Brendan Cole

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Vanessa Bauer
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @brendanmarkcole
Instagram: @brendancoleinsta
Wow wow wow!!!! @TheVanessaBauer & @BrendanCole that was fantastic, sublime, intense, beautiful, amazing...and a WHOLE lot more!! That was incredible! I hope you win after that performance alone!! #DancingOnIce #DOI
Well done again Brendan and Vanessa that was another incredible routine and it's a 10 from me again I loved your prop routine last time and I loved it again tonight good luck and I think it's going to be very close whoever wins :) Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Wow,wow, wow. What a fantastic bolero from @BrendanCole & Vanessa. Loved the new take on the bolero, beautiful & powerful. Amazing
I honestly dont care who wins anymore. They're both amazing. I find @regangascoigne more humble and relatable as he shows emotion... but @BrendanCole is so strong and confident in all he does. So yeah, I'm okay with it either way! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 3: @BrendanCole & Vanessa Skate of the series Props week: This routine for me was one of the BEST routines of the series. Such a beautiful graceful and authentic routine. It was fantastic and it was fabulous again tonight My Score: 10!!!!!
Regan was not my first choice to win but i'm glad Brendan didn't win at least Regan seems like a nice humble guy also Him and Karina winning Bi Representation #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce wow both amazing Regan deserves to win the Brendan & Vanessa Bolero routine the best I've seen. Both winners
#DancingOnIce wow both amazing! Regan deserves to win then Brendan & Vanessa Bolero routine the best I've seen. Both winners
Oooooh Brendan could give Regan a run for his money here, that bolero was STUNNING!! Love But Regan's was too and overall tonight he's been more polished. Plus Brendan had that stumble. So Regan is still my winner. But I'll honestly be happy eithet way. #DancingOnIce
Great opening performance by this year's finalists and all the professionals well done to you all and the very best of luck to Regan, Kimberly and Brendan :) Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Another wonderful performance by @BrendanCole & Vanessa, loved this dance the first time & to do a prop routine in the final Wow impressive
I love how proud the families of the finalists are!! These are the moments that make my heart feel happy!! Just look at Brendan's wife and kids!! The smiles say it all!! #DancingOnIce #Dance #skating #family
Wow that was good but I just can't warm to Brendan. Still want Regan to win #DancingOnIce
Slick routine as expected. Incredible skating. Maybe not my favourite routine of the night so far, but I'm searching hard to be picky as everyone is just outstanding. Well done Brendan and Vanessa #DancingOnIce #DOI
Regan, a deserving winner and a fantastic and an equally amazing co-finalist in Brendan Cole. #DancingOnIce
Brendan and Vanessa shoudent win. Vanessa has won twice Karina has never won just saying. Still wish Kimberly got to skate bolero she would of been incredible #DancingOnIce
Such a strong and amazing final 3 this year huge well done to Regan, Kimberly and Brendan it's been such a great final tonight and such a great series as well and a huge well done to @dancingonice too :) Love #DancingOnIce
Wow Brendan was amazing , that was brilliant #DancingOnIce
What an original interpretation of Bolero by @BrendanCole and Vanessa. Utterly brilliant. Regan's skate was great too but was too much of an out and out copy for me. Fantastic evening of skating though by everyone. #DancingOnIce
Both Boleros were so good but Brendan's one was just better would be happy for either to win #dancingonice
As expected, Brendan and Vanessa's skating routine is bloody incredible! Even if you're an amazing dancer it's not the same as skating! Can't love this enough!! #DancingOnIce
Definitely wanted Regan to win from the first show (though i haven't watched them all ) He is fantastic. However, Brendans Bolero was absolutely stunning! (That ain't purple though ) #dancingonice
Regan to win #DancingOnIce Brendan is brilliant too but bolero by Regan ended together on floor like @torvillanddean so he's my winner.
Well done Brendan and Vanessa that was such an incredible routine and it's a 10 from me! Amazing final 3 this year! :) Love #DancingOnIce
Brendans bolero was the best ive ever seen. However id love to see Regan win with how genuine he is. Both deserve it #dancingonice
Wow that was amazing Brendan and Vanessa to win #DancingOnIce
I love Regan's passion but wow Brendan and Vanessa just smashed it #DancingOnIce #doi @BrendanCole
"You are the best & most amazing partner I ever could of wished for & I mean that" "Thank you, for not just being the best partner but also a friend" #DancingOnIce #Brendan #Vanessa
Brendan....amazing!!! Regan's classic Bolero? but Brendon's OMG Cant choose but hope Regan wins? #dancingonice
That Bolero from Brendan & Vanessa might be my favourite ever on #DancingOnIce! Vanessa Bauer's choreography is never less than exceptional but she outdid herself there - she and @BrendanCole executed it to perfection. That transported me to another place! They're my champions.
"You are the best & more amazing partner I ever could of wished for & I mean that" "Thank you, for not just being the best partner but also a friend" #DancingOnIce #Brendan #Vanessa
The thing is...the boys have to skate AND lift the girls whereas Kimberley just has to skate and be lifted. That's why Brendan or Regan should win. Loved both boys so far...awesome stuff. #DancingOnIce
Be nice for Regan to win tonight - Kimberly and Brendan both already have major reality TV franchise wins under their belt : MasterChef and Gabby Logan's Celebrity Flockstars #dancingonice
#dancingonice I hope to goodness that Brendan doesn't win ,if he does it's a fix because nobody likes him.
Oh Brendan that was fantastic and amazing Love Love Love #DancingOnIce
Brendan performed a better Bolero but Regan performed the 2 routines better they were fun to watch. I want Regan to win #DancingOnIce
Glad Brendan chose the umbrella routine it's definitely his best it's beautiful! #DancingOnIce
It's on shows like Dancing on Ice that we see things that remind us we can make someone feel better,happier, loved,pride in their achievements etc See #Brendan's reaction and you'll understand this #DancingOnIce #Dance #DancingOnIceFinal #StrictlyComeDancing
Very well deserved winner with Regan. It could have gone either way between him and Brendan, but Regan has been incredible from the very start. #DancingOnIce
What's the point of #DancingOnIce #doi if all the finalists are trained dancers? However glad to see that Big Head Brendan didn't win.
Based on what I've just seen, I want Brendan and Vanessa to win, stunning#DancingOnIce #Bolero
#Regan deserves to win #DancingOnIce with his partner that #Bolero was fab, but I have a feeling that it will be #Brendan.
Another fantastic performance from @BrendanCole & @TheVanessaBauer on @dancingonice Loved it & well worth 40/40 #DancingOnIce
Regan definitely won that round. Kimberley was pretty, Brendan was good but Regan was exceptional, 10 is just not high enough #DancingOnIce
Would love to see Regan win but I kinda hope Brendan wins to piss everyone off #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce My prediction: 1) @regangascoigne and Karina (hopefully). 2) Brendan and Vanessa. 3) Kimberly and Mark. I think Regan is more of an all rounder than his other two celeb Finalists and that he/Karina have a better partnership, he's so likeable, humble and talented.
Wow Brendan!! That was a BEAUTIFUL performance!! That one does deserve 40!! The rain really added to it and using those umbrellas without dropping them or getting tangled up is very hard. Great job!! #DancingOnIce
I think Kim should win as she's so graceful but Brendan's final performance made me teary again Love #DancingonIce
My favourite alternative take on Bolero in all series Love Wow Brendan & Vanessa #DancingOnIce
My votes done all the best @BrendanCole & Vanessa you've got this @dancingonice #DancingOnIce what a show dance & music gave me goosebumps Love
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