Ben Foden

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Robin Johnstone
Started: Week 1
Finished: Week 2
Twitter: @ben_foden
Instagram: @ben_foden
I give Ben and Robin 5.5 out of 10.0. I enjoyed this! Loved the tricks, and the choreography was great. However, overall I'd have liked more speed considering the song, and the skating needs to be cleaner. Good potential though. #DancingOnIce #DOI @dancingonice
Ben & Robin Great start to the show! Good control. Nice crossovers. Quite a lot of two footed skating and not much dancing. I didn't see him actually move rhythmically to the music. But some brave jumps and lifts! Score: 5.5 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce . Ben and Robin: A great routine for Ben and Robin. Some great lifts in there. A very fun routine. He's also very tall as well which will serve him well. Well done Ben a great start to the show. Great song as well My Score: 6.
Well done Ben and Robin that was a great start tonight's show and Livin La Vida Loca is a great song too! It's a 7 from me :) Love #DancingOnIce
Up first @Ben_foden @IceJohnstone getting us in a party mood, we won't complain #openshirt Love strong lifts and a good performance #DancingOnIce
Bit different to #Rugby then Ben? But that was fun #DancingOnIce off to a good start Sue Ps Buy your Beanie for homeless support!
Aw Ben was good, I feel like that was really undermarked #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce. Couple 1 @ben_foden and Robin. Kicking off the show tonight's it's ex rugby Star Ben Foden. Best of luck Ben .
Good 1st routine from Ben & Robin on @dancingonice Scoring 23.5/40 Love the costumes from @VickyGillDesign @t_hewlett & team #DancingOnIce
#Ben is really good at the lifts but I feel he needs to skate more! It was nice he got his lil backwards jump in there too! #DancingOnIce
Ben is absolutely stunning though, he could stand still and he's getting the vote #DancingOnIce
Bad luck Ben it's such a shame as that was a beautiful save me skate. #DancingOnIce
Ben's a very handsome boy to look at, he's bringing the sex appeal. #dancingonice
Off you trot like a good lad Ben #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce kind of think ben was better tbh...
If it was down to me, I would vote #Ben out tonight, #Rea skated much better & she seemed more natural on the ice #DancingOnIce
Good effort on #DancingOnIce by #BenFoden
Yes @ben_foden love seeing u on my telly on a Sunday night #DancingOnIce
If it was down to me, I would vote #Ben out tonight, #Ria skated much better & she seemed more natural on the ice too #DancingOnIce
Ben was undermarked. That deserved 6's across the board for me #DancingOnIce
Here we go again, let's save the female celeb who spends most of the skate off being picked up and hardly puts her feet on the ice over the male celeb who actually has to skate all the routine and do the picking up! Ben was far better, but what do I know?! #DancingOnIce
Didn't think Ben would be bottom hope he's saved #DancingOnIce
Ben Foden in the first skate off is absolutely top of my list of things we love to see. #DancingOnIce.
I'm happy with a 6.0 for Ben #dancingonice
Ben is handsome #DancingOnIce
Mr Foden Love #DancingOnIce
Ben foden I thought that was good for first dance #DancingOnIce
A very good first skate for @ben_foden and @IceJohnstone watch out @BrendanCole.#DancingOnIce
Tell you what, if Foden goes out, his sponsors won't be happy! #ifhewaschocolatehedeathimself #dancingonice
Hello Ben Love #DancingOnIce
Thought Ben was pretty good #DancingOnIce
Hahahah. Bye Ben! So long #DOI
Good start Ben lots of content in the routine and good skating 5.5 from me #DancingOnIce
Watching #DancingOnIce. Is #BenFoden single??? Asking for a friend Love Love rugby, ignore Torvill and Dean comments
But Ben is the best looking one there #DOI #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Bens rather large thighs are filling my TV screen - and I aint complaining!
Ben Foden hoping that taking his top off every week will get him votes #DancingOnIce
dont think the uk has ever forgiven ben foden for leaving his wonderful wife una and kids and marrying his new wife after 2weeks. #dancingonice #doi hes a dick
Good performance from Ben tonight! @dancingonice #DancingOnIce
Cannot believe Ben was voted off thought he was a lot better in the skating performances than Lorraine's friend, of course that didn't play a part in the voting #DancingOnIce
Didn't see the lap of honour from Ben Foden? #DancingOnIce #DOI
I know its public vote but really bez still in and Ben gone your having a laugh #dancingonice
The Votes are in (Vote to Save) Ashley - Ria & Lukasz Oti - Ria & Lukasz Jayne (Head Judge) - Ria & Lukasz Chris - Ria & Lukasz Leaving the Ice Tonight is BEN AND ROBIN Was this the right result?? #DancingOnIce
I save Ben #DancingOnIce
Ben is better than I expected #DancingOnIce
Not bad for Bens performance #dancingonice
ergh tough choice, but id have to keep Ben in (as much as i love Ria) #DancingOnIce
Ben the rugby guy definitely has my vote after that big reveal Well played, Ben. Well played. #DancingOnIce
Only one celebrity has piqued my interest so far #BenFoden Love #DancingOnIce
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