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Who will leave the competition tonight?
ITV Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:45
Dancing on Ice 2020 eliminates third celebrity
DigitalSpy Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:45
Got love for Joe & Alex?
ITV Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:15
Kevin & Brianne go punk rock!
ITV Sun 26th Jan 2020 20:15
Tonight's Dancing On Ice line up and music revealed
TellyMix Sun 26th Jan 2020 16:15
Who was eliminated from Dancing on Ice 2020 tonight?
The Sun Sun 26th Jan 2020 12:45
Dancing on Ice stars rule out romance
DigitalSpy Thu 23rd Jan 2020 19:30
Kem Of All Trades: Skate Sharpening
ITV Thu 23rd Jan 2020 11:15
DoI's Joe Swash to swap partners this weekend
DigitalSpy Thu 23rd Jan 2020 10:00
DoI Brianne shares cute photo of Kevin and her kid
DigitalSpy Wed 22nd Jan 2020 22:15
Dancing On Ice's Caprice reveals new pro partner
DigitalSpy Wed 22nd Jan 2020 17:15
Week 3 Highlights
ITV Tue 21st Jan 2020 20:00
Behind the scenes of Musicals on Ice
ITV Tue 21st Jan 2020 16:30
Who is Dancing on Ice's Hamish Gaman's wife?
The Sun Tue 21st Jan 2020 13:30
Week 3 recap
ITV Tue 21st Jan 2020 11:30
Dancing On Ice star Caprice Bourret branded a 'lazy diva'
MailOnline Mon 20th Jan 2020 22:49
Caprice misses Dancing On Ice's latest live show
TellyMix Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
H & Matt take you to 'The Other Side'!
ITV Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
Perri & Vanessa skate on the wild side...
ITV Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
Time for the Judges to save another couple...
ITV Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
What are you doing in Radzi & Jess's swamp?
ITV Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
DoI host apologises after Maura swears live on TV
DigitalSpy Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
DoI star H would have quit over same-sex partner
DigitalSpy Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
Dancing on Ice sends a second contestant home
DigitalSpy Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
DoI says Caprice and Hamish have "parted ways"
DigitalSpy Mon 20th Jan 2020 14:15
Brrritain shivers through coldest night of the winter
MailOnline Mon 20th Jan 2020 07:14
Take a tour of Kem's Cabin
ITV Sat 18th Jan 2020 09:30
Ben's card tricks are actually magic
ITV Fri 17th Jan 2020 18:15
Radzi & Jess reveal all in Kem's Cabin
ITV Fri 17th Jan 2020 17:15
DoI's Watkins on backlash to same-sex routine
DigitalSpy Thu 16th Jan 2020 17:00
Go on an exclusive backstage tour with Kem
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 16:45
Meet your Digital Presenter... Kem Cetinay!
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 14:45
Caprice Bourret
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 14:45
Dancing on Ice at Christmas!
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 14:45
Ben Hanlin
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 14:45
Kem gets the goss from Maura and Libby
ITV Thu 16th Jan 2020 11:00
Dancing on Ice's Vanessa Bauer gives injury update
DigitalSpy Thu 16th Jan 2020 11:00
Week 2 Highlights
ITV Tue 14th Jan 2020 19:30
Week 2 recap
ITV Tue 14th Jan 2020 11:15
Curtis responds to Maura 'cheating' rumours
DigitalSpy Mon 13th Jan 2020 12:45
Dancing on Ice fans spot awkward moment
DigitalSpy Mon 13th Jan 2020 00:30
Dancing on Ice fans praise show's first blind star
DigitalSpy Sun 12th Jan 2020 21:00
It's sports day for Libby & Mark!
ITV Sun 12th Jan 2020 20:15
Caprice & Hamish's skate is a tear-jerker
ITV Sun 12th Jan 2020 20:15
Dancing on Ice sends home first celebrity of 2020
DigitalSpy Sun 12th Jan 2020 20:15
Holly Willoughby dazzles for week two of Dancing On Ice
MailOnline Sun 12th Jan 2020 19:56
Corrie star's health issues pushed her to join DoI
DigitalSpy Sun 12th Jan 2020 18:00
Dancing on Ice star will miss show after accident
DigitalSpy Sun 12th Jan 2020 11:30
DoI's Matt and H ask for "steamier" routines
DigitalSpy Sat 11th Jan 2020 13:00
Maura Higgins reveals broken Love Island promise
DigitalSpy Fri 10th Jan 2020 20:15
Alex's advice for life
ITV Fri 10th Jan 2020 19:00
Dancing on Ice pro reveals nasty injury after fall
DigitalSpy Fri 10th Jan 2020 09:00
Dancing on Ice reveals songs for Week 2
DigitalSpy Thu 9th Jan 2020 20:00
Dancing on Ice's Maura talks injury worries
DigitalSpy Thu 9th Jan 2020 16:15
Kem catches up with Ben & Carlotta
ITV Thu 9th Jan 2020 15:30
H & Matt spill the beans on their first week
ITV Thu 9th Jan 2020 11:45
Week 1 Highlights
ITV Wed 8th Jan 2020 12:00
Week 1 recap
ITV Tue 7th Jan 2020 16:45
Dancing on Ice fans speculate about Joe Swash
DigitalSpy Mon 6th Jan 2020 18:15
Michael Barrymore addresses Dancing on Ice exit
DigitalSpy Mon 6th Jan 2020 12:30
Stacey Solomon takes son to watch Joe Swash on DoI
DigitalSpy Mon 6th Jan 2020 11:00
DoI's Ashley Banjo hits back at fan complaint
DigitalSpy Mon 6th Jan 2020 10:45
Dancing on Ice 2019 stars are now a couple
DigitalSpy Mon 6th Jan 2020 08:30
Give it up for Trisha & Lukasz!
ITV Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
H & Matt have 'High Hopes' for this series...
ITV Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
Our amazing Pros are dancing on air...
ITV Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
All aboard for our Week 2 couples!
ITV Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
Dancing on Ice is back!
ITV Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
DoI fans compare Barrowman with Strictly judge
DigitalSpy Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
DoI viewers distracted by John Barrowman's hair
DigitalSpy Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:45
Dancing On Ice: Stacey Solomon supports partner Joe Swash
MailOnline Sun 5th Jan 2020 21:22
Jason Gardiner breaks silence on Dancing On Ice exit
TellyMix Sun 5th Jan 2020 18:00
First Dancing On Ice 2020 line up and songs revealed
TellyMix Sun 5th Jan 2020 17:30
Who are the Dancing on Ice 2020 judges?
Metro Sun 5th Jan 2020 14:09
DoI's Ben suffers rib injury ahead of show launch
DigitalSpy Sat 4th Jan 2020 13:30