Colin Jackson

Status: Eliminated
Professional: Klabera Komini
Started: Week 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @colinjackson
Instagram: @colinrayjackson
My winner is @ColinJackson and Klabera. Colin is entertaining, likeable and fun. Klabera is gorgeous and seems so lovely #DancingOnIce
Really hope Colin wins he seems like such a lovely man. Always smiling & his just fab #DancingOnIce
Colin was great too, I am so invested in all 3. Faye very good again such a memorable routine. I love it when the 10s flow in finals and well deserved all. Gonna give 5 votes to Faye as I am rooting for her slightly more as I followed her before this show. #DancingOnIce
Today's the day and don't I just know it after having the theme in my head for the past week Yes it's the final for #DancingOnIce tonight so who will win the title of king/queen of the ice 2021 is it @SonnyJay @Faye_Brookes or @ColinJackson? Good luck to all 3. I can't wait
Here's hoping Colin Jackson takes the crown tonight. He deserves it. A lovely man and a great skater - get voting and let's make it a Welsh win...again @ColinJackson @packersuzanne #DancingOnIce
I do like Sonny Jay & Angela's Popeye dance but overall Faye had better dances so in the same way Colin & Klabera got top marks, and came third Sonny Jay & Angela will be 2nd best, and win #dancingonice #DOI
Absolutely adored watching @ColinJackson & Klabera Love amazing couple Colins smile is so infectious X #DancingOnIce
#dancingonice Sonny will win this because his Capitol fans will block vote. Colin is good, but not adventurous enough. Faye is BY FAR the best skater and performer. She should win, but won't.
#Colin was awesome!! Their performance was fun & put a smile on my face! It's hard for him as he has to lift is partner & there was difficult lifts in there too! He held her perfectly throughout! The end bit with the pots made me laugh! #DancingOnIce @dancingonice!
Wishing the best of luck and loads of love tonight to my faves @TheMattEvers and @ColinJackson for tonight's #DancingOnIce final Love
I really like Sonny and that Popeye routine is SO good. But the transitions in and out of lifts didn't flow enough and seemed stilted. Really not worth 10s imo. But tbf it was the best routine tonight and he's better than Faye and Colin so he has my votes. #DancingOnIce x
This routine of Colin's is so beautiful and I feel for him for the fact that he coudent do these skates as often as this shows off his skating in its purest form. Colin's always had the fun performances that have lacked in technique but this was brilliant #Dancingonice
How lovely is Colin, he is always smiling & all of his performances have made me feel happy, so pleased he made it to the final #DancingOnIce
#DancingOnIce Colin needs to win. Fantastic dance routine.&has a story to tell. Public adore him. needs to get this right after this weekHe never complains. Public want a underdog like Colin to win. He faced so much pain in his life. Faye receives too much favouritism & complains
Good luck, Colin! Join us in wishing @GlyndwrUni Chancellor, Colin Jackson OBE the best of luck in the final of ITV's Dancing On Ice this evening! Don't forget to vote for @ColinJackson via the Dancing on Ice app!
Brilliant skate from Colin. By far the best of the night. And he is such a lovely man to go with it. #DOI #DancingOnIce
Colin has had two perfect scores I love his partnership & both his performances. I'd love for him to win #DancingOnIce #doi
Colin has done everyone proud, nobody more than his mother...wasn't she lovely? Thank you Colin for entertaining us #DancingonIce
Colin to win, so good Love #DancingOnIce
Hope @ColinJackson will win @dancingonice tonight fingers crossed he will always be a winner in my eyes #DancingOnIce
Colin has been the best by far, it's clear he has loved every second of #DancingOnIce and I really hoped he would of won!
Here it is. The @dancingonice LIVE GRAND FINAL!!!! Tonight at 6:00pm on @ITV, we will crown the 2021 @dancingonice grand champion!! Will it be Sonny Jay, Faye Brookes or Colin Jackson? Who wins? YOU DECIDE!!!!! #DancingOnIce #grandfinal
That was nice & jolly loved that @ColinJackson & Klabera Well done certainly deserved 40 #DancingOnIce
Huge good luck tonight to the 3 celeb finalists and their partners of #DancingOnIce congratulations everyone @Faye_Brookes @SonnyJay @ColinJackson
Well done @SonnyJay worthy winner. Also well done to @Faye_Brookes and @ColinJackson for a great night. #DancingOnIce
#Colin's Mum is adorable!! & I love how she wished #Phil & #Holly's Mums, Happy Mother's Day too! #DancingOnIce @dancingonice!
#DOI I'd like #fayebrookes to win (If I couldn't have @ColinJackson) she was undermarked throughout the series imo
soooo happy with that result, i loved colin but sonny jay and faye are the perfect final two #dancingonice
Bless them, Colin and Klabera probably my favourite partnership in terms of their friendship they seemed to get on so well. And I think we called it due to the public vote but hopefully too we get to see their bolero after like they often post #dancingonice
It's such a shame that so many had to quit this year, tbh.. I want Colin, to win out of these three, though.. BUT, it'll be either Faye, or Sonny Jay, that'll win.. Good luck Colin, though! #DancingOnIce
Can't wait for tonight for the @dancingonice final good luck to @SonnyJay @ColinJackson @Faye_Brookes Love #DancingOnIce
#DOI I'd like #fayebrookes to win (If I couldn't have @ColinJackson ) undermarked throughout the series imo
Wishing @ColinJackson, our University Chancellor all the best in the @dancingonice final. Such fabulous runs throughout the series! #dancingonice #votecolin @GlyndwrUni
Gorgeous routine from @ColinJackson on #DancingOnIce well deserved 40's. Just beautiful
#DancingOnIce Love Colin Jackson...what a lovely,talented bloke
#DOI @ColinJackson was my winner, he was the heart of the competition imo Love
Round Two: #DancingOnIce Final No surprise every score was a 10, all were very enjoyable and accomplished performances, though both #Colin & #Sonny are covering more ice, faster and doing more than #Faye IMO. Expect Corrie voters to be out in force and for her to probably win.
Good on Colin! Some solid elements in there. Love seeing 'older' people getting into skating. #DancingOnIce
I dont mind who wins as long as it isnt colin! He should have gone last week, lady leshurr should be there just sayin FAYE AND MATT OR SONNY JAY AND ANGELA TO WIN #DancingOnIce #doi
How utterly ridiculous. The best skaters don't make the final two of #DancingOnIce. @ColinJackson deserved better. He's the true winner in my eyes #DOI
Why did Colin get a perfect score #dancingonice Faye to win
If Faye doesn't win, I'd rather Colin won, than judges pet Sonny. #DancingOnIce
Out of those first 3 dances colin was actually my favourite!!! It just shows the importance of good choreography #DancingOnIce
Tbf, that was the best performance tonight by, Colin.. But still not amazing... #DancingOnIce
I give Colin and Klabera 10.0 out of 10.0! By far Colin's best performance. This was skated flawlessly. Stunning! Absolutely stunning. #DancingonIce #DOI
A perfect performance from Colin Jackson tonight. He's got to go through to do the iconic #bolero Vote Colin #DancingOnIce @packersuzanne
Kind of want Colin to win #DancingOnIce #DOI
Come on guys show your support for the one with real talent. Vote for Faye. The scores for Colin. Were a joke. How was that worth tens? Is he paying them?#dancingonice
Aww poor @ColinJackson perfect score, deserved to win! #DOI
So Colin Jackson wins it this year why ? Absolutely a joke this #dancingonice
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