Final Pt 2

Your #XFactor 2018 Winner is.... @realdaltonharris Well done, you've been amazing!
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Iconic doesn't even begin to describe it! #XFactorFinal
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We totally agree @aydafieldwilliams, Dalton, you ARE the power of love" For more performances head to YouTube now! #XFactor @realdaltonharris @jamesarthurinsta23
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The man, the myth, the legend . @NileRodgers and Chic funk up the Final
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For more spine-tingling performances like the duet between @iamscarlettleeofficial and @LeonaLewis head to YouTube now! #XFactor
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We certainly feel closer to you after that performance @EllieGoulding #XFactor
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Its the final night! Were not ready to let go, so were re-living our favourite #XFactor memories with the #HPSprocket @HPUK #ReinventConnections #HP #ad
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If the @KaiserChiefs and @AntRussellMusic got you hyped, head to now for all the #XFactorFinal performances
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What a way to start the show! #XFactor
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Final Pt 1

Will Ayda's hair and make-up be ready in time? Find out in 5 minutes on @itv or @wearestv #XFactor
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Semi-Final Pt 2

Congratulations to our 3 #XFactor 2018 Finalists @antrussellmusic, @realdaltonharris and @iamscarlettleeofficial!
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Stay tuned to @itv and @wearestv1 for some #XFactor & @imacelebrity magic! Kind of glad we're headed to Wembley and not the jungle TBH.. #Repost @imacelebrity When two worlds collide... Find out if the Celebs have @thexfactor in tonight's speci
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And then there were 3 But that's not the last we've seen of @acaciaxaaliyah_official - they will be on the #XFactor Tour - check our story to see if it's coming to your town!
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.@ZaraLarsson's awesome #XFactor performance is now on YouTube Check it out now! #RuinMyLife
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Well, that's quite a compliment from ABBA's Bjoern! Our Semi-Finalists SMASHED that rendition of the band's classics #XFactor
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Watch to find out how the Contestants were inspired by Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again for their performances on tonights show. Who do you think will have a Super Trouper performance? Will any of our Contestants become your Dancing Queen? @universalpicturesuk
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@BeatsbyDre chatted to Dalton Harris and found out about how he finds the strength to keep motivated about his music and how vital the gift of never giving up is. #BeatsbyDre #ad
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Week 5

.@dannytetleyofficial's doing it his way, and now you can too! Head to the #XFactor YouTube channel to catch up on all of tonight's #BigBand performances
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Week 4

Will he be bobbing-and-weaving his way to the next round? Check out @AntRussellMusic's #MovieWeek performance here #XFactor
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How did @brendanmurray96's rendition of Everybody Hurts compare with his Six Chair Challenge? Watch Brendan and all the contestants sing over on our official YouTube channel! #XFactor
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Place your bets @chadwickboseman vs @leonardodicaprio who's your money on? #DaltonTheMovie Watch his #MovieNight performance again on our official YouTube channel #XFactor
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Week 3

High praise for @bellapenfoldofficial from @simoncowell #XFactor
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.@louist91 was in with @iamscarlettleeofficial's powerful performance Head to the official X Factor YouTube now to watch her song #XFactor
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Eggcellent feedback from @RobbieWilliams #XFactor
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Week 2

Check out @itv or @wearestv1 to relive all of tonight's #GuiltyPleasures performances Tune in Sunday night at 8pm for the Results Show #xfactor
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Stop Instagramming your nails and get on the X Factor app, girls! #XFactor
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@aydafieldwilliams loved @unitedvibeofficial but @simoncowell & @robbiewilliams reckon they need a new name. Any suggestions? #XFactor
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This is your 5 minute warning Join us at 8:35pm @itv and @wearestv1 #GuiltyPleasures #XFactor
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Week 1

That's a wrap! Make sure you tune in to the results show on @ITV at 8pm tomorrow to find out whose #XFactor journey is over
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.@LouisT91 didn't know if it was the right song for @janicelovesmusic ... but he ended up loving it! Have another watch of her sensational Live Show performance over on our official X Factor YouTube #XFactor
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Come behind the scenes at The X Factor glamour shoot as our final 16 acts get Live Show ready! #XFactor
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