Faye Brookes

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Matt Evers
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Faye_Brookes
Instagram: @faye_brookes
Faye's favourite skate for me had to be her best so far. It was so elegant beautiful and graceful. The choreography of her swan lake routine was fantastic. I think this could be Faye's winning skate for me #Dancingonice
Watching Dancing on Ice final on @itv Faye is my winner!! Can't believe it's the final already! This series has gone quick! @dancingonice @hollywills looks beautiful in that dress as always! Love Love that was a magnificent opener! Faye to win #DancingOnIce #doi #doifinal
Beautiful, elegant, and as always Faye had beautiful lines and impeccable skating. A really special tribute to the original Bolero!! i'm so amazed!! #DancingOnIce
I liked that first routine from Faye. Some of the tricks were good including that headbanger wow that was sensational. She could of done more solo skating however it was a great start to the final #Dancingonice
So glad we got to see Faye's beautiful Swan Lake routine again Love Perfection #DancingOnIce
Wow wow wow Faye I'm blown away this bolero is phenomenal so intimate personal and sublime congratulations @Faye_Brookes @TheMattEvers #DancingOnIce
Beautiful, elegant, and as always Faye had beautiful lines and impeccable skating. A really special tribute to the original Bolero. #DancingonIce #DOI
Good luck @Faye_Brookes me and Mum have both voted for you to win, whatever happens I'm so proud of you #DancingOnIce
Good luck Faye, hope you win. I'm off to watch football VOTE FAYE TO WIN> #DancingOnIce
i don't mind who wins now, i'm happy either way (although i'm secretly hoping @Faye_Brookes & @TheMattEvers win) #DancingOnIce
Massive good luck to you today @Faye_Brookes whatever happens your our winner....supporting you right till the end...go out there and smash it like you have since the start... #DancingOnIce
faye's my winner, that bolero was incredible Love #DancingOnIce
Totally didn't cry at @HamishGaman 's message in @Faye_Brookes VT. I was doing well at not crying. Two phenomenal skates tonight. Well done Faye and @TheMattEvers you have my votes!! #DancingOnIce #DancingOnIceFinal
That bolero was brilliant of Faye! Stunning. Fantastic. #DancingOnIce
that bolero was INCREDIBLE. I'm so bloody proud of faye. wow. honestly, speechless! #dancingonice
Faye and @TheMattEvers Bolero was more fluent and smoother over the ice, Good luck guys Love #DancingOnIce
Omg @Faye_Brookes & @TheMattEvers that Bolero was absolutely sublime..perfection.. Wowin tears you should be so proud of yourself Faye I'm so proud of you well done yous two #DancingOnIce @dancingonice
I honestly thought Faye would win but I'm happy with Sammy winning. #dancingonice
faye's bolero was incredible. every single skate she's performed has been so brilliant and she's worked so hard. she deserves this so much, please please vote for her #dancingonice
Wow, 2 years in a row the second best skater has actually won on #Dancingonice There was no comparison between those boleros, Faye nailed it.
My winner regardless. Beyond proud of you @Faye_Brookes! You're amazing and deserve the world. #DancingOnIce
Go look through the weeks where eveyone said Faye should win or faye was under scored go look at the polls where faye has more votes ti be going through go look at the likes on the routes on the doi app it's clear faye should have won #dancingonice
Her best skate so far for sure, that's my GAL! Jesus. I'm in awe of this woman seriously, Faye is so effortlessly beautiful on the ice. #DancingOnIce
faye's happiness is everything ! she is so amazing Love Love #dancingonice
Faye's Bolero was by far the strongest. Sadly the best don't always win. I so hope she gets the votes she deserves. #DancingOnIce #DOI
faye's bolero was so beautiful, my expectations were high anyway but wow i loved that so, so much #dancingonice
Love Faye and her mum! I really hope she wins #dancingonice
Faye is literally the queen of the ice regardless of the results tonight. I am super super proud of her and how far she has come! Absolutely smashed it this series, forever my winner #DancingOnIce
i'm happy if either win but faye just tops it i think #DancingOnIce
Faye is good but not enough solo skating to justify a chance of winning #DancingOnIce
ok but which way is it going to swing??????? happy with either winner but rooting for faye #dancingonice
Faye is just outstanding... my winner #DOI
Faye Brookes... I'm rooting for you to win, only because you add sparkle to the studio every time you're on #dancingonice
What a difference a good song choice makes The Black Swan with Faye was just amazing and so much better than the beach number (not taking anything away from the skating). #DancingOnIce
faye brookes you are amazing, an actual queen, my winner since the start #dancingonice
Fayes week one performance should be how she's performing tonight in the final.. that routine was amazing. So much solo skating. It was incredible #DancingOnIce
Good luck to the finalists tomorrow for #DancingOnIce @Faye_Brookes go smash the ice tomorrow! X
Faye to win. Her Bolero and black swan was amazing. Way to go Faye! #DancingOnIce
Prefer the routines without all the props, Faye's routine was just beautiful... Love #DancingOnIce
Watching #DancingOnIce up until the football then I'm gonna watch the rest after, so no spoilers if you're seeing my DOI tweets after 7:15 please. I really like all 3 of these and think it will be the closest final for years. I do love Faye though obviously, and that was great.
Fayes performance was professional perfection. She 100% deserves the win #DancingOnIce
Theres some well deserved scoring this week on #Doi it makes you wonder why the judges couldn't be this honest when their scores meant something. Now they don't, they seem to be correct. If that makes sense. Well done Faye!
Faye's bolero was just PERFECT I'm so proud of her. #DancingOnIce Love Love Love
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