Status: Eliminated
Professional: Angela Egan
Started: Week 1
Finished: Musicals Week
Twitter: @bez_beerspotter
Instagram: @bezmondays
bez's been brilliant, it was wonderful to see him grow and improve and just have fun... we need more people willing to have fun and have a laugh nowadays #dancingonice
Best thing ive seen this week! #bez, from #happy_mondays @Happy_Mondays on #dancingonice @dancingonice as a beekeeper! Never fail to make me smile or laugh! Keep on beeing you & buzzing! Absolute maximum respect for giving it a go! braver than me! Youre out there doing it
Yayyyy Sal stays and Bez goes. Well done to Bez tho for giving it his best shot Love #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Bez is the finally the next celebrity to leave Dancing on Ice 2022. It was going to happen as he can't skate. To give him credit tonight though he was skating on his own he's Mr Entertainment and tries his best every week. Well done Bez you've been great Love
#DancingOnIce that was Bezs best skate ever Love good luck Bez #DanceOff
#dancingonice well done Bez you were awesome. And skating on your own was extremely impressive
YES Bez, what a truly unbelievable tribute to Meatloaf seriously. Obviously not the best skater ever unfortunately but still have to hand it to him literally never fails to totally impress does he? Absolutely love him Yes Jayne & Chris. Two 5's that's more like it #DancingOnIce
YES Bez, what a truly unbelievable tribute to Meatloaf seriously. Obviously not the best skater ever unfortunately but still have to hand it to him literally never fails to totally impress does he? Absolutely love him #DancingOnIce
Best dance of the night! Well in bez loved the jump! Lol #dancingonice
I really do love Bez and he's entertaining to watch. I'm glad he got to his goal of musicials week. But that's enough now. It's past half way in the competition and he can still only just about stand up on the ice. He's so wobbly and slow. It's his time to go. #DancingOnIce
Not sure why Bez didn't go last week. It's a skating show. I get people think it's entertaining and fun, but gotta be realistic #DancingOnIce
Yes please more skating less distractions. Well done Bez you are getting better #DancingOnIce
I Love Bez I Think He's A Really Top Bloke But #DancingOnIce Needs To Stop Telling Him He's Good Because He's Really Not And Better Skaters Are Going Home!
#DOI If Bez (hypothetically) continues to be voted for, and eventually wins, will that be the end for Dancing on ice? Let's bloody hope so....
Whilst I'm a fan of both celebrities particularly one, it was the right bottom two, and they would admit it themselves from their comments in the prop week VT about something to hold them up. Thanks Bez for keeping us entertained it's been a blast. #DancingOnIce
The ULTIMATE tribute to Meatloaf Well done Bez you utter legend #DancingOnIce
Say what you like about Bez....i just find him him bloody entertaining...and hilarious...#DancingOnIce
Bez has been great fun but he has to go home tonight. #DancingOnIce
Awh Well Done to Bez Sorry to see him go, we needed some fun bits too #DancingOnIce
Perfect results tonight! I'd save Bez cause at least he skates solo and gives it 100%! wether it's the cleanest is a different story #DancingOnIce
I would love it if Bez actually did win!!! #DancingOnIce
It was another good try from Bez and Angela tonight but I did like the little guitar solo though I'll give them a 5 for that :) Love #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice Bez needs to go tonight as nice and funny as he is . They are taking the mick
Brilliant Angela fell instead of bez lol #DancingOnIce
Bez what a lovely man!!!! so funny but so can't skate #DancingOnIce #ByeGoodBye
wanted Bez tae win ez been pure class showed troo British bulldog spirit #DOI
I feel bad that he was in the skate off now - that was the best skating he has done all series! Bez did well, not many people can say they have achieved what he has. However, Sallie needed to be saved, her skating was beautiful. Time for the competition to start! #DancingOnIce
Bez might not be best skater but he so amusing #dancingonice
Say what you want about him, but Bez is giving it a good go. Also, the improvement is very good. #DancingonIce
We're gonna miss you #Bez #DOI #DancingOnIce thanks for the giggles! You're a fucking legend
Everyone voting for Bez, voted for Joe Swash to win last year... #DancingOnIce
Bez is the only good thing about this show #dancingonice #bez #legend
Aw Bez and Angela! Well done guys!! Be proud Bez! #DancingOnIce
Is Bez simply too popular to be voted off? He's going to win at this rate #DOI
bez is the best i just love him #dancingonice
People wanting Bez to stay but if he does a good skater will probably go next week, he's been entertaining but it's getting old now #dancingonice
I think the judges are just happy if Bez doesn't kill himself each Sunday. #DOI
Bez, c'mon show us your best - no messing around now #DOI
It's still on TV because it's incredible TV why Bez is still there is mind blowing #dancingonice
#dancingonice oh Bez your efforts are great for a bloke of your age but your skating is extremely slow for week 5 and you should leave with your honour in tact
Yes about time bez was out he was good for laugh tho #DancingOnIce
Oh thank goodness #bez #DancingOnIce
Bez makes me smile love him #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce All credit to Bez, he knows he isnt good, he knows every week he is there is a bonus. He doesnt take himself seriously & is just enjoying having a bloody good time.
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