Lady Leshurr

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Brendyn Hatfield
Started: Week 1
Finished: Week 7
Twitter: @LadyLeshurr
Instagram: @imladyleshurr
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Week 1 742 39 1,303 1,303
Week 3 241 24 501 902
Week 4 213 13 683 829
Week 5 264 21 513 566
Week 6 273 22 536 577
Week 7 548 38 991 680
How can they possibly justify the loss of @LadyLeshurr? I love Colin but she was sooo much better! #DOI #dancingonice
I detest Colin Jackson even more now. Genuinely thought next week would be bearable without him. Lady Leshurr was robbed there. #dancingonice
Lady Leshurr #dancingonice
what a run for @LadyLeshurr My gosh she's leaving on a high. She's was incredible tonight #dancingonice
Congrats on winning #DancingOnIce @LadyLeshurr Love
lady leshurr going home, so I'm no longer watching this shit show #dancingonice
Sad to see Lady Leshurr go I spoke too soon in my last tweet. Not that I dislike Colin I have always liked him, and always thought he could make the final. #dancingonice
It's really harsh on Lady Leshurr to be in the Skate-off yet again and to lose it when she got a 40 #dancingonice
I look forward to Lady Leshurr's inevitable Strictly run in 2 year's time. #DancingOnIce #DoI
#dancingonice Absolute fuckers, Lady Leshurr robbed.
how is lady leshurr in the bottom with a perfect score? i hate british public #dancingonice
cmon they have to save lady leshurr and brendyn :(( #dancingonice
Just purely for the level of Colin's skating compared to Lady Leshurr, he absolutely deserves to win this skate off #dancingonice
Lady Leshurr should not be in the bottom 2 . Smh #DancingOnIce
Lady Leshurr has given better skates, more personality and more sincerity than Faye could ever act on Corrie. I have to think why she's not getting the public votes #DancingOnIce
How on earth is Lady Leshurr in the bottom two? #DancingOnIce
How is @LadyLeshurr and @BrendynHatfield in the skate off again #dancingonice
Wonder whos going to be in the skate off? #ladyleshurr again most likely. Why do the public not like her so much? I dont get these people. #dancingonice
VOTE FOR @LadyLeshurr ! #dancingonice
It's so close tonight @Faye_Brookes @TheMattEvers @LadyLeshurr @BrendynHatfield @ColinJackson @klaberakomini @SonnyJay #DancingOnIce @dancingonice
Lady Leshurr #DancingOnIce
Getting ready to physically fight the entire British public if they don't vote for Lady Leshurr in #DancingOnIce
Lady leshur #dancingonice
Here comes Lady Leshurr & Brendyn for their second skate. #DancingOnIce
THE WOMEN ARE TOTALLY BRINGING IT TONIGHT ON #doi and its also #IWD2021 tomorrow! WELL DONE @Faye_Brookes and @LadyLeshurr doing it for the women #dancingonice
TV FEATURES | Dancing On Ice | Interview with Lady Leshurr #dancingonice
lady leshurr and faye knowing they got the first 40's of the series #dancingonice
faye and lady leshurr finally getting the 40's they deserve!!!! #dancingonice
#dancingonice vote @LadyLeshurr and @BrendonLeigh72
Vote faye, sonny and lady leshurr #dancingonice
Lady Leshurr and Faye in the finals is the only way to redeem this chaotic season #DancingOnIce #DOI
#dancingonice sorry judges are we watching the same show or is the scoring fixed. So far Faye has been by far the best. Love Lady Leshurr but she was not better than Faye. Last week she stumbled and got marked down, this week Colin does but doesn't get marked down
GET IN. Well done @BrendynHatfield @LadyLeshurr so so happy for you both #DancingOnIce
pls dont bring lady leshurr and brendyn down tonight, they dont deserve any hate what so ever #dancingonice
Well done lady leshur well deserved!! #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice I'm sorry lady leshur did not deserve 4 10s this is a joke
Lady Leshurr not only getting the first 10 but also the first 40 of the season... yeah I'm over the moon #DancingOnIce #DOI
Yes Lady Leshurr!!!! That was BRILLIANT!!! Well deserved!! #40 #DOI #DancingOnIce
Yes @LadyLeshurr 10 10 10s across the board.... Love Love #dancingonice @dancingonice
Yes #LadyLeshurr had a great but worthy of a 40...?! #DancingOnIce
Yes Lady Leshurr!!!! That was BRILLIANT!!! Well deserved!! #DOI
Why am I getting emotional? I'm so proud of her. @LadyLeshurr #DancingOnIce
Well deserved! @LadyLeshurr @dancingonice #dancingonice
What did you think of Lady Leshurr & Brendyn's 1st Performance tonight? Did they master their Prop? Aaron #dancingonice
Now for couple number 2. Lady Leshurr & Brendyn, hoping to avoid the skate-off & make the final. #DancingOnIce
I think she's brilliant but inevitably we know it will be Lady Leshurr vs ?? in the skate off #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice I wonder who's losing to Lady Leshur in the skate off this week?
Best of luck to @LadyLeshurr and @BrendynHatfield I hope you make it too the final #dancingonice
Looking forward to the Semi Final of #DancingOnIce tomorrow night. Wishing the best of luck to our 4 Semi Finalists @Faye_Brookes and @TheMattEvers @SonnyJay and Angela @ColinJackson and Clebera and @LadyLeshurr and @BrendynHatfield. Tomorrow at 18:00pm on @ITV.
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