Faye Brookes

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Matt Evers
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Faye_Brookes
Instagram: @faye_brookes
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Week 2 517 49 2,232 2,232
Week 3 251 27 913 1,573
Week 4 404 26 1,368 1,504
Week 5 518 41 738 1,006
Week 6 300 24 425 844
Week 7 436 33 1,026 730
Grand Final 843 170 2,503 1,318
My winner regardless. Beyond proud of you @Faye_Brookes! You're amazing and deserve the world. #DancingOnIce
faye wasn't robbed!! SONNY DESERVED THAT SO MUCH! #DancingOnIce
Congratulations Sonny Jay & Angela gutted for Faye and Matt thought they would win but both competitors were good sports tonight #DancingOnIce #Final #ITV
Go look through the weeks where eveyone said Faye should win or faye was under scored go look at the polls where faye has more votes ti be going through go look at the likes on the routes on the doi app it's clear faye should have won #dancingonice
I honestly thought Faye would win but I'm happy with Sammy winning. #dancingonice
Na gutted ... they wanted skating not fun ! Faye should of won don't care who disagrees ! #DancingOnIce
faye was robbed. #dancingonice
sonny jays bolero was 100x more memorable than fayes rlly hope he wins luvs x #DancingOnIce
Felt more emotional watching fayes bolero...come on @Faye_Brookes you can do it girl!! #DancingOnIce xXx Love Love
#DancingOnIce Colin needs to win. Fantastic dance routine.&has a story to tell. Public adore him. needs to get this right after this weekHe never complains. Public want a underdog like Colin to win. He faced so much pain in his life. Faye receives too much favouritism & complains
I actually preffered Sonny's Bolero than Faye's tbh. His best dance sofar! #dancingonice
Best thing EVER on #DancingOnIce final is Faye's mum telling brother Jack to look at the camera #DOI #dancingonicefinal
Wow wow wow Faye I'm blown away this bolero is phenomenal so intimate personal and sublime congratulations @Faye_Brookes @TheMattEvers #DancingOnIce
What did you think of Faye & Matt's Bolero Performance tonight? Aaron #DancingOnIce
Vote for Faye and Matt!!!!! #dancingonice #doi
First to skate the Bolero: Faye & Matt. #DancingOnIce #grandfinal #superfinal
cmon faye #DancingOnIce
The judges when they heard Fayes name being called.. #DancingOnIce
YES !!!! FAYE AND MATT ARE IN THE FINAL 2 #dancingonice
Colin has finished in 3rd place meaning Faye and Sonny Jay go on to skate the Bolero #DancingOnIce
Faye's mum getting through the final. #DOI
Love Faye and her mum! I really hope she wins #dancingonice
Faye's mam hammered ? #DancingOnIce
Faye's mum is leathered! Hic! #dancingonice
Is Faye's mum drunk??? #DOI #DancingOnIce
Sonny and Faye for the Bolero #DancingOnIce
(Obviously am Team Colin because I don't know who either of the other two are and it's Dancing On Ice so it's not as thought I feel I've got to know them (Faye...has a dad? Sonny is...cheeky chappy?) ) #dancingonice
Faye and Matt have been let down by Torvill and Dean's choreography #DancingOnIce
After that black swan performance Faye to win ! #DancingOnIce
#Faye&matt TO WIN ##dancingonice @dancingonice @ITV fabulous should have been 10 10 10 10 across board both dances
faye finally getting 40 on swan lake feels like justice to me Love #DancingOnIce
Now that deserved 10s Faye & Matt #DancingOnIce
About time! All 10s!! Well done Faye! #DOI
Fantastic routine from Faye #DancingOnIce
Well, OBVIOUSLY Matt & Faye are gonna get tens across the board #dancingonice
Faye is good but not enough solo skating to justify a chance of winning #DancingOnIce
#doi really feeling underwhelmed by the final. Am I missing something? Fay spent more time on the floor than she did on her skates but maybe just me? Slightly behind the live show so maybe it gets better ...
Faye and matts routine was miles better than sonnys just shows how undermarked shes been throughout the whole season #dancingonice
i can't help but feel they threw faye under the bus with that choreo #DancingOnIce
Ahhh @Faye_Brookes and @TheMattEvers smashed it #doi
We all know that Faye is going to win #dancingonice
Faye and Matt was ok but not a 'wow' #DancingOnIce
The scores are in for the show dance for @Faye_Brookes and @TheMattEvers Ashley - 9.5 John - 9.5 Jayne (Head Judge) - 9.5 Chris - 9.5 Total - 38.0 Is this the right score for the first skate of the final?? Remember you can vote right now 090205051 01 65051 01 #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Although Faye Brookes has been the best skater all through, I reckon Sunny D will win because he's got everyone on the radio plugging him.
Faye to win! #DancingOnIce
The Vote is now open Landlines - 090205051 Mobiles - 65051 Sonny Jay & Angela - 02 Faye & Matt - 01 Colin and Klabera - 03 Remember your 5 free votes from the @dancingonice app #DancingOnIce
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