Sonny Jay

Status: Winner
Professional: Angela Egan
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @SonnyJay
Instagram: @sonnyjay
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Week 2 222 5 610 610
Week 3 175 11 403 507
Week 4 128 12 316 443
Week 5 162 9 396 372
Week 6 175 8 375 362
Week 7 231 22 452 408
Grand Final 851 191 2,852 1,226
Yessss Sunny Jay!! #winner #dancingonice @CapitalOfficial
YAAYYYYY!!! Congratulations to #SonnyJay on being the winner of #DancingOnIce 2021!! @SonnyJay! @dancingonice!
GET IN THERE!!! YESSS @SonnyJay #Dancingonice
Yesssss @SonnyJay #DOI
YES IM SO HAPPY FOR SONNY. I'm crying. Love you Sonny. Well done @SonnyJay and Angela I'm so happy #DancingOnIce #Dancingonicefinal
Sonny definitely deserved this after tonight's show. I feel Faye was let down by the poor choreography on skate 1 #DancingonIce
Congrats @SonnyJay well deserved you've done Absolutley amazing #DancingOnIce
Congrats to Sonny Jay, you get a free cinema pass..... Prick. #dancingonice
Congratulations @SonnyJay! #DancingonIce #DOI
Yay @SonnyJay won! So happy! #Dancingonice
OMG WELL DONE @SonnyJay knew you could do it!! @CapitalOfficial #DOI
YES!! @SonnyJay well done #DancingOnIce
well done sonny jay! not my winner but pleased for him nevertheless #DancingOnIce
Congratulations to sonny jay he's been incredible #DancingOnIce
I'm so so happy for @SonnyJay well deserved #DancingOnIce
#Doi so hoping @SonnyJay wins
The judges may as well just scream SONNY J TO WIN!! Faye's Bolero was absolutely stunning and she literally got a thank you from Jayne. The feedback for her was so brief yet Sonny J got nothing but praise.. @Faye_Brookes & @TheMattEvers TO WIN!! #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Such a memorable skate Phillip can't even remember her name. ...and they'll still win because young to middle aged women will vote for Sonny Jay "just because", ignoring weeks of skating where he's been light years behind Faye Brookes. Just as they did Joe Swash
Sorry @Schofe, who is @SonnyJay's partner? #DancingOnIce #mistakesontv #sillymistake
The bolero always makes me emosh, whoever's dancing it Massive well done Sonny and Faye #DOI @dancingonice @torvillanddean @ITV
Hate to say it...(actually I don't) Sonny's Bolero seemed more technical demanding than Faye's...all though he struggled with some of the lifts...and he did skate on his own more #DancingOnIce
Tbh I don't mind if Sonny Jay wins but Faye has had a harder time. Loved both boleros #DancingOnIce
I actually preffered Sonny's Bolero than Faye's tbh. His best dance sofar! #dancingonice
Fantastic Bolero @SonnyJay and Angela #DancingOnIce
c'mon sonny #DancingOnIce
Sonny Jay to WIN #DOI
#DancingOnIce I'm glad Sonny Jay got through but I really wanted Colin to go through as well.
YES well done @SonnyJay skating the bolero in the finale #teamsonny #DancingOnIce
Yesss Faye and Sonny #DancingOnIce don't mind who wins now
Sonny's mum looks like Margi Clarke #dancingonice
cmon sonny and faye #dancingonice
Brilliant by Sonny Jay and Angela, and Colin and Klabera #DancingOnIce
COME ON @SonnyJay U CAN WIN THIS #DancingOnIce #teamsonny #sonnytowin xx
Never a 10 but Sonny is *checks notes* a man. #DancingOnIce
Did Christopher Dean just throw shade at Sonny Jay? #DancingOnIce
Super 10 @SonnyJay @CapitalOfficial #DancingOnIce
So glad @SonnyJay received 10s across the board! Well deserved! #DancingOnIce
The popeye one was my favourite of sonny Jay's #dancingonice
I have to say, Angela has become one of my favourite pro skaters #DancingOnIce love her skating style & she's just a lovely lady, great partnership with @SonnyJay too
Ummm with Sonny's skate, aren't Jayne and Chris marking the skating and the others judging the performance? #DancingOnIce
Why are they given Colin all these complex props but only give sonny Jay a bloody ladder. See, they want him to win so they are making it harder for everyone else. #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce @SonnyJay !!!!
Sonny Jay to win! #dancingonice
Sonny most improved since day 1 deserve to win #DancingOnIce
I loved that routine from Sonny Jay and Angela. That's how you do it full of character polish and originality the tricks and speed across the ice is brilliant. Sonny Jay is the most developed skater for me without doubt #Dancingonice
Yes go on sonny! #DancingOnIce #TeamSonny
Come on @SonnyJay #DancingOnIce #dancingonicefinal
#DancingOnIce come on Sonnyyyyyy Jayyyyy Winner in my eyes
Good luck tomorrow @SonnyJay routing for ya Love #DancingOnIce
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