Status: Eliminated
Artist: Rayden
Song: Calle De La Lloreria
Started: Semi 1
Finished: Final
God I love Rayden so much. No matter what happens I'm just glad I got to know his music now thanks to #BenidormFest because it's so amazing
I already loved Calle de La lloreria so much, such an intelligent song and a great message! The performance make me go crazy! It's so joyful and at same time powerful!! I'm so happy to have discovered @soyRayden and his great discography! #BenidormFest
Starting with the best! Please can a miracle happen and Rayden win Spain #BenidormFest
So, as my favourite Rayden isn't going to win I'm rooting for Chanel to win #Benidormfest tonight! But ofcourse I know that Rigoberta is gonna win and I'm happy for my Spanish mutuals when that happens
Hoping to see either Tanxugueiras, Rayden, Blanca or Chanel win. I actually like Ay Mama too but I think these four are the better options for Eurovision (and for me). I'm definitely super excited for the show! #BenidormFest
Good Luck King Rayden!! Love #BenidormFest
Good luck to Rayden, Tanxugueiras, Xeinn and Blanca Paloma tonight. May one of you win it all. #BenidormFest
Terra, Culpa, Slomo, Ay Mama, Eco, Make You Say, Calle de la Lloreria. Thank you RTVE, thank you Spain for these amazing songs! Love #benidormfest
Rayden my favourite discovery of this season so far. Good luck, and no matter what will follow your music. :) #BenidormFest
My top 3 of #BenidormFest 1. Rayden - "Calle de la lloreria" 2. Tanxugueiras - "Terra" 3. Chanel - "SloMo" I'll be happy if any of these three wins
#BenidormFest finalists top Terra Secreto de agua Calle de la lloreria 4 Slow mo 5 Raffaela 6 Eco 7 Ay mama 8 Quien lo diria Please one of the top 3 winning
Great final #benidormfest This is my ranking after seeing the live final. I would be happy with any of the top four going to Turin! 1. Rigoberta Bandini 2. Tanxungeras 3. Varry Brava 4. Xeinn 5. Rayden 6. Chanel 7. Blanca Paloma 8. Gonzalo Hermida #BenidormFest2022
Such is the depth in quality in this final that I'd be cool with any of Rayden, Tanxugueiras, Chanel, Rigoberta or Blanca. I've made no secret that Ay mama is my own personal fave but any of those five would be a great choice. #BenidormFest
RAYDEN WAS AMAZING i hope he can be a shock winner #BenidormFest
Want to try to win? Vote Chanel. Want to go safe and finish TOP10? Vote Rayden. Want to make a stance? Vote Tanxugueiras. #BenidormFest
I really like Calle de la lloreria, the backing singers aren't helping him. A great opener. #BenidormFest
Love everything about this,you're amazing Rayden Love #BenidormFest
My favourite: Rayden Who I want to win: Chanel Who I think will win: Rigoberta #BenidormFest
bueno ya no tengo q escuchar mas a rayden un win !!!! #BenidormFest
in no particular order, i'll be happy if any of the following to win #BenidormFest 1. varry brava 2. rayden 3. tanxugueiras 4. chanel
Watching #BenidormFest because it's the most joyful way to get your heart broken in the end. (VOTE RAYDEN FOR GOOD SKIN AND LEFT SIDE OF THE SCOREBOARD RESULT, HOW OFTEN DO I HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF)
Rayden's performance was fun to watch. Enjoyable #BenidormFest
Rayden has a very good well rounded package: a efficient song and staging. This could do well at Eurovision, but kinda would be disappointed if it won at #BenidormFest
Holding out hope that one of Rayden or Chanel will win tonight. #BenidormFest
Calle de la lloreria is such a stomper, love it, great charisma from all the members #BenidormFest
Can we just appreciate how much fun Rayden and his group are having #BenidormFest2022
i'm rooting for ay mama, calle de la lloreria or terra to win tonight #BenidormFest
rayden es una buena propuesta, bastante divertida Love #BenidormFest
Fan absoluto de este hombre y de toda su banda Es que Love Rayden es tal cual verlo en directo #BenidormFest
El mio Mi TOP del #BenidormFest Love 1. Tanxugueiras 2. Chanel 3. Rigoberta Bandini 4. Varry Brava 5. Gonzalo Hermida 6. Blanca Paloma 7. Rayden 8. Xeinn
Genial Rayden Trabajo hecho y muy bien hecho #BenidormFest
For me it's gotta be Tanxugueiras or Rayden that win tonight at #BenidormFest but I have a feeling Rigoberta will take it
Mi top Love 1 Rigoberta 2 Chanel 3 Tanxugueiras 4 Blanca Paloma 5 Rayden 6 Varry Brava 7 Gonzalo 8 Xeinn #BenidormFest
calle de la lloreria or terra win please #BenidormFest
Top 8 #BenidormFest 1. Chanel 2. Rayden 3. Rigo 4. Tanxu 6. Paloma 7. Xeinn 8. Gonzalo But I love them all
Please win Rayden , Chanel , Varry Brava or Tanxugueiras- anyone else but Rigoberta #BenidormFest2022
Mi TOP 4 de hoy 1. Rigoberta 2. Tanxugueiras Love 3. Chanel 4. Rayden #BenidormFest
Pues nada mi top 3 esta bastante mal, porque cualquiera me parece una buena apuesta ahora si es en base a hoy: 1: Tanxungueiras 2: Rigoberta 3: Chanel 4: Rayden 5: Xeinn 6: Varry Brava 7: Blanca Paloma 8: Gonzalo #benidormfest
#rayden tiene buena voz pero no suena muy bien #BenidormFest
Bueno...mi top valorando musica, letra y puesta en escena, que dificil, nene: 1. Tanxungueiras 2. Rigoberta Bandini 3. Chanel 4. Rayden 5. Blanca Paloma 6. Varry Brava 7. Gonzalo Hermida 8. Xeinn #BenidormFest
Es que Rigoberta, Rayden y Tanxugueiras son los que me han gustado mas hoy, pero literalmente 'Eco' no me hace mucha gracia y aunque sea mi bottom, Xeinn lo ha hecho GENIAL. Y voy a defender a mis ninos para siempre por el carino que nos han dado. Es que les amo. #BenidormFest
Rayden ftw por favor #BenidormFest
so we're doing our tops? #BenidormFest 1. ay mama 2. slomo 3. terra 4. calle de la lloreria 5. raffaella 6. eco 7. secreto de agua 8. quien lo diria i literally love all of them besides quien lo diria
pocos cambios Rayden pero bien bajando coros y buenos cambios de plano en la realizacion OLEEEEE #BenidormFest
Rayden, Chanel and Rigoberta are all so good. Think the first two will do better at ESC personally. But you never know. Either way, what a surprise #BenidormFest has been!
Mi top de #BenidormFest es Varry Brava Rayden Tanxu / Rigoberta Por Dios que alguien salve el mamarrachismo Love
Hoy suena todo mejor que la segunda semifinal del Viernes. Menos Pastora Soler, que la pobre pinta que no tenia su mejor dia de voz. Pero se lo perdonamos. #Rayden me gusta mucho pero no cumple en directo. #Tanxugueiras muy bien de nuevo, mis favs. #benidormfest
Rayden for the win?! I'll take it!!! #BenidormFest
Alcohol is Free Greece meets Love me back Turkey Let's go Rayden! #BenidormFest
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