Rebekah Vardy

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Andy Buchanan
Started: Week 1
Finished: Week 6
Twitter: @RebekahVardy
Instagram: @beckyvardy
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Week 1 538 11 622 622
Week 3 347 5 149 386
Week 4 211 10 341 371
Week 5 289 6 610 367
Week 6 328 4 450 467
#DancingOnIce disappointment with judges decisions tonight. Both ladies almost fell in the dance-off, Vardy recovered herself, whereas Lady Leshurr was held up/saved by her partner.
Rebecca gone at last #doi
Never mind though, that'll give Rebekah Vardy something to Instagram about. #DancingOnIce
Becky was robbed #DancingOnIce
absolutely devastated for @RebekahVardy and @AndyBuchananTV the improvement from show 1 was immense!!! #doi
Bad day all round for the Vardy's @RebekahVardy #ByeFelicia #DancingOnIce
Sonny got more than Rebekah too. He didn't do 3 turns ...#DancingOnIce
Thank goodness for that. Rebekah should've been voted off weeks ago, there was no chemistry or spark. #DancingOnIce
Aw I'm gutted Absolutely love @RebekahVardy and @AndyBuchananTV. You guys smashed it every single week. You should be so proud Love #DancingOnIce
We say goodbye to @RebekahVardy & @AndyBuchananTV tonight We'll miss you Aaron #DancingOnIce
A bad day all round for the Vardy's #DancingOnIce #LEIARS
#DancingOnIce It's........ ......................Rebekah Vardy eliminated.
John wants to shag Jamie Vardy by the sounds of it #doi #dancingonice
Rebekah I think maybe edged it imo but it was so close #DancingOnIce
Results of the skate off is Vote to Save Ashley - Lady Leshurr John - Rebekah Vardy Jayne (Head Judge) - Lady Leshurr Chris - Lady Leshurr Sadly leaving the ice tonight is:- REBEKAH AND ANDY Is this the right decision?? #DancingOnIce
If Rebekah stays tonight it's a blatant fix #DancingOnIce
Oh oh a wobble from Vardy #DancingOnIce
Rebekah stumbled then that was obvious #DancingOnIce
Skate off Rebekah vs Lady Leshurr #DancingOnIce
I think Lady Leshurr is better THAN Rebekah but who knows what the judges will do #DancingOnIce
Vardy has to go she does not skate on her own #dancingonice
#DancingOnIce. @LadyLeshurr is back in the skate off again. I think she is the better skater then Rebecca tonight. Though Rebecca is also a good skater
In tonight's skate off it is REBEKAH AND ANDY Lady Leshurr AND BRENDYN Is this the right result?? #DancingOnIce
nah why's rebecca vardy's ma & da on dancing on ice holding a photo of her like she's gone missing and they're doing a public appeal for information on her whereabouts? #DancingOnIce
I wonder when they will decide to speak to Coleen Rooney via video link to discuss how Rebekah Vardy is doing on the show. #DancingOnIce
Oh I love your dad @RebekahVardy mr torvill and dean bless him #DancingOnIce
That Faye makes Vardy look like most honest person on tv. Everyone read how she shafted Hamish. Even itv admitted it yet she comes on with this bullshit sob story. Plus she was rubbish tonight. Only one who hasn't improved. #dancingonice
I truly don't understand the inconsistencies in the marking. Faye, Sonny and Rebekah all stumbled going into/out of their spins but only Faye got marked down??? I agree that a stumble should be reflected in the marks but all 3 should have been marked down, not just Faye. #doi
Next week come dressed as rebekah you'll get higher marks! #DancingOnIce
Ah so she gets marked down for stumbling but Rebekah doesn't and Sonny Jay went on two feet and didn't? #DancingOnIce
Audrey Hepburn was the epitome of class. She saved Jews from the Nazis and was a @UNICEF ambassador. Yet history remembers her as 'pretty'. She's got nothing in common with Becky 'I've never seen Friends' Vardy... #DancingOnIce
At the same time, Barrowman just scored that exactly the same as Rebekah and Colin. Really, he saw nothing between any of them?#dancingonice
Nice to see Mrs Vardy doing well. She was excelleny. Come on @RebekahVardy! #dancingonice
Watching #DancingonIce on catchup - was that a stumble I saw from Mrs Vardy? OH FFS did the judges see what I did???
#DancingOnIce LOL at #Ashley telling #Rebekah how to improve her posture and carriage during movement. What exactly does he do when he's 'dancing' with his troupe? It's just posing and acrobatics! I enjoyed "Moon River" Andy is a great Pro.
#DancingOnIce @DOI2021 @RebekahVardy has to portray the amazing Audrey Hepburn. Only way she'll gain less than one iota of class! Dream on bitch!
#dancingonice What is John B watching no Rebekah did not capture Audrey Hepburn skating. She is nothing like Hepburn a beautiful human being who did a lot for many. This year there is a lot of favouritism going on and they are over marking ones who don't deserve it.
rebekah and colin were both overscored in my opinion #dancingonice
Does Rebekah ever skate on her own! She's clinging to her partner most of the time and her solo skating was really shaky! I'd say a 7! #dancingonice
These judges have not made sense this season. I agree with Rebekah's scores, don't get me wrong however Colin...9.5s!? She was much better than him! #DancingOnIce
Can the judges not see what see at home or something .. Vardys feet were wobbling really bad on that dance .. she's definitely been over scored this week #DancingOnIce
That was good but Rebekah wasn't really skating alone #dancingonice
Becky Vardy's figure is goals. #DancingOnIce #Vardy
The routine was exquisitely elegant. So beautifully executed @RebekahVardy @AndyBuchananTV #DancingOnIce
i loved rebekah's performance so much #DancingOnIce
So once again she hardly ever lets go but it id the vardy show so probably get 10s #DancingOnIce
Vardy is no icon like Audrey Hepburn #dancingonice
It's Rebekah & Andy's turn!! Anyone for Breakfast at Tiffany's? #DancingOnIce
Watch Rebekah get straight 10s ffs #soi #dancingonice
Show day!! Big day today for @AndyBuchananTV & @RebekahVardy! They've worked SO hard for this!! Make sure you download the #DancingonIce app and register before voting opens! You get 5 free votes! As the competition toughens now more than ever they need our votes
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