Colin Jackson

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Klabera Komini
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @colinjackson
Instagram: @colinrayjackson
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Week 2 178 4 292 292
Week 3 121 1 416 354
Week 4 179 2 217 308
Week 5 135 4 347 327
Week 6 217 3 311 292
Week 7 228 2 295 318
Grand Final 384 33 970 525
#DOI I'd like #fayebrookes to win (If I couldn't have @ColinJackson) she was undermarked throughout the series imo
#DOI I'd like #fayebrookes to win (If I couldn't have @ColinJackson ) undermarked throughout the series imo
Loved @ColinJackson when he was an athlete. He's also a peachy skater. #DancingOnIce
Not at all surprised that Colin didn't make it. I suspected a while ago, especially when everyone started dropping like flies, that they had their faves for the final (in particular Faye and her new skate partner Matt). Personally, out of the two, I'm rooting for Sonny. #DOI
Better costumes than poor old Colin and Klabera, just saying #dancingonice
Would have much rather seen Colin Jackson doing the Bolero tbh. #DancingOnIce
Colin always has such a wonderfully positive attitude. #DancingOnIce
Colin and Klabera's costumes look cheap as fuck. #dancingonice
Ah man, really wanted Colin to win #DancingOnIce
Colin is the sweetest #DancingOnIce
Colin deserved it more than Faye. She's been helped over the ice this week hardly any solo skating #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce At least the public got that right. Goodnight Colin....a week too late really
Yayy Faye and Sonny Jay Colin should also be proud of himself for getting perfect scores tonight #DancingOnIce
Really glad we wasted all that time to determine Colin was in third place. We already knew. #DancingOnIce
Is anyone else confused by Colin's high score? Just me?#DancingOnIce
I reckon Colin could shock us and win this! #DancingOnIce
Is this a pisstake? I assume they're giving Colin two 80's because they know he's coming third and feel sorry for him. Doesn't come close to the other two. He doesn't even come close to Lady Leshurr #DancingOnIce
I don't understand how Colin has topped the leaderboard Faye and Sonny Jay are the better skaters #DancingOnIce
Colin to win #DancingOnIce
Colin has surprised me. He should go through to Bolero really #DancingOnIce
Bye Colin #DancingOnIce
Colin and Klabera #DancingOnIce
I didn't think colin deserved to be in the final and now I think he deserves to get through to the final 2 #DancingOnIce
Colin & Klabera - 10.0 Voting would have to decide this even if judge scores counted #DancingOnIce
Are they trying to fix it for Colin to win or something why does he keep getting 10's? #DancingOnIce
Colin has had two perfect scores I love his partnership & both his performances. I'd love for him to win #DancingOnIce #doi
A Score of 40.0 for Colin & Klabera's 2nd Routine tonight, Do you agree? Aaron #DancingOnIce
Colin & Klabera have just broken me! Their relationship is perfection Love #DancingOnIce #doi
I will always love you What a song ! #Whitneyhouston #DancingOnIce #Colin
Aww Colin smiling #DancingOnIce
Colin's mum saying "keep your pecker up" is my highlight of the series tbh. #DancingOnIce #DoI
Omg Tess from Casualty is Colin's sister??? #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice Sonny will win this because his Capitol fans will block vote. Colin is good, but not adventurous enough. Faye is BY FAR the best skater and performer. She should win, but won't.
Faye's ballet performance was lovely, but again she just didn't skate on her own. In fact she didn't let go of Matt once throughout the entire routine. Both Colin and Sonny are doing a lot of solo skating and I just feel that Faye is quite far behind them tbh. #DancingOnIce x
Other celebs could pull out a world class skate and the highest they will get is 10's all round, the same as that Colin shitshow, what's the point of judges points #DancingOnIce
Colin to win!!! No one deserves it more #DancingOnIce
Well done Colin and Klabera! #DancingOnIce
Scoring just ridiculous, never used to be like this. Colin was wooden. #dancingonice
I haven't watched much this year, half watched Colin and thought we were on week 3 or something and he got 40? What? How is he in the final? What happened this year?! #DancingOnIce
Colin said 10's is breathtaking, it is for us too, how the hell was that a 40 #DancingOnIce
No way did Colin score the highest is this a joke!! #DancingOnIce
Just shows how undermarked fayes routine was if colin got 4 10's #dancingonice
No way was Colin Jackson's dance better than Sonny Jay's!!#DancingOnIce
I preferred Sonny Jays routine to Colins #DancingOnIce
Christ, what are these judges watching? I like Colin, but 10's! #DancingOnIce
That's the only soca tune ITV knows rightWhere was the whine Colin wiv da hips then it woulda deserved a 10#DancingOnIce
well I had Colin in 3rd, but that performance was my favourite so far #DancingOnIce
What did you think of Colin & Klabera's 1st Routine tonight? Aaron #DancingOnIce
Hahahaha go on Colin Snake hips #DancingOnIce
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