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Both routines have been brilliant so far tonight but Regan's routine clinches it for me . One of the best skates of the series it was incredible!!!
Oh wow Regan!! INCREDIBLE AGAIN!! If he doesn't win tonight then I'll have lost all faith in the British public because he's the only one tonight who's deserved those 40s!! #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice Regan and Karina nailed it! Marvelous performance! Thank you for this memorable skate! No words. Simply outstanding!
Definitely wanted Regan to win from the first show (though i haven't watched them all ) He is fantastic. However, Brendans Bolero was absolutely stunning! (That ain't purple though ) #dancingonice
Regan to win #DancingOnIce Brendan is brilliant too but bolero by Regan ended together on floor like @torvillanddean so he's my winner.
Watching #DancingOnIce slightly behind real time..just announced the finalists and praying @regangascoigne wins. My favourite since day 1! Love
Brendans bolero was the best ive ever seen. However id love to see Regan win with how genuine he is. Both deserve it #dancingonice
They're all fantastic but for me I'd love @regangascoigne and @KarinaMantras to win #DancingOnIce
Yes!!!! So happy Regan won #DancingOnIce my winner from week 1!! X
REGAN TO WIN !!Love the classic Bolero and loved all his skates tonight !!#DancingOnIce
The thing is...the boys have to skate AND lift the girls whereas Kimberley just has to skate and be lifted. That's why Brendan or Regan should win. Loved both boys so far...awesome stuff. #DancingOnIce
Another huge congratulations to Regan and Karina!!!!! Very well deserved they have been incredible since week 1 and every week they've performed routines worthy of a professional ice dancer. Well done Regan!!!! #DancingOnIce @regangascoigne
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