Knockouts 1

After an incredibly emotional performance @JimmyBalito is through to the Semi Final #TheVoiceUK
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Me every single Monday morning #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 81
A round of applause please for @nxtgenofficialuk who are through to the Semi Final! We think they're kind of pleased? #TheVoiceUK
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Uokhun? @iamwill #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 61
Congrats to @thisismoya who has made it through to the Semi Final! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 88
When you just can't fight the urge to pretend you're in a music video. #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 73
Taking the first place in the Semi Final for #TeamTom it's @deanas_music! And yes, she's BUZZIN'! #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 86
We feel the exact same way about @RealSirTomJones wearing a pink suit #TheVoiceUK
Likes: 75

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That's right, we've got more new outfits! We really do spoil you, don't we? #OutfitGate #TheVoiceUK
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