Kimberly Wyatt

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Mark Hanretty
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @KimberlyKWyatt
Instagram: @kimberlywyatt
#DancingOnIce. Couple 2:- @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty SHOWCASE: Such a beautiful; tender and delicate routine from Kimberly and Mark. Loved the music it was beautiful. Some breathtaking lifts and the spins were beautiful. Well done Kim that was gorgeous My Score 10!!!
Well done again Kimberly and Mark that was another brilliant routine and it's a 10 again from me I enjoyed your tango earlier on in the series and I enjoyed it again tonight good luck and let's hope you might do the Bolero! :) X Love #DancingOnIce
Kimberly & Mark have been outstanding on #DancingOnIce - so many memorable and iconic routines with breathtaking moves and spectacular performances. @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty - take a bow!
Well done Kimberly you have been incredible this series you should be incredibly proud of yourself for coming this far. Keep your head up you're sensational!!!!! #DancingOnIce Shout-out to Mark on choreography this series as well @KimberlyKWyatt @Mark_Hanretty
Kimberly's dancing tonight is absolutely stunning!! What a fantastic routine from a graceful dancer and skater. Incredible. #DancingOnIce #beautiful #kimberly #DancingOnIceFinal
Huge congrats on reaching 3rd place Kimberly and Mark at least you're still smiling Kimberly you have both been amazing since the first week of the competition and you deserve to go out on a high well done! :) X Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 1: @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty Dance of the series: Kimberly and Mark's Tango was brilliant the first time it was sensational the second time around. The shaping and execution was brilliant. Well done Kimberly. Great choreography My Score: 10!!!
#DancingOnIce Wow, what a brilliant, beautiful,emotional performance by @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty Absolutely gorgeous
Heres my take on why Kimberley isnt in the final as it was mentioned that she'd wanted to be a figure skater as a child inferring she had skated then. She should have won - was amazing - so much better than the other 2 finalists Beautiful to wach #DancingOnIce
Kimberly and Mark have been superb! The Tango, she is so expressive, dramatic, stand out by miles ! I hope we see more of Kimberly, a very likable lady, role model, an electric dancer, entertainer! Love her! Every success! Sign her up for dance shows! Go Kimberly! #dancingonice
So happy Kimberly got a beautiful lyrical number for her showcase she's amazing at everything she's done on this show but her emotional and lyrical skates are just something extra special and beautiful #DancingOnIce #DOI
Well done Kimberly and Mark that was such a lovely, beautiful and moving routine and it's a 10 from me :) X Love #DancingOnIce
Mark & Kimberly have been incredible Mark is a superb performer, combined with the talent of Kimberly provided us viewers with great stuff to watch. #DancingOnIce
Glad we see Kimberley's on This Morning, tomorrow. I think it would been amazing. Reagan was good but not sure a winning one #DancingOnIce
Wow @Mark_Hanretty & @KimberlyKWyatt what a brilliantly choreographed routine by Chris & Jayne. Win needs of the most flexible couple already.... 40 scored #DancingOnIce We've loved this pair from the start
#DancingOnIce Loved this routine from @KimberlyKWyatt & her super partner @Mark_Hanretty . I love the Tango/ Argentine Tango it was lovely to see it again. Wishing you all the best tonight, I'm waiting to see your bolero
#DancingOnIce I'm so sorry that @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty didn't get to do bolero. Iv really enjoyed every routine & would love to see Mark win #DOI. You are all winners for me in the final.
2nd dance from @KimberlyKWyatt wow stunning and Mark was excelling .he was so hot to watch test of a great partnership. Love #DancingOnIce
Yep crying at Kimberly Love idk her and Mark are I think my favourite ever partnership on this show, just so stunning #DancingOnIce
Please vote for @Mark_Hanretty and @KimberlyKWyatt to win I've voted 20 times #DancingOnIce #winners
I really want kimberley to win not been a female winner since 2013 and she's the only finalist who isn't a professional dancer #DancingOnIce
Kimberley is the best female skater the show has ever had. I'd love her to win but I know that's not happening. I want her to at least get to do Bolero #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Kimberly has been amazing but I think people have seen how much she is lifted & assisted compared to the boys, three wonderful finalists though
Be nice if for once the winner was chosen on ability and not popularity. Voting open before anyone has skated says it all. Kimberley was easily the best #DancingOnIce
Can't pick a winner, everyone of them deserve to win. Class all round. At a push I'd say Kimberly as I like her style, but it could be anyone. #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice Kimberly doesn't do any actual skating all she does is get lifted and lift her legs in the air, nowhere as brilliant as Reagan wow that was amazing
Well done to Kimberly and Mark, fabulous finalists! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Kimberly has been amazing but I think people can see how much she is lifted & assisted compared to the boys, three wonderful finalists though
This might just be the best @dancingonice final EVER! Soooo good! @KimberlyKWyatt is amazing!! #DancingOnIce #TeamKimberly #DOIFinal
Another great performance from @KimberlyKWyatt & @Mark_Hanretty on @dancingonice & better than the first time they performed it. Getting another 40/40 Well done #DancingOnIce
Come on lets have our first female winner since 2013! Kimberly is the best female scater in a long time! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Kimberly going into this knowing she is like her former Pussycat Dolls band mate, Ashley Roberts, who did SCD that no matter talent/advantages they have there is literally no chance of winning with the GBP. Nice people though.
They're all amazing but I think I want Kimberly and Mark to win #doi #dancingonice #final
Absolutely beautiful from @KimberlyKWyatt and @Mark_Hanretty I have goosebumps and I have tears well done #DancingOnIce
I think they're all great but I kind of wanted Kimberly to win #doi #dancingonice #final
Thank God Kimberly didn't get through. Girl couldn't skate solo! Either of the boys to win, they're both fab! #doi #DancingOnIce
Well done Kimberly you'll always be my winner #DancingOnIce
Wow such a Beautiful elegant skate from Kimberly & Mark #DancingOnIce
They want Kimberley to win. Would be as well giving her the award and slip the rest. #dancingonice
They want Kimberley to win. Would be as well giving her the award and skip the rest. #dancingonice
Anyways Kimberly has been the best contestant since the show has rebooted I don't care if she hasn't done as much solo skating. She's done hard work in hold and lifts plus her performance ability and versatility is spectacular. #DancingOnIce
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