Brendan Cole

Status: In
Professional: Vanessa Bauer
Started: Week 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 5.30
Implied Chances: 19%
Twitter: @brendanmarkcole
Instagram: @brendancoleinsta
Brendan & Vanessa Wow. I loved that. Great paso feel. Of course Brendon has amazing lines & posture. Great speed over the ice. I would of liked more backwards skating and keeping the momentum in and out if lifts. But, wow amazing first for week 1! Score: 7.5 #DancingOnIce
Brendan and Vanessa: A Fantastic first performance from Brendan. That was such a fast routine I loved the jive vibe. I liked the choreography and the tricks were good as well. Well done Brendan great start. 7.5 For me #DancingOnIce
Brendan and Vanessa: A fantastic first performance from Brendan and Vanessa. A great speed across the ice. I loved the Tango vibe the routine and the tricks were excellent. Great choreography from Vanessa too. It's an 8 from me #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Nice to see #BrendanCole back on TV, Brilliant performance. #KimberleyWyatt Singer, #Masterchef Champion, Great performance, what else can she do?
Good to have #DancingOnIce back, Brendan and Vanessa with a great start this is a promising couple. I am so glad Oti is here too I am a fan of hers and I think she fits into this panel so well.
Bez has no chance of winning #DancingOnIce when Brendan and Kimberley have dance experience which isn't really fair as it doesn't give him or any of the other celebrities a chance to win!!!
#dancingonice @dancingonice is back for yay I got the best seat on ice come on Brendan for one on the ice 2022 I'm rooting for you all @hollywills @Schofe welcome @OtiMabuse Love
Brendan was obviously amazing... just looked and he's bookies fave to win. Of course he is! What a fix #DOI
Such a great start to this year's competition that was brilliant Brendan and Vanessa well done it's an 8 from me like Oti! :) X Love #DancingOnIce
Just like with Brendan, Kimberley was always going to be great with her dance background. And her sort of dancing was less formal than Brendan's which gives her an extra advantage. So I'm not surprised she was brilliant. I look forward to seeing her journey. #DancingOnIce
Loving seeing Dancing On Ice. Brendan was good. I'm not a huge fan of him if I'm honest, he always seemed so arrogant on Strictly but he did well. Fair played to him. Swooning over Phillip too #DancingOnIce
Love Vanessa as a skater but can't see them winning public will vote Brendan off when it's not up to the judges #dancingonice
Brendon and Kimberly the best for week 1 be interesting who's good next week #dancingonice
Wow what a start! Brendan and Vanessa brilliant! #DancingOnIce
Only 3 routines worth watching this week out of 6 - Brendan, Kimberly and the BMX guy. Let's hope next week's show is better quality skating. #DancingOnIce @dancingonice
Wow well done @BrendanCole @dancingonice fantastic First Skate #vanessaandBrendan #dancingonice
Dancing on Ice - I love it. Love Brendan - he's my winner. I want him to be #brendancole #DancingOnIce #winner
Really don't want Brendan to win #DOI he's a pro dancer for goodness sake!!! #dancingonice @dancingonice
SO glad Brendan was good. Hes definitely my early favourite. He could go on to do amazingly well I think. #DancingOnIce
Now Brendan won the very first series of Strictly back in 2004 with Natasha Kaplinsky, Vanessa won the 2018 of Dancing On Ice with Jake Quickeden. 2 winner's trophies between them. #DancingOnIce
I'm behind but seeing people bitching about @BrendanCole scores. Clearly folk don't know talent and excellent judging when they see it!!!! Best first performance I've ever seen on this show #DancingOnIce
Cracking start to the show! Well done @BrendanCole amazing #DancingOnIce
Knowing how good of a dancer Brendan is I'm excited to see his journey on here. Opening number he smashed it #DancingOnIce
Vanessa is fantastic..and #DOI
#DancingOnIce brendan is the best so far, but dammit #Bez made me smile, such a genuine bloke
Just take pleasure in watching a fantastic new ice dancer emerge instead of moaning about the previous dance experience of @BrendanCole The show needs strong competitors otherwise no one would watch. #DancingOnIce
So excited to see @BrendanCole back on my tv Love smashed week 1 - keep it up!!! #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce brendan is the best so far, but dammit #Bez made me smile, such a genuine bloke
SOOOOOO happy #DOI is back!!! Great start from Brendan and Vanessa!
Brendan was great but that wasn't the best first skate ever #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce @BrendanCole was great but no @javierfernandez my skate of the night had to be @Mark_Hanretty and Kimberley Wyatt (obvs) Love
#DancingOnIce @dancingonice @sammatterface Oh yes, am expecting @BrendanCole to go right through to the final. Superb!
I really liked Kimberley too and did like Ria as well, a great first night I voted twice for Kimberly and once for Sally, Kye and Brendan. #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Brendan the dancer that's just learnt to ice skate v celebs that have to learn both. I wonder who will win
I give Brendan and Vanessa 6.5 out of 10.0. I LOVED the Paso Doble elements, but I thought he spent too much time standing rather than skating. Everything he did was great, including the skating, but I wanted more content. #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
Obviously the best partner to have is @TheVanessaBauer Brendan is certainly in good hands #DancingonIce
#Brendan looked so confident on the ice & it was a brilliant start to the show! I feel his dance back ground definitely helped! #DancingOnIce @dancingonice
#DancingOnIce Blimey Brendans good!
brendan and vanessa were brilliant!!have a feeling he will do really well #DancingOnIce
Kimberley was INCREDIBLE! She was so much better than Brendan. Robbed of 1st place #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce who wants to watch brendon Cole win it on the first show ? I thought the idea is to take non skaters and make them the best they can be, waste of time, I'm off i got some paint to watch dry
A very good first skate from @BrendanCole and @TheVanessaBauer Strong competition there #DancingonIce
Brendan Cole @BrendanCole Great start that for first dance. Can tell Brendan is competitive #DancingOnIce
Anyone but Brendan to win. Please. #DancingOnIce
Fair fucking play Brendan that was actually really good #DancingOnIce
This first show has lots of firsts in the history of #DancingOnIce. Brendan is hailed as the best in the first week ever and Bez is hailed as not the best by wearing a helmet. Groundbreaking stuff. #Bez #HappyMondays
#DancingOnIce. Couple 1:- @BrendanCole & Vanessa. Best of luck Brendan kicking off the series.
#BrendanCole incredible #DancingOnIce @BrendanCole
James Jordan is one of my favourite #DancingOnIce contestants ever. So I'm VERY excited to see Brendan.
Incredible first performance from Brendan #DancingonIce
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