Kye Whyte

Status: In
Professional: Tippy Packard
Started: Week 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 21.00
Implied Chances: 5%
Twitter: @KyeWhyte
Instagram: @kyewhyte
Well done Kye that was a great routine and song choice I liked the bike at the beginning and a huge welcome to one of our new professionals Tippy! It's a 6.5 from me :) X Love #DancingOnIce
I'm rooting for Kye. He was such a superstar of the Olympics & I hope he has a great run in #DOI #DancingOnIce
My favourite of the night has got to be Kimberly Love . Kye has great potential and Bez #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3: Kye and Tippy. That was a great routine from Kye. Some great tricks I loved how he braught a bike onto the ice. Good speed across the ice . He did really well. Well done Kye. 6 from me.
Love Kye already, going to be good and what a smile. #DancingOnIce
Kye gets the award for the greatest smile on ice #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice want Bez, Sally and Kye to be safe.. Well done. Come on Bez go far or even win for entertainment factor at least.. Look forward to your smile and laugh and going forward #beztowin
Only one person I want to win this series, and that's @TheVampsCon - if that's not possible, I'd be happy for either @Ben_foden or @KyeWhyte to do well. #DancingOnIce
Kye seems a nice lad and at least we know he has tremendous balance #DOI
love kye& tippy! great energy on the ice #DOI
Kye and tippy wow so good #dancingonice
Go Kye! Great first performance! Love that he's such a family guy #DOI
I really liked Kimberley too and did like Ria as well, a great first night I voted twice for Kimberly and once for Sally, Kye and Brendan. #DancingOnIce
Bez did brilliantly at least he tried his best and did a lot more than Kye who literally did nothing and got higher scores #dancingonice
Good job Sally and Matt! Kye and Tippy great start! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce nice one Kye and Tippy better than watching pro dancers compete .
Didn't even know BMX cycling was an Olympic sport. But fair play to to Kye, he looked great and did v well. #DancingOnIce
Kye is good technically. Just needs to enhance the performance side #dancingonice
Kye seems really lovely. I think he could be one of my favourites this series. #DancingOnIce
So far I want Kye to win #DOI
I think Kye's routine deserved more like I loved the energy and the dancing?? #DancingOnIce
Enjoying #dancingonice Hope you voted for @KyeWhyte
Omg I want Kyes shirt Love Love Love #Dancingonice
Oh Wow! Kye rode his bike onto the ice whilst wearing ice skates - Go Kye!!! #DancingOnIce
I fancy kye and his brother Love #dancingonice
Cannot believe this is week 1! Kye is amazing! #DancingOnIce
Well done @KyeWhyte and @TippyPackard great effort #DancingOnIce
Calling it now @KyeWhyte. to win #DancingOnIce
Couple 3: Kye and Tippy. #DancingOnIce. Straight from a BMX olympic medal and onto the ice it's Kye and Tippy
kye seems brilliant omg #DancingOnIce
Kye's clearly not a natural dancer but his skating is good! #DancingOnIce
Brilliant Kye #DancingOnIce
I liked Kye too and am proud of Sally. #DancingOnIce
Go on Kye!! Loved that #DancingOnIce
Kye Done very well.. done a couple of jumps and turns. Good 1st dance #DancingOnIce
The partnership of Kye and Tippy could be the most exciting of the series. #DOI
Keep Whyte deserved much higher scores. Come on judges play fair #dancingonice
KYE UNDERMARKED #dancingonice
#Kye did really well! I feel there was more dancing than ice skating though but I really enjoyed it & he was perfectly on time! #DancingOnIce @dancingonice
I'm here for Chris's mark for Kye he did great #DOI #dancingonice
Great 1st performance from Kye & Tippy on @dancingonice Look forward to seeing how this partnership progresses throughout the coming weeks. #DancingOnIce
Oh hey Kye Love #DancingOnIce
Time to say hello to Kye & Tippy. And whilst I'm at it, a big welcome to Tippy Packard, who joins the show for her first series!!! #DancingOnIce
Kye is one to watch think he is going to be great #DancingOnIce
Ok I really like Kye's shirt! Might need to buy one of those soon with all the sparkles #DancingOnIce
Omg what a way to start the competition! @KyeWhyte and @TippyPackard Best performance so far tonight #DancingOnIce
Kye and Tippy are fucking good, mind #DancingOnIce
I love Kye!!! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce that'll do! Good start Kye!!
Kye looks confident on the ice 5.0 from me #DancingOnIce
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