Final Pt 2

That's all folks! Until next year! Well done @harrisdalton! #XFactor
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And the WINNER of the #XFactor 2018 is...@harrisdalton!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
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And the runner up is @OfficialScarLee #XFactorFinal
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In third place is @AntArtist89 #XFactorFinal
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The old gang back together again! @TakeThat @RobbieWilliams #XFactorFinal
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The pleasure was all ours
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Voting CLOSED for the last time in 2018. Stay tuned to find out your #XFactor winner
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Wow, what a performance! In the words of Mr @SimonCowell, it was spectacular @JamesArthur23 @realdaltonharris #XFactorFinal
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We @EllieGoulding! Watch her #XFactorFinal performance here:
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Leonas one of the most talented singers in the music business and together you two just made magic on that stage" So Ayda, what do you think, two #XFactor champs, one picture?
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It's The Final tonight! Which means it's also the finale of @StaceySolomon's secret beauty gifting mission with @BootsUK. Check out @OfficialScarLee having a boogie...she must be excited! Watch all the reactions at #ad
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.@SimonCowell said they had "absolute magic chemistry" What a combo! Check out @AntArtist89 and @KaiserChiefs' awesome duet here: #XFactorFinal
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Message from our partner: Its the final night! Were not ready to let go, so were re-living our favourite #XFactor memories with the #HPSprocket @HPUK #ReinventConnections #HP #ad
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OMG! We have 5 minutes until the #XFactor Final Results Show begins! Who are you backing? @itv or @wearestv at 7:30pm
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Final Pt 1

Loved one of tonight's #XFactorFinal performances? Head to iTunes right now to download them all!
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.@SimonCowell got it spot on - Scarlett is real, genuine, needs a break, great voice and fun and that is why @RobbieWilliams was the perfect match for @OfficialScarLee We've got a lotta love and affection for Scarlett and Robbie #XFactorFinal
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The #XFactor vote lines have opened! Who's YOUR winner? Vote now!
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Ready, aim, fire! @george_ezra hits the spot at the #XFactorFinal! #Shotgun
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Even @emelisande thinks your voice is amazing @harrisdalton! And yeah, we know it's not Christmas yet, but here's a little present for you, go on, treat yourself with this Emeli/Dalton duet #XFactorFinal
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Aww @Louis_Tomlinson Its so lovely to see you so happy on the stage with Tom Walker Undeniable onstage chemistry between these two #XFactorFinal #Duet @AntArtist89 @IamTomWalker
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A stirring rendition of Rewrite The Stars from @AnneMarie and @JamesArthur23 at the #XFactorFinal
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The vote will soon be open so don't forget to download the official #XFactor app to play along with the show, unlock exclusive content, and get your 5 FREE votes NOOOOW!
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Scarlett you are so easy to love" we agree @RobbieWilliams, we all love you @OfficialScarLee! #YourSong #XFactor
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It's the first Final tonight and Anthony is preparing himself for a big performance with @BeatsbyDreUK. Check out the #XFactor app to find out more #BeatsbyDre #ad
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.@OfficialScarLee always dreamed of having her own #XFactor homecoming bus This week, that dream came true!
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Talk about saving the best for the Final! Ayda was right, Theres not much I can say that 10,000 people arent saying right now No words can do justice to @harrisdalton's A Song For You #XFactor
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Next stop, Wembley! Honorary Londoner @harrisdalton on his homecoming tour #XFactor
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Well, @SimonCowell though That was probably the most perfect song you could sing tonight What did you make of @AntArtist89's take on a Beatles classic? FAB! #XFactor
Likes: 75
An emotional trip back to #Liverpool for @AntArtist89 & mentor @Louis_Tomlinson #XFactor
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Now that's how to kick a Final off! @RobbieWilliams #GreatestHits #XFactor
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Come on @GiovanniSpano5 get with the programme! #XFactor
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Its the X Factor Finals?! @BootsUK sent @StaceySolomon off on one last secret beauty mission to surprise our lovely Finalists! Has Stacey managed to get to know Scarlett, Anthony & Dalton? Watch to see some very, very happy #XFactor Contestants. #Gift
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Semi-Final Pt 2

We now have our #XFactor 2018 FINALISTS! Massive congrats to @harrisdalton, @OfficialScarLee and @AntArtist89
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And then there were 3 But that's not the last we've seen of @acaciaxaaliyah_ - they will be on the #XFactor Tour - check here to see if it's coming to your town!
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.@OfficialScarLee and @acaciaxaaliyah_ are in the #XFactor sing-off!
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The next act through to the #XFactor Final is: @AntArtist89
Likes: 315
The first act through to the #XFactor Final is: @harrisdalton
Likes: 350
A performance that #Stormzy and #Skepta would be proud of! Check it out here: @acaciaxaaliyah_ #XFactor
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Wow! @ZaraLarsson's #XFactor performance #RuinMyLife
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Voting is now CLOSED! Please do not vote! #XFactor
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Here's THAT Results Show performance again from @OfficialScarLee You're welcome! #WhitneyHouston #XFactor
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After that performance @AntArtist89 will be looking back with pride! @Oasis #XFactor
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Head to YouTube to watch @harrisdalton perform @emelisande's 'Clown' #XFactor
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Nerves of steel! #XFactor Semi-Finalists do themselves proud in front of #ABBA legend Bjorn and cast members of Mama Mia: Here We Go Again Watch them smash some ABBA classics:
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The final act safe until tomorrow's Results Show is: @antartist89 #XFactor
Likes: 218
The next act safe until tomorrow is: acaciaxaaliyah_ #XFactor
Likes: 93
The first two acts safe until tomorrow's Results Show are: @harrisdalton and @OfficialScarLee #XFactor
Likes: 116
Watch to find out how the Contestants were inspired by Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again for their performances on tonights show. Who do you think will have a Super Trouper performance? Will any of our Contestants become your Dancing Queen? @universaluk #ad
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Wow! What a way to end the #SemiFinal individual performances Head to YouTube now to watch @OfficialScarLee's stunning rendition of This Is Me #XFactor
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.@BeatsbyDreUK chatted to Dalton Harris and found out about how he finds the strength to keep motivated about his music and how vital the gift of never giving up is. #BeatsbyDre #ad
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.@RobbieWilliams said @AntArtist89 was "the people's champ", so what's your verdict on his rendition of 'Livin' On A Prayer'? #XFactor
Likes: 78
If you were blinded by @acaciaxaaliyah_'s grace then head over to YouTube now to watch their #SemiFinal performance
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Download the #XFactor app to play along with the show, unlock exclusive content, and get 5 FREE votes! Do it now!
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We headed back to Louis-town for @harrisdalton's #SemiFinal performance now you can head to YouTube to watch it too: #XFactor
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Aaliyah from Acacia & Aaliyah getting herself show ready in wardrobe with @BeatsbyDreUK. Check out the #XFactor app to find out more #BeatsbyDre #ad
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Anthony Russell does WHAT with a flannel? Check out this weeks @BootsUK secret beauty mission & follow @StaceySolomon as she finds the perfect gift for Anthony to celebrate him getting to the semi-final! Will Anthony like his surprise? Watch to find o
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We're sure all you #Tetleyettes would agree with @SimonCowell, @danny_tetley has certainly earnt his right to be here in the #SemiFinal #XFactor Head to now to watch Danny's performance
Likes: 60
Ayda thought he "lit up the room" But has @brendan_m96 done enough to make it through to the #XFactor Final? Watch his Semi-Final performance here:
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.@SimonCowell is ready for the Semi-Final... are you? Only 5 minutes to go! Switch on @itv or @wearestv now! #XFactor
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Week 5

Loved one of tonight's #XFactor performances? Head to iTunes right now to download them all!
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You are an artist, brother! - @nilerodgers Listen to @harrisdalton's phenomenal #BigBand performance here: #XFactor
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.@BeatsbyDreUK caught up with @Bella_Penfold to find out about her biggest musical inspirations & how important the gift of knowing who you are is! #BeatsbyDre #ad
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Ayda said she loves Bella, but did you love her performance? Watch @bella_penfold perform Strong by @LondonGrammar #BigBand XFactor
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Download the #XFactor app to play along with the show, unlock exclusive content, and get 5 FREE votes! Do it now!
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When your mate keeps finishing your sentences! #BigBand #XFactor @SimonCowell @Louis_Tomlinson
Likes: 235
"You killed it. You were amazing, absolutely fantastic. Unbelievable" - Nile Rodgers Catch up on @shanofficially's bewitching #BigBand performance:
Likes: 54
Yesterday the #XFactor house celebrated @brendan_m96's birthday Today, @brendan_m96 treats us! #BigBand Watch his performance here:
Likes: 136
Ayda thinks "Scarlett is a Starlet" ... Check out @OfficialScarLee's sensational #BigBand performance and see if you agree! #XFactor
Likes: 61
Sit back, settle in! The #XFactor is about to start in 5 minutes! #BigBand week #XFactor
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Week 4

Bravo, @ShanOffically! What a way to end the show! Check out her #MovieWeek performance here: #XFactor
Likes: 44
Ayda: "You have so much passion and so much authenticity" @danny_tetley is "king of the world!" according to #Ayda after that Titanic performance: #XFactor #MovieWeek
Likes: 68
WOW. @TheXFactor #XFactor
Likes: 53
A couple of Survivors! @acaciaxaaliyah_official doing their thing! Watch it again here: #XFactor
Likes: 67
Ayda: "The set was on fire and you were on FIRE!" Watch @GiovanniSpano5's #MovieNight performance of The Greatest Show! #XFactor
Likes: 71

Week 3

High praise for @bella_penfold from @SimonCowell #XFactor
Likes: 134
Jump! Jump! #Acacia&Aaliyah gave @RobbieWilliams a 'proud dad moment'! Check it out: #XFactor
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BOOM! @OfficialScarLee certainly put a spell on all the judges with that performance! #XFactor
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Bringing the personality and the fun, boys! Get over to YouTube to watch @MDSOfficial's spook-tacular Thriller: #XFactor
Likes: 107
A real tearjerker of a performance from @danny_tetley #XFactor
Likes: 223

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Watch the performance that got @RobbieWilliams saying "Your sincerity is so beautiful" to @shanofficially
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Judge @Louis_Tomlinson told #UnitedVibe they're a group of individuals, not a band. Do you agree? Watch their performance of @LeonaLewis' Bleeding Love: #XFactor
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.@SimonCowell aka #XFactor #FrightNight 's resident mummy said @mollyscottXF's performance of @BritneySpears's Toxic was "one of my favourite performances youve done so far" Watch here: #XFactor
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So which #XFactor judge has the best spooky outfit of the night? #FrightNight
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Week 2

Grime needs a popstar right nowand I think weve just found two We totally agree @robbiewilliams, Acacia & Aaliyah SHUT IT DOWN! Watch the performance here #XFactor
Likes: 69
Show Janice some love and head over to YouTube to rewatch her performance now #XFactor
Likes: 59
So Twitter, United Vibe need a new name... what's it to be? Suggestions please... #XFactor
Likes: 236
Hit yourself with @GiovanniSpano5's performance one more time, head to YouTube now! #XFactor
Likes: 63
Remove all breakables from the #XFactor stage coz @mollyscottxf is ready to smash it! #GuiltyPleasures
Likes: 43
Shantastic! You just sent chills down my spine - #AydaWilliams. Head to YouTube now to watch @ShanOfficially's sensational performance again #XFactor
Likes: 72
I dont think we should see you as a choir, I think we should see you as a community said @robbiewilliams. Roll on over to YouTube to check out @LMAChoir's full performance #XFactor
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Week 1

.@harrisdalton knows he has "just 90 seconds to show people a piece of my heart and my soul"... did he manage to do it tonight? withdrawal symptoms already? Make your mind up here: #XFactor
Likes: 72
All 15 of @LMAChoir told @radioleary what a massive honour they think it is to be the first choir EVER on #XFactor! Watch them get their #LionKing on for their first Live Show:
Likes: 53
Think you can move like Mr Snakehips himself @OlatunjiMusic?! Get a look at his performance and get practising: #XFactor
Likes: 52
Ayda has a spirit crush on her and @Louis_Tomlinson thinks she had the strongest vocal of the night.. er, wow! Catch @shanofficially's rendition of Imagine here: #XFactor
Likes: 218
"Get on board, these guys are going places!" says @RobbieWilliams. What do you make of #UnitedVibe's Live Show performance? #XFactor Watch it here:
Likes: 129
What a barnstorming Live Show performance by @danny_tetley' ! #XFactor
Likes: 64
.@RobbieWilliams reckons @antartist89 is the hero we need! Watch his performance of @juliamichaels' Issues here: #XFactor
Likes: 132