Connor Ball

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Alexandra Schauman
Started: Week 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @TheVampsCon
Instagram: @connorball
Such an amazing skate from @TheVampsCon - well done! So emotional and incredible! Definitely worth 10s Love #DancingOnIce
Such a great routine Connor, Brendan, Kimberly, Kye and Regan you five all did really well and well done Kimberly on receiving five points from Christopher I can't wait to see your routines with your proud partners looking on good luck! :) X Love #DancingOnIce
Connor to win #DancingOnIce @TheVampsCon gets all my votes - amazing message, beautiful skate. Thank you
Beloved Connor, beautiful person, great skate, God Love Him Love Xxxxx #DancingOnIce
So proud of how far you've come Con, incredible! You did amazing xx Love #DancingOnIce #TeamConnor
Gutted for Con but he should be so proud of himself!! It's been a joy watching him skate and seeing his smile every Sunday! He's a winner in my eyes!! Love Love Love #TeamConnor #DancingOnIce
good luck @TheVampsCon!! don't stress too much, have fun!! you're gonna do amazinggggg #teamconnor #dancingonice
I like Connor and Kai but I think I want Kimberly, Brendan and Regan in the final! All 3 of them are professional dancers and are amazing but I think I want Kimberly to win, but they're all worthy winners #doi #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce. Couple 4: @TheVampsCon & @AlexandraLukasz A beautiful routine from Connor and Alexandra. Very emotional and I love the message on Men's mental health Love Love . Beautiful choreography from Alexandra. Well done Connor your best skate to date. My Score 10!!!
That was lovely from Connor - his best skate so far...and miles better than Kimberley. Great song and good for him talking about mental health problems. Well done. #DancingOnIce
That was amazing @TheVampsCon. They song is beautiful and will hit a lot of hearts. Loved it. #DancingOnIce @Schofe @AshleyBanjo @jane
The Solo Skate: Wow. It's great to see them all skate together and see how far they have come. Loved the production and choreography. The celebs floated over the ice. Here's how I'd vote: 1st Regan 2nd Brendan 3rd Kimberly 4th Kye 5th Connor #DancingOnIce
Wow this song has really choked me!! Well done @TheVampsCon for such a meaningful beautiful song Love #DOI #DancingOnIce #BoysWillCry
GOOD LUCK TO @TheVampsCon and @AlexandraLukasz IN THE SEMIS TONIGHT! UR BOTH GONNA DO AMAZING AS ALWAYS !! #teamconnor #dancingonice
Connor & Alexandra Go on Connor! EPIC. To have bravery to lift their partner, after his falls.. hats off to him. Loved the production, and the song. And the jump landed cleanly. Just more expression throughout and momentum in the lifts. Love Score: 9.5 #DancingOnIce
A beautiful Performance from Connor & @AlexandraLukasz on @dancingonice Loved it More great costumes from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & tea, Scoring 38/40 What did you think? #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice didn't need to watch the skate off very obvious who the beyond biased judges would vote for #fixed , won't be watching final , hope Regan wins ! Connor and Kye fabulous ,
Yes congrats Kimberly and Mark! My winner! Also absolutely loved Connor. #DancingOnIce
you're our winner @TheVampsCon we are so proud of you, you've been amazing #teamconnor #dancingonice
Would love someone like Connor or Kye to win Dancing On Ice, they've improved so much since the start of the show and don't have as much dance experience as the others #DancingOnIce
Connor has been fantastic though the whole show! He we went out every week and done his best injuries an all he should be proud of himself #DancingOnIce
Connor and Alexandra won that skate off in my opinion and the song I loved it Love #DancingOnIce
WOW Love Regan and Karina were electric tonight. Really were. Hope you get to the Final. You deserve it. Connor too Love Love Love Love Love #dancingonice
You were amazing @TheVampsCon Love WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce aww connor so proud of him that was so beautifully skated... well deserved scores! Love
I adored Connor's performance. Everything came together and he gets a 10 from me. Best skate Connor has done Love Love Love Love Love #dancingonice
Connor is so great, writing a amazing song about mental health the lyrics are so true. I love him even more then i did already #dancingonice
Holds out some kind of hope that Connor gets through over Kimberly #beautiful #DancingOnIce
SEMI FINAL DAY!!! @TheVampsCon we are so proud already! Keep smashing it! #DancingOnIce Love Love
crying my eyes out connor's skate was so beautiful. the meaning behind his new song he skated to tonight really makes me doing so much for mental health and mental health in men con! i love u. your amazing @TheVampsCon @TheVampsband @TheLunarYear #dancingonice #teamconnor
Wow Connor that was amazingly beautiful tonight, had goose bumps!! You've got all my votes after that! #beautiful #DancingOnIce #vamps
#DancingOnIce yesss @TheVampsCon and @AlexandraLukasz that was stunning Love
#DancingOnIce connor did himself so proud. Such a beautiful skate with a beautiful important message
#BoysWillCry by @TheVampsCon has to be released for sure. A great skate with Alexandra Schauman & hope it gets them both through to the final. Kudos to Connor for speaking about his #MentalHealth struggles & encouraging men to seek help! @dancingonice #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce @dancingonice Nope, dont agree at all. @TheVampsCon should have gone through. Just hope you keep it up & continue with highlighting #mentalhealth - you have a perfect platform to help. xxx
#DancingOnIce so proud of how well con has done in this competition been fantastic to watch you improve each week @TheVampsCon @AlexandraLukasz
Connor was amazing and the song was beautiful #DancingOnIce
So happy for @TheVampsCon a well-deserved personal best to a song he's written @AlexandraLukasz really hope they're in the final @dancingonice #DOI
connor is the most improved skater and the partnership of connor and alexandra is beautiful, they deserve to be in the final. it's such a shame everyone is so talented this year but i hope connor makes it to the final #DancingOnIce
Oh ! It's the most beautiful and emotional ice skating I've ever seen 38/40 I'm so so proud of you @TheVampsCon @AlexandraLukasz #TeamConnor #DancingOnIce
Connor's best performance yet, incredible #DancingOnIce #teamconnor
THAT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE I HAVE NO WORDS YOU WERE AMAZING @TheVampsCon @AlexandraLukasz #teamconnor #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce. Very surprised that @KimberlyKWyatt is in the bottom 3. It's clear the public don't like her because she is a sensational skater. I think it'll be Connor & Kye for the elimination which is a shame as they are both brilliant.
So so so proud of you @TheVampsCon you'll never know how much you, your music and The Vamps have helped me so much over the years with my anxiety and still do to this day. You're amazing Love so proud #DancingOnIce
Omg who else cried at @TheVampsCon and @AlexandraLukasz's performance Love I'm so proud of you Connor so much #DancingOnIce #BoysWillCry is such a beautiful song Love
My top 3 for the final: #DancingOnIce 1. @KimberlyKWyatt and @Mark_Hanretty 2. @regangascoigne & Karina 3. @TheVampsCon & @AlexandraLukasz If this is the final 3 I think it'll be a very close final especially between Regan and Kimberly. Both skaters are sensational.
Aww #Connor what a beautiful performance & song! I thought the last lift in particular was lovely & really stood out for me too! #DancingOnIce
That skate was absolutely incredible! You should be so proud of yourself @TheVampsCon #TeamConnor #DancingOnIce
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