Lady Leshurr

Status: Eliminated
Finish Stage: Week 7

Latest Twitter Live Tweets

Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:59
The fact Denise and Lady Leshurr aka Big Nastie are sitting far apart is telling as to how The Circle turned out #DancingOnIce #TheCircle
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:59
Right result. Since Lady Leshurr wasn't there.... #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:51
Lady Leshurr to win #DancingonIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:50
Have been wanting @Faye_Brookes or @LadyLeshurr to win from day one. Come on #Faye, the #bolero was flawless #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:38
Not voting because Lady Leshurr should be there #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:35
Lady Leshur didn't deserve to go home last week and Colin Jackson deserved to be in the top 2 tonight. Perri Kiely was clearly the best from last year's final. Do #DancingOnIce voters have a problem with black people?
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:26
did anyone else notice Lady Leshurr saying DOE instead of DOI #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:25
#JohnBarrowman pre-recorded the singing and didn't even attempt to #LipSyncForHisLife let alone sing live, at least @LadyLeshurr rapped live #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:25
After watching that group performance, imagine if the final three had been Graham, Joe-Warren and Lady Leshurr #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:25
Come on, Lady Leshurr should be in this final and winning it. Her chair routine last week was much harder than these final ones #DOI #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:24
Pretty sure Lady Leshur just rapped DOE instead of #DOI
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:23
lady leshurr and brendyn proving why they should have been in the final i love them so much #dancingonice
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:22
Not lady Leshurr proving she should be in the final we STAN #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:22
Lady Leshurr proving why she should have been in the final x #DancingOnIce
Sun 14th Mar 2021 19:22
WHAT A PERFORMANCE FROM LADY LESHURR! Another rap and more of her amazing dancing - she should have been voted through to the Final! @LadyLeshurr #DancingonIce #DOI

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Mentions ... To Win Positive Negative
Week 1 742 39 269 20
Week 3 241 24 74 2
Week 4 213 13 102 0
Week 5 264 21 73 9
Week 6 273 22 61 14
Week 7 548 38 146 9